Results Cronoscalata Giarre – Montesalice – Milo 2017

The Cronoscalata Giarre – Montesalice – Milo was the final round of the Italian Hillclimb Cup South. Domenico Cubeda won the event and the Cup.

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Results Cronoscalata Cividale – Castelmonte 2017

Results of the Cronoscalata Cividale – Castelmonte.

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Results Cronoscalata Pedavena – Croce d’Aune 2017

The Cronoscalata Pedavena – Croce d’Aune was the final round of the Italian Hillclimb Championship. The numbers one and two of the European Championship gave one more battle here in northern Italy. Like they were all season, Simone Faggioli and Christian Merli were equally matched. For a long time it looked like Merli would win this final battle. He was the quickest in both practise sessions and again in the first race on Sunday morning. But in the second race Faggioli set the fastest time of the weekend. On aggregate Faggioli was also the quickest and therefore the winner. Diego De Gasperi in the Team Faggioli Osella FA30 completed the podium in third.

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Results Cronoscalata Luzzi – Sambucina 2017

The Italian Hillclimb Cup South continued with the Cronoscalata Luzzi – Sambucina. The race was stopped early after an incident occured at the end of the second race. For some reason two spectators took a nasty fall and required immediate medical attention. They were transported to the hospital but did not have life threatening injuries. The race was not resumed anymore. This meant that the E2-SC and E2-SS classes could not complete their second race. For this reason no official general classifications were published. With a combined time of 7:18,55 Franz Caruso was the unofficial winner. Class results were determined based on the amount of races completed.

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Results Coppa Nissena 2017

The Italian Hillclimb Championship remained on Sicily for the Coppa Nissena near Caltanissetta. The race was seriously delayed by an early autumn storm. Only just after midday did the first race begin. However in the end everybody managed to complete 2 runs succesfully.

Domenico Scola continued his winning streak at the Coppa Nissena. It was however one of his closest victories this year. In the first race Omar Magliona was just .01 seconds slower than the new Italian Champion. In the second race Scola did manage to increase his lead a little. The final difference came down to just .14 seconds. Pietro Nappi had some trouble with the set-up of his Team Faggioli Osella FA30. The experienced driver still finished third overall. Francesco Conticelli was just sixth after the first race session but in the second race he managed to jump to fourth. One of the drivers he passed was Luca Ligato. The CN Class winner saw his championship rival Achille Lombardi retire with fuel pump issues.

With just one more event to go some drivers are already certain of their class championship. At the Coppa Nissena Salvatore D’Amico (Group A), Antonio Migliuolo (Group N) and Antonio Scappa (Group RS) became mathematically certain of their titles.

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Results Coppa del Chianti Classico 2017

The Coppa del Chianti Classico was the final round of the European Historic Hillclimb Championship and also the Italian Historic Hillclimb Championship. Uberto Bonucci sped to victory and the European Title in category 4. He just missed out on the Italian Title in group 4. Here Piero Lottini takes the title with just 0.5 point advantage. The Peroni family was in excellent form in Chianti. Father Giuliano won Group 5 and finished third overall. His sons also won their groups. Stefano was succesful in group 3 and second overall, Franco was the best of the modern racers.

In Group 1 Harald Mössler was the fastest driver up the 8 kilometres of the Chianti Hillclimb. The Austrian is also the new European Champion in Category 1. Tiberio Nocentini was best Italian driver in Group 1. The Chevron B19 pilot is again the Italian Champion of this group.

The European Championship in Category 2 was still very close before the event. Giuliano Palmieri and Josef Michl were seperated by just a single point before the event. But a brilliant drive saw Palmieri take victory, the European title and also the Italian title.

In Group 3 Stefano Peroni once again obliterated all the opposition. Out of the 10 races competed this year Peroni won 8 of them. He ends the season with more than double the points of his closest rival. In the European Championship Jiri Kubicek won the title. The Czech driver in the little Skoda was quicker than his main rival Gerald Glinzner.

Only misfortune could stop Giuliano Peroni from obtaining the Group 5 title at Chianti. As we have already seen Peroni won the group and obviously the title. Gina Colotto eventually finished second in points but deserves respect for participating in all 10 rounds of the championship. Ondrej Chytil is the new European Champion in Category 5.

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Results Cronoscalata Monte Erice 2017

The Italian Hillclimb Championship moved to Sicily for the Cronoscalata Monte Erice. The race was extra important because it was the first of three events that gave out 1,5 times the normal amount of points. Christian Merli still had a chance to win the title. Because he chose to drive in Croatia instead, that chance evaporated. Without his rival present Domenico Scola stormed to victory and the championship.

Omar Magliona was one of the few top drivers who managed to improve his time in the second race. However he had already lost too much time in the first race to challenge Domenico Cubeda for second. Francesco Conticelli was fourth but especially noteworthy are the two drivers that came behind him. Luca Caruso in the Radical Sr4 beat many more powerful cars for fifth place. But what about Ivan Pezzolla who placed the 1000cc Osella PA21 JRB in sixth overall! He even advanced the two CN leaders Luca Ligato and Achille Lombardi who finished seventh and eigth respectively. Tommaso Carbone and Dino Blunda rounded out the top 10.

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Results Cronoscalata della Castellana (Orvieto) 2017

The Cronoscalata della Castellana near Orvieto counted towards the Italian Hillclimb Cup North and South. Around 150 drivers were present on Saturday morning for first practise. However when it became clear that it would rain all day on Sunday, many drivers left for home. Among them such drivers as Denny Zardo, Franco Perini, Fabrizio Peroni, Stanislao Bielanski and many more. Other drivers tried but not came far like Stefano Di Fulvio and Giancarlo Graziosi. Eventually 80 are classified in the final results plus another 17 historic racers.

Eventually Michele Fattorini took a well deserved victory after he had so many problems earlier in the year. Cosimo Rea scored his best result yet with second overall and CN winner. Giovanni Rampini completed the podium in third place.

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Results Trofeo Fabio Danti / Limabetone Storica 2017

Results of the Trofeo Fabio Danti, also known as the Limabetone Storica.

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Results Coppa Monti Iblei 2017

Results of the Coppa Monti Iblei.

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