Title:Bouley Bay Hillclimb
Tracklength:1011 yards (924,46 metres)
Elevation change:75 metres
Altitude finishline:100 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 14′ 17.88″ – -2° 4′ 59.52″
Fastest Time:36,48
Average Speed:91,23 km/h

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Bouley Bay Hillclimb – List of Winners
18/07/2013Wallace MenziesDJ Firestorm37,60Results
18/07/2013Trevor WillisOMS 2837,62Results
17/07/2014Scott MoranGould GR61X37,67Results
17/07/2014Darren WarwickDallara Moore39,25Results
16/07/2015Trevor WillisOMS 2838,09Results
16/07/2015Second Run-Off cancelled after accident.
14/07/2016Trevor WillisOMS 2836,48Results
14/07/2016Trevor WillisOMS 2837,14Results
12/07/2017Jason MourantGould GR5538,08Results
12/07/2017Will HallForce WH38,45Results
18/07/2018Trevor WillisOMS 2837,42Results
18/07/2018Trevor WillisOMS 2837,69Results

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands. It lies some 22km from France and 160km from England. The Channel Islands have a special political situation. Although closer to France they belong to the English Crown. Jersey is a crown dependency of the English monarchy (same as Guernsey and the Isle of Man). The island is autonomous and self-governed. It is not part of the United Kingdom, and it also does not belong to the European Union. The origins of this situation lie in the fact that the King of England was originally the Duke of Normandy. The British have long since been chased away from the mainland of France, but the islands were never captured by the French.
The north of the island is dominated by large rock cliffs, and it is here that the Bouley Bay Hill Climb is contested. It is raced on a road leading away from a hotel that bears the same name as the Hillclimb.
The rugged coast line with the sea is of course the main natural sight to see in Jersey. There are many reefs and small islands nearby which the more adventerous could explore.

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