Title:Wiscombe Park
Tracklength:1000 yards (914,4 metres)
Elevation change:70 metres
Altitude finishline:180 metres
GPS coordinates:50° 43′ 44.04″ – -3° 9′ 11.1594″
Fastest Time:33,13
Average Speed:99,36 km/h

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Wiscombe Park Hillclimb – List of Winners
28/07/2013Wallace MenziesDJ Firestorm36,41Results
28/07/2013Trevor WillisOMS 2837,07Results
27/07/2014Will HallForce WH33,89Results
27/07/2014Will HallForce WH33,79Results
26/07/2015Trevor WillisOMS 2840,50Results
26/07/2015Eynon PriceGould GR5940,53Results
31/07/2016Wallace MenziesGould GR55B34,14Results
31/07/2016Dave UrenForce PC34,58Results
30/07/2017Richard SpeddingGWR Raptor34,66Results
30/07/2017Wallace MenziesGould GR5934,50Results
29/07/2018Trevor WillisOMS 2841,46Results
29/07/2018Jason MourantGould GR5540,97Results
28/07/2019Wallace MenziesGould GR5933,13Results
28/07/2019Sean GouldGould GR59J33,46Results

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