Title:Barbon Manor Hillclimb
Tracklength:890 yards (813,82 metres)
Elevation change:60 metres
Altitude finishline:165 metres
GPS coordinates:54° 14′ 16.08″ – -2° 33′ 57.5994″
Fastest Time:20,08
Average Speed:145,90 km/h

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Barbon Manor Hillclimb – List of Winners
11/05/2013Trevor WillisOMS 2821,69Results
11/05/2013Race stopped due to rain
10/05/2014Trevor WillisOMS 2821,86Results
10/05/2014Trevor WillisOMS 2820,80Results
04/07/2015Trevor WillisOMS 2820,56Results
04/07/2015Jos GoodyearGWR Raptor20,08Results
02/07/2016Scott MoranGould GR61X23,69Results
02/07/2016Trevor WillisOMS 2823,40Results
07/07/2018Trevor WillisOMS 2820,77Results
07/07/2018Trevor WillisOMS 2820,45Results
06/07/2019Dave UrenGould GR55B20,84Results
06/07/2019Will HallForce WH20,71Results

The Barbon Hillclimb is run on a driveway at the Barbon Manor Estate. It lies in the northwest of England. It lies right between the Yorkshire Dales national park and the Lake District national park.
The Yorkshire Dales to the east are characterised by river valleys with flowing hills. Generally it consists of grasslands seperated with dry stone walls. Add some grazing sheep and you have a stereotypical picture of old rural England.
The Lake District to the northwest is substantially different. It is a proper mountain range with altitudes up to 950m. Its characterisic landscape was shaped over millions of years during repeating ice ages. During the glaciations large glaciers cut through the landscape. When the temperature started to rise again the ice melted, leaving large long lakes in the valley and smaller “tarns” higher up in the mountains. The Lake District has fascinated Brits since the beginning of the 19th century when William Wordsworth celebrated the area in his poems. It has been a popular motif in literature and arts ever since. That might explain why the Lake District is the most popular tourist destination of the United Kingdom.

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