Title:Val des Terres Hillclimb
Tracklength:850 yards (777,24 metres)
Elevation change:70 metres
Altitude finishline:80 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 27′ 2.88″ – -2° 32′ 8.88″
Fastest Time:26,99
Average Speed:103,67 km/h

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Val des Terres Hillclimb – List of Winners
20/07/2013Scott MoranGould GR61X27,19Results
20/07/2013Jos GoodyearGWR Raptor27,17Results
19/07/2014Jos GoodyearGWR Raptor29,75Results
19/07/2014Jos GoodyearGWR Raptor27,55Results
18/07/2015Scott MoranGould GR61X26,99Results
18/07/2015Darren WarwickDallara F39928,05Results
16/07/2016Scott MoranGould GR61X27,11Results
16/07/2016Scott MoranGould GR61X27,11Results
15/07/2017Richard SpeddingGWR Raptor27,43Results
15/07/2017Richard SpeddingGWR Raptor27,28Results
21/07/2018Darren WarwickDallara F39927,59Results
21/07/2018Will HallForce WH27,78Results
20/07/2019Richard SpeddingGWR Raptor 227,63Results
20/07/2019Wallace MenziesGould GR5927,48Results

Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands. Politically it comprises all the populated Channel Islands except Jersey. It lies some 50km from France and 120km from England. The Channel Islands have a special political situation. Although closer to France they belong to the English Crown. Guernsey is a crown dependency of the English monarchy (same as Jersey and the Isle of Man). The origins of this situation lie in the fact that the King of England was originally the Duke of Normandy. The British have long since been chased away from the mainland of France, but the islands remained British.
The Channel Islands seem an unlikely place for any motorsport heritage. Yet there is a long history of hillclimbs and beach races. They even produced a world champion in Andy Priaulx. To this day the Val des Terres Hillclimb survives. It is raced in the largest town of the island, St. Peter Port.
If you are visiting the hillclimb, you do not need to bring your car on the ferry, as the race starts right in the harbour. The main cultural sights can also be found in the town, like the Castle Cornet which guards the harbour and now holds several museums.

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  1. Greg Richardson says:

    Fantastic “hill” , there are more tighter one the Island , but if you want the fastest hill in the Balliwick head over to Alderney and check out Torgis – Its a monster quick hill .

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