Calendar British Hillclimb Championship 2018

The British Hillclimb Championship has a stable schedule year after year. The 2018 calendar holds no surprises. The Shelsley Walsh meeting in June returns and the August meeting is again a single event. Otherwise the 17 meetings are still in the same order as they were this year.

The only question mark is Barbon Manor. This year the race had to be cancelled after heavy rains flooded the paddock. This was a huge burden on the organising club but they are trying everything to return in 2018.

Just like last season the British Hillclimb Leaders Championship will visit all the races on the mainland. In other words all events except Craigantlet, Bouley Bay and Val des Terres.

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Results Oždianske Serpentíny 2017

The Slovakia Hillclimb Championship ended three weeks ago with the Oždianske Serpentíny. The race was added very late to the calendar which is why it completely slipped under my radar. But you can now view the results below.

On Saturday the race was complicated by an afternoon rainshower. But in the end the results on both days were largely the same. Jozef Beres was once again unbeatable. With two victories the Tatuus PY012 pilot extended his lead in the overall championship. Beres also wins the Category 2 title. Runner-up on both days was Igor Drotar. The multiple Slovak champion added another Category 1 title to his palmares. At the Oždianske Serpentíny he was closely challenged by his rivals “Dubai” from Poland and Veroslav Cvrcek. However both drivers retired early on Sunday, “Dubai” after a spin and Cvrcek after gearbox issues.

Tomas Ondrej was not present in Ožďany. This meant that 16 year old Denis Pavlik still had a chance for the Group A title. The young driver was very quick in the rain on Saturday but made a costly mistake in the second timed race. This saw his Peugeot 208 R2 stranded on the side of the road and retirement followed. After his second place on Sunday he did finish with more total points than Ondrej, but Pavlik also had to drop 18 points versus zero for Ondrej. To make matters worse Pavlik also lost the Junior title to Denis Suja.

Miroslav Ciliak is the new historic champion. Peter Jurena is the new champion in Group N. Jan Milon is the new champion in Group GT. Igor Drotar is also the Group E1 champion and Jozef Beres also wins the Group D/E championship.

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Calendar National Belgian Hillclimb Championship 2018

The year is drawing to an end so we are slowly starting to look towards 2018. Most countries are waiting for the international dates to be released. Hopefully we will know more about that at the end of next week when the Hillclimb Commission meets. Countries that do not participate in the international calendar do not have to wait of course. One of them is Belgium which has released a provisional calendar for the national championship. A championship that next year will once again allow foreign drivers because the Belgian Cup is discontinued.

As was already rumoured for some time there will be some big changes. The season opener at Vencimont will not return. The race was never really popular and was always lacking in entries. That the Course de Côte de Felenne is also from the schedule is a bigger surprise. This was one of the more challenging events and always quite popular. There is also one ‘new’ event. The Course de Côte de La Roche-en-Ardenne is the longest hillclimb in Belgium. It is also one of the oldest, although it has not run every year. La Roche-en-Ardenne will be the season ending race on 23 September.

There is a small benefit to the apparant cancellation of Felenne. The last few years June was always very busy with 5 or more races in a row. In 2018 there are no more than 2 races on back to back weekends.

All hillclimbs also count towards the regional hillclimb championship (Chimay to the regional Sprint Championship). Naturally there will also be a few regional-only hillclimbs. Their dates will be announced later.

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Results Trofeul Opel (Braşov) 2017

The Trofeul Opel was the final round of the Romanian Hillclimb Championship. This hillclimb used the same road as the Marele Premiu al Orașului Braşov that was competed earlier this year. Paul Andronic was already certain of the championship before the event. He was present in Braşov but retired after the first race session. For the second time this year the Italian Radical Team was visited Romania. This time they the Italian Michele Esposito was their driver. The potential of their cars was again obvious as Esposito took a simple victory.

Only drivers with a Romanian license can score points for the championship. Guest driver Esposito was therefore invisible for the points. Instead second placed Andrei Dumitrescu took the 25 points normally reserved for the winner. With this victory he leaps over Lucian Radut in the championship to finish second overall. Radut was third in Braşov which saw him end up also third in the championship.

The championships of the different groups were also already decided before the events. Paul Andronic is obviosuly the new champion in Group H. Andrei Dumitrescu was the only regular driver in Group D/E so also an obvious champion. Adi Iliescu was the most consistent in Group A and also won the final two races. Alexandru Mitroi dominated Group N this year and is the deserving champion. Costi Stratnic was the best driver in Group GT and even scored an overall victory in Sinaia. Gabriel Ene won three events in Group F2 and finished second in another three. This secured him the Group title.

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Results Subida al Parque del Castillo 2017

The Subida al Parque del Castillo near Soria was the final round of the Castilla y Leon Hillclimb Championship.

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Results Cronoscalata Giarre – Montesalice – Milo 2017

The Cronoscalata Giarre – Montesalice – Milo was the final round of the Italian Hillclimb Cup South. Domenico Cubeda won the event and the Cup.

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Results Cronoscalata Cividale – Castelmonte 2017

Results of the Cronoscalata Cividale – Castelmonte.

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Results Brdska Trka Avala 2017

The Serbian Hillclimb Championship concluded with the Brdska Trka Avala. It was the second time this year the drivers visited this hillclimb. In June Avala hosted the Serbian round of the CEZ. Aleksa Radojkovic was already certain of the championship before the event. That was his good fortune as Radojkovic retired in Avala and scored no points. Without the champion Vitomir Cvetic had no one to stop him from victory. The experienced driver steered his all-white Volkswagen Golf to a 12 second lead. Dejan Ilic once again drove a stunning race but his 1400 cc Yugo is just not powerful enough to take on the big cars. Luka Kotorcevic completed the podium in Avala. The Peugeot 106 pilot is the rally champion in the Group N -1400 class, but in hillclimb racing he narrowly lost the title to Danijel Panic. Milos Paunovic made his debut in class 2 and immediately finished fourth overall. Mario Zahirovic finished fifth overall and would have secured the class 6 title. However his rival Milos Brkic filed a protest so the results remain unofficial.

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Results Subida a Villa de Moya 2017

The next hillclimb on Las Palmas was the Subida a Villa de Moya. Ivan Armas took victory, Miguel Angel Cabral was second and Antonio Ponce completed the podium.

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Results Subida a Urbasa 2017

Around 100 drivers participated in the Subida a Urbasa this Saturday. Two drivers were much stronger than the rest. Joseba Iraola took victory