Calendar Italian Hillclimb Championship & Italian Hillclimb Cup

The official calendar for the Italian Hillclimb Championship and the two Italian Hillclimb Cups was released recently. As is sort of the custom in Italy the schedule is very much provisional and open to changes.

For the hillclimbs in central Italy an important change is that they now count for both the northern and the southern hillclimb cup.

One new hillclimb appears, it is the Cronoscalata Linguaglossa – Piano Provenzana on Sicily.

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Calendar Coupe de France 2015, Rhône-Alpes

The final French calendar posted today is that of the Rhône-Alpes region. They have the honour of hosting the Final on 26 & 27 September next year. The venue is once again the legendary Course de Côte de Limonest – Mont Verdun.

Two national hillclimbs will take place next year. The Course de Côte de Beaujolais Villages for modern cars and the Course de Côte de Seyssel (17 May) for historic cars.

The Course de Côte de Crest-Divajeu returns with the rather ambitious title “The 48 hours of Crest-Divajeu”. A little disappointng is that this will not mean non-stop hillclimb racing for 48 hours. Rather there will be two seperate events this weekend. On Saturday a slalom en côte and on Sunday the ‘proper’ hillclimb.

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Calendar Coupe de France 2015, P.A.C.A.

The Provence, Alpes, Cote d’Azur region, or in short P.A.C.A., will have another interesting season coming up in 2015. The Course de Côte de Gémenos – Le Baume debuts in the French Championship division 2 and hopes to promote to the real French Championship in 2016. Although taking place in the middle of June, the Gemenos hillclimb is already the ninth of eleven hillclimbs that take place in 2015.

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Calendar Coupe de France 2015, Normandie

The two ‘mini rallysprints’ La Planquette and Tourville-sur-Sienne are gone from the Normandie Hillclimb Calendar. There is still plenty to enjoy in this region with no less than 15 regional hillclimbs scheduled. They are added by the single national hillclimb in Hébécrevon the second weekend of May.

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Calendar Coupe de France 2015, Midi-Pyrénées

The last few years the hillclimbs in the Midi-Pyrénées region were mostly clustered at the end of August and beginning of september. For 2015 the organisers have better arranged the schedule. The season now runs from 3 May to 4 October. There is even a new hillclimb called the Course de Cote de La Courbe.

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Calendar Coupe de France 2015, Lorraine Alsace

The competitors in this region in the north east of France can look forward to some holiday racing. Both on Easter as on Labour Day there are regional hillclimbs planned.

Also three national hillclimbs take place. Of course the well-known Abreschviller and Turckheim hillclimbs, but also the Course de Côte de La Broque / Schirmeck on 15 June. This last event was not included in the French Division 2 Championship because it collided with the Gémenos – Le Baume hillclimb in the PACA region. The La Broque Hillclimb is however open to foreign competitors, which could attract drivers from Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

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Calendar Coupe de France 2015, Limousin

The Limousin region in central France has once again two hillclimbs on the calendar. No surprises here…

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Calendar Coupe de France 2015, Languedoc Roussillon

As tradition the Languedoc Roussillon region will open the year. The Course de Côte des Pont des Abarines has the honour on 1 March.

Almost half the hillclimbs in this region will have national status. Apart from the European Championship event in Saint-Jean-du-Gard / Col Saint Pierre, the national hillclimbs are Bagnols Sabran, Quillan and Lodéve.

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Calendar Coupe de France 2015, Champagne – Ardenne

The Champagne Ardenne region remains stable with the same two hillclimbs returning in 2015.

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Calendar Coupe de France 2015, Centre

The Centre region will have one less hillclimb to look forward to next year. The Course de Côte de La Crochu is not on the calendar as of now.

The official calendar currently says that on 6 September the Course de Côte de Vallée de Loir is scheduled. As it has the same organisers and the same date as the Course de Côte de Saint Arnoult, for the moment I assume it is a new name for the same hillclimb.

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