More points standings update

The 2017 points standings of various championships in Belgium are updated now. There are complete points of Category I, II and III of both the national championship and the cup are added. The winners are given for all the classes and groups. Also the points for the Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship, complete with all class and division winners are added on the same page here.

The final points table of the French Hillclimb Championship can now also be viewed here. Included are Serie A and B, also known as Sport and Production.

Calendar Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship (ASAF) 2018

The calendar for the national championship was already known for some weeks. The 2018 schedule for the regional hillclimb championship was released just recently. The regional drivers will join the nationals at all 8 events. They will also have four events of their own: Mont Saint Aubert, Sy and Vresse at the beginning of the season and Richelle near the end.
There will also be two new events. The Course de Côte de Grand Pont will return after more than 10 years. It will be competed at the end of July but will not count towards the regional championship. The Course de Côte de Trasanster is also aiming to return after many years. However at this moment no date has been set for this hillclimb near Liège. That is the reason why it does not appear on the schedule here.

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Calendar National Belgian Hillclimb Championship 2018

The year is drawing to an end so we are slowly starting to look towards 2018. Most countries are waiting for the international dates to be released. Hopefully we will know more about that at the end of next week when the Hillclimb Commission meets. Countries that do not participate in the international calendar do not have to wait of course. One of them is Belgium which has released a provisional calendar for the national championship. A championship that next year will once again allow foreign drivers because the Belgian Cup is discontinued.

As was already rumoured for some time there will be some big changes. The season opener at Vencimont will not return. The race was never really popular and was always lacking in entries. That the Course de Côte de Felenne is also from the schedule is a bigger surprise. This was one of the more challenging events and always quite popular. There is also one ‘new’ event. The Course de Côte de La Roche-en-Ardenne is the longest hillclimb in Belgium. It is also one of the oldest, although it has not run every year. La Roche-en-Ardenne will be the season ending race on 23 September.

There is a small benefit to the apparant cancellation of Felenne. The last few years June was always very busy with 5 or more races in a row. In 2018 there are no more than 2 races on back to back weekends.

All hillclimbs also count towards the regional hillclimb championship (Chimay to the regional Sprint Championship). Naturally there will also be a few regional-only hillclimbs. Their dates will be announced later.

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Results Course de Côte de Houyet 2017

The Course de Côte de Houyet was the final round of the Belgian Hillclimb Championship. Just like the last two years Anthony Loeuilleux was the strongest driver. The Frenchman also wins the Belgian Cup for sportscars. Jacques Marchal was already certain of the Belgian Championship for sportscars. The Norma M20F pilot also finished second in Houyet. Martin Bach needed 18 points to secure the 2017 touringcar title. He managed this already in the first race of the day. The time he set there also happened to be the fastest time of the day and enough for victory. Eric Schwilden finished second in Houyet and second in the championship. Johnny Swinkels was third in Houyet and also third in the title-race. Claude Soisson was the only driver who completed a full season in the Belgian Cup so he was the champion.

This Sunday also saw the final race of the regional hillclimb championship. Division 4 had no starters at all so nothing to report about. Christophe Le Nouvel concluded his brilliant championship-winning season with one more victory. Francis Gilles finished second in Houyet and second in the championship.

Complete points standings will follow later.

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Results Course de Côte de Richelle / Mémorial Yves Feilner 2017

The Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship visited the Mémorial Yves Feilner / Course de Côte de Richelle this weekend. The titles are already decided and the new champions Christophe Le Nouvel (1-2-3) and Julien Vandeput (4) were absent in Richelle.

Division 4 has been very small all year long. Richelle was the exception with 9 Kart-Cross drivers entered. Christiaan Spelmans made his hillclimbing debut and immediately took victory. That it was his first hillclimb does not mean he is inexperienced. Spelmans is the Dutch Rallycross Champion in the Kart-Cross class. Anthony Milone secured the runner-up spot after Emmanuel Mercy suffered mechanical problems in the third race.

In division 1-2-3 Francis Gilles scored his second victory in a row. After being succesful in Bomerée two weeks ago, Gilles was now the strongest in Richelle. He still needs one good result in Houyet next week before he can claim second place in the championship. Alain Cricus beat Olivier Dubois to the runner-up spot in Richelle. The difference between the two rivals was just .02 seconds in the end.

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Results Course de Côte de ‘M’ de Bomerée 2017

One more results from last week: The Course de Côte de ‘M’ de Bomerée. The 8th round of the Belgian Hillclimb Championship attracted well over 100 drivers.

Jelle de Coninck won the event in a new trackrecord. Runner-up Anthony Loeuilleux was more then three seconds slower in his Tatuus Master. The Frenchman is however certain of winning the Belgian Cup. The new Belgian Champion Jacques Marchal completed the podium at Bomerée. Philippe Dewulf dominated the touringcars and scored another victory. However Martin Bach increased his championship lead over Eric Schwilden to 27 points. Without misfortune in the final round at Houyet, Bach is the new champion. Clause Soisson is the winner of the Belgian Touringcar Cup.

In the regional race Francis Gilles scored his first victory of the season. It was not enough to stop Christophe Le Nouvel from winning the 2017 title. Gilles is still fighting for second place in points with Olivier Dubois. The gap is now four points after Dubois finished third in Bomerée. Le Nouvel positioned his Citroën AX between the two rivals at his homerace this Sunday. In division 4 Julien Vandeput scored yet another victory in his succesful but virtually unopposed championship campaign.

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Results Course de Côte de Grandcourt 2017

Results of the Course de Côte de Grandcourt.

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Results Course de Côte de Herbeumont – Sainte Cécile 2017

Results of the Course de Côte de Herbeumont – Sainte Cécile.
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Results Course de Côte d’Alle-sur-Semois 2017

For the fourth consecutive week the Belgian Hillclimb Championship was on the road. This time the competitors had to tackle the Course de Côte d’Alle-sur-Semois. Winner of the previous two races, Anthony Loeuilleux, was not present this weekend. The battle for victory would be an all Belgian affair.

Corentin Starck usually competes in the French Championship. With no races there these past two weekends, there was time for Starck to drive in his home country. At Alle-sur-Semois he steadily improved his times during the day. His third and final race was the best and almost good enough for victory. However Jacques Marchal was .14 seconds faster than Starck. The small gap at the finish does not really reflect the situation of the whole race. Marchal was actually quickest in both practise sessions and all three races. All in all he was the most deserving winner.

Emmanuel Gonay was equal to Starck during the day. But that final race meant that Gonay was ultimately 1 second behind his rival in the final classifications. Daniel Allais improved himself 9 seconds between first practise and the final race. The Frenchman eventually finished fourth behind Gonay but also as best foreign driver.

Martin Bach was unbeatable in the touringcars. The Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI pilot scored a lot of valuable points in the championship race. Points leader Eric Schwilden finished just seventh at Alle-sur-Semois. Joining Bach on the podium were Stephane Emond and Bruno Cazzoli.

The Alle-sur-Semois hillclimb also counted towards the regional hillclimb championship. Christophe Le Nouvel scored another brilliant victory here. The championship leader remained ahead of Francis Gilles and Olivier Dubois. Florian Collard retired with technical problems which left Laurent Davreux as the sole driver in Division 4.
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Results Course de Côte de Felenne 2017

Last weekend the Belgian Hillclimb Championship visited the Course de Côte de Felenne. Anthony Loeuilleux collected his second consecutive victory. Jacques Marchal was the runner-up while Emmanuel Gonay completed the podium.
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