Title:Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb
Place:Shelsley Walsh
Tracklength:1000 yards (914,40m)
Elevation change:328 ft. (99,97m)
Altitude finishline:160 metres
GPS coordinates:52° 15′ 54″ – -2° 24′ 36.72″
Fastest Time:22,91
Average Speed:143,69 km/h

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Shelsley Walsh – List of Run-Off Winners
02/06/2013Scott MoranGould GR61X23,55Results
02/06/2013Scott MoranGould GR61X23,40Results
18/08/2013Wallace MenziesDJ Firestorm23,48Results
18/08/2013Scott MoranGould GR61X23,31Results
01/06/2014Trevor WillisOMS 2823,11Results
01/06/2014Tom NewGould GR55 EV23,55Results
17/08/2014Scott MoranGould GR61X23,09Results
17/08/2014Jos GoodyearGWR Raptor22,91Results
07/06/2015Jos GoodyearGWR Raptor23,09Results
07/06/2015Scott MoranGould GR61X23,30Results
16/08/2015Alex SummersGould GR61X23,05Results
16/08/2015Scott MoranGould GR61X23,19Results
05/06/2016Scott MoranGould GR61X23,45Results
05/06/2016Scott MoranGould GR61X23,26Results
21/08/2016Wallace MenziesGould GR5523,06Results
21/08/2016Scott MoranGould GR61X23,03Results
12/08/2017Wallace MenziesGould GR5923,69Results
12/08/2017Wallace MenziesGould GR5923,77Results
13/08/2017Scott MoranGould GR61X23,42Results
13/08/2017Will HallForce WH X-Tec23,21Results
03/06/2018Dave UrenGould GR55B23,53Results
03/06/2018Will HallForce WH23,83Results
12/08/2018Will HallForce WH25,13Results
12/08/2018Will HallForce WH25,80Results
02/06/2019Wallace MenziesGould GR5925,02Results
02/06/2019Richard SpeddingGWR Raptor 223,88Results
11/08/2019Will HallForce WH23,18Results
11/08/2019Will HallForce WH23,20Results

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