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Calendar British Hillclimb Championship 2018

The British Hillclimb Championship has a stable schedule year after year. The 2018 calendar holds no surprises. The Shelsley Walsh meeting in June returns and the August meeting is again a single event. Otherwise the 17 meetings are still in the same order as they were this year.

The only question mark is Barbon Manor. This year the race had to be cancelled after heavy rains flooded the paddock. This was a huge burden on the organising club but they are trying everything to return in 2018.

Just like last season the British Hillclimb Leaders Championship will visit all the races on the mainland. In other words all events except Craigantlet, Bouley Bay and Val des Terres.

12-13/05/2018Harewood Hill
26-27/05/2018Gurston Down
02-03/06/2018Shelsley Walsh
09-10/06/2018Loton Park
07/08/2018Barbon Hillclimb
08/07/2018Harewood Hill
18/07/2018Bouley Bay
21/07/2018Val des Terres
28-29/07/2018Wiscombe Park
11-12/08/2018Shelsley Walsh
25-26/08/2018Gurston Down
22-23/09/2018Loton Park

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    Not sure when Barton motorcycle are competing as i only seem to get results for car

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