Calendar Italian Hillclimb Championship and Italian Hillclimb Cup 2017

DateEventPlace CIVMTIVM
08-09/04/2017Salita del CostoCogollo del CengioN
29-30/04/2017Cronoscalate del ReventinoLamezia TermeYS
13-14/05/2017Cronoscalata Berzo Demo - CevoBerzo Demo
20-21/05/2017Trofeo Lodovico Scarfiotti - Sarnano SassotettoSarnanoYN / S
27-28/05/2017Verzegnis Sella ChianzutanVerzegnisYN
03-04/06/2017Cefalù GibilmannaCefalù
10-11/06/2017Salita Morano - CampoteneseMorano CalabroYS
17-18/06/2017Pieve Santo Stefano Passo dello SpinoPieve Santo Stefano
24-25/06/2017Coppa Paolino TeodoriAscoli PicenoYN / S
01-02/07/2017Trento BondoneTrentoYN
15-16/07/2017Coppa Selva di FasanoFasanoYS
22-23/07/2017Rieti Terminillo - Coppa Bruno CarottiRietiN / S
29-30/07/2017Trofeo VallecamonicaMalegnoYN
29-30/07/2017Catania - EtnaNicolosi
05-06/08/2017Cronoscalata Svolte de PopoliPopoliN / S
12-13/08/2017Alpe del NevegalBellunoN
12-13/08/2017Luzzi SambucinaLuzziS
19-20/08/2017Trofeo Luigi FagioliGubbioYN / S
26-27/08/2017Coppa Monti IbleiChiaramonte GulfiS
02-03/09/2017Marone - ZoneMaroneN
09-10/09/2017Chronoscalata della CastellanaOrvietoN / S
16-17/09/2017Cronoscalata Monte EricheTrapaniYS
23-24/09/2017Coppa NissenaCaltanissettaYS
07-08/10/2017Pedavena Croce d'AunePedavenaYN
14-15/10/2017Giarre - MiloGiarreS
14-15/10/2017Cividale CastelmonteCividaleN
28-29/10/2017Alghero Scala PiccadaAlghero
N = North
S = South

Calendar Italian Historic Hillclimb Championship 2017

01-02/04/2017Bologna San Luca - Trofeo Alessandro Ferretti ***Bologna
08-09/04/2017Lago MontefiasconeMontefiascone
22-23/04/2017Camucia - CortonaCamucia
06-07/05/2017Scarperia - GiogoScarperia
20-21/05/2017Trofeo Lodovico Scarfiotti - Sarnano SassotettoSarnano
20-21/05/2017Floriopoli - Cerda ***Cerda
03-04/06/2017Cefalù GibilmannaCefalù
17-18/06/2017Pieve Santo Stefano Passo dello SpinoPieve Santo Stefano
24-25/06/2017Coppa della ConsumaConsuma
08-09/07/2017Cesana - SestriereCesana Torinese
02-03/09/2017Limabetone - Trofeo Fabio DantiAbetone
23-24/09/2017Coppa del Chianti ClassicoCastellina in Chianti
*** Non-Championship

Results Cronoscalata Luzzi – Sambucina 2016

161030_luzzisambucinaDomenico Scola scored his fifth consecutive victory of the Cronoscalata Luzzi – Sambucina this weekend. Domenico Cubeda finished second while Danny Molinaro completed the podium.

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Results Pedavena – Croce d’Aune 2016

161009_pedavenaThe final race of the Italian Hillclimb Championship was the Cronoscalata Pedavena – Croce d’Aune.

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Results Alpe del Nevegal 2016

The 2016 edition of the Alpe del Nevegal Hillclimb near Belluno counted towards the Italian Hillclimb Cup North and the Austrian Hillclimb Championship. After the touringcars completed their first race session on Sunday morning the started coming down hard. Because the race was not very important championship-wise a lot of Italian drivers in the sportscars and sinleseaters decided not to start. In this group of non-starters were favourites such as Michele Fattorini and Adolfo Bottura. Some others, like Danny Zardo, gave it a try but were so far back in the results that they took no risks in the second race. All in all about one fifth of the drivers was absent in at least one of the two race sessions.

