The Mont Ventoux Returns

Rumours were floating around for some time now that the legendary Course de Côte de Mont Ventoux would return. It now appears more real than ever. This coming May the longest, hardest and most famous hillclimb in France will return. The last edition was back in 2007 when Lionel Regal scored his third victory. What version of the hillclimb they will use is not yet certain at this point in time.

The Mont Ventoux will open the Division 2 Championship on 12 and 13 May. This means that the Gemenos – Le Baume Hillclimb moves to 26 and 27 May. The updated schedule for the championship can be found below.

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More points standings update

The 2017 points standings of various championships in Belgium are updated now. There are complete points of Category I, II and III of both the national championship and the cup are added. The winners are given for all the classes and groups. Also the points for the Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship, complete with all class and division winners are added on the same page here.

The final points table of the French Hillclimb Championship can now also be viewed here. Included are Serie A and B, also known as Sport and Production.

Calendar Regional Hillclimbs Aquitaine 2018

The amount of hillclimbs in Aquitaine doubles next season. The Course de Côte de Argenton Bouglon is joining the Course de Côte de Marquay on the hillclimb schedule.

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Calendar Regional Hillclimbs Occitane Pyrénées 2018

No changes in the Occitane Pyrénées region. The same 7 hillclimbs that were contested this year return in 2018.

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Calendar Regional Hillclimbs Ile-de-France 2018

The Course de Côte de Trechy remains the only hillclimb in the Ile-de-France.

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Calendar Regional Hillclimbs Auvergne 2018

The Auvergne region will once again see 6 hillclimbs in 2018. The only difference with this season is that Livradois-Forez replaces Viverols.

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Calendar Regional Hillclimbs Corsica 2018

The island of Corsica holds some of the most beautiful mountain roads in France. However no hillclimbs were contested on the island since 2011. In 2018 it seems that this is going to change. In late August a hillclimb near Porto Vecchio is scheduled.

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Calendar Regional Hillclimbs Grand Est 2018

The Lorraine Alsace and Champagne Ardennes regions merge into the Grand Est region. For hillclimb racing that has effect on only one event, the Course de Côte de Montgueux. Instead of being the sole hillclimb in the Champagne it is now one of seven events in the Grand Est.

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Calendar Regional Hillclimbs Rhône-Alpes 2018

The Rhône-Alpes region will see the same six hillclimbs that were contested this year returning for 2018.

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Calendar Regional Hillclimbs Centre – Val de Loire 2018

All four hillclimbs that were contested this year in the Centre – Val de Loire region return in 2018. There is also one new event scheduled in August called the Course de Côte de Eguzon.

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