Calendar Austrian Hillclimb Championship 2020

Calendar of the Austrian Hillclimb Championship.

25-26/04/2020Grosser Preis von Österreich, RechbergrennenTulwitz
16-17/05/2020Bergrennen Sankt Urban / SimonhöheSankt Urban
30-31/05/2020Ústecká 21Ústí nad Orlicí
06-07/06/2020Ecce HomoŠternberk
15-16/08/2020GHD LucineLucine
29-30/08/2020Petrol Ilirska BistricaIlirska Bistrica
12-13/09/2020PAV Pezinská BabaPezinok
26-27/09/2020Automobil Bergrennen Esthofen - St. AgathaSt. Agatha
03-04/10/2020Cividale CastelmonteCividale

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  1. Grant Boyd-Gibbins says:

    I am English, living in Budapest; I am considering to buy a Lotus 7 or Caterham, how do your racing classes work? Do I need a special license to participate at the events? If so, how to get such a license?
    KR, Grant

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