Just like two years ago the touringcar drivers decided wo would win the Alpe del Nevegal. The best Italian driver Marco Sbrollini saw his Lanica Delta ground to a halt with mechanical problems early in the day. As a results the Austrians came out on top unchallenged with Karl Schagerl claiming victory.

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Results Cronoscalata Svolte di Popoli 2016

160724_popoliResults for the Cronoscalata Svolte di Popoli.

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Results Cesana – Sestriere 2016

160710_cesanaThe European Historic Hillclimb Championship visited Italy this weekend for the Cronoscalata Cesana – Sestriere. Only three international drivers were among the 100+ entry.

The race was dominated by the brothers Di Fulvio, Stefano and Simone. Stefano was the fastest of the two and he repeated his 2015 victory. On top of that he also steered his Osella PA9/90 to a new trackrecord. His time of four and half minutes was two seconds quicker than the 1992 race winning time of Andrés Vilariño. Behind Simone Di Fulvio came Piero Lottini in third. Lottini was happy to make the finishline as his Osella PA9/90 suffered a clutch failure in the final metres.

Andrea Fiume was the best driver in Group 3. With his Osella Pa8/9 sportscar he was faster than the two Porsche 935 driven by Mario Massaglia and Jean-Marie Almeras. Group 5 for singleseaters was won by Antonio Angiolani after a close fight for victory with Emanuele Aralla and Alessandro Trentini. Guido Vivalda was victorious in Group 2 while Vittorio Mandelli captured victory in Group 1.

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Results Cronoscalata Santo Stefano – Gambarie 2016

160710_gambarieThe Cronoscalata Santo Stefano – Gambarie was last competed in 2010. This year the legendary event was finally back on the calendar. It was only a non-championship event and that hurt the number of entries. Less than 40 drivers were present which makes it very difficult to continue next year…

The race was contested over two practise session on Saturday and a single race on Sunday. Previous winners Emilio Scola and Carmelo Scaramozzino were beaten by Francesco Ferragina. The Elia Avrio ST09 pilot was the fastest driver over the 7 kilometers. Scaramozzino was second while Emanuele Schillache completed the podium.

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Results Trento Bondone 2016

The International Hillclimb Cup visited the legendary Trento Bondone Hillclimb in Italy this weekend, the longest event on the schedule. There were a few international drivers present but none of them could be considered competitors in the cup. It was an Italian affair only but luckily all the top drivers were present. During first practise on Saturday it rained and quite a few drivers opted not to start. None of the historics started the second practise because they were unhappy with the timing.

The Italian Championship is centered around the duel between Simone Faggioli and Christian Merli. This weekend that duel ended early when Merli crashed in practise. Although his team made a herculean effort to repair his Osella FA30 for the race on Sunday, he could not challenge Faggioli for victory. Faggioli himself still gave everything and he was rewarded with a new trackrecord. Michele Fattorini had never climbed Mount Bondone before but the Osella PA2000 pilot immediately finished third on his first attempt. Domenico Scola could not complete one practise session as he faced mechanical problems in his Osella FA30. Still he recovered on Sunday to finish fourth. Federico Liber steered his little Gloria C8P EVO to fifth overall. Liber was also the last driver to break the 10 minute barrier.

The touringcars were dominated by local guest drivers. Porsche drivers Marco Cristoforetti and Giuseppe Ghezzi finished one and two. Marco Gramenzi saw his rival Marco Iacoangeli stranded along the track. After that the Alfa Romeo 155 pilot took it safe to secure championship points. As a result he could not challenge for victory but he still finished third best touringcar driver. Just behind finished antoher guest, Group A winner Tiziano Nones with his Citroën C4 WRC.

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Results Cronoscalata del Santuario 2016

160626_gibilmannaResults for the Cronoscalata del Santuario, also known as the Cefalu – Gibilmanna Hillclimb.

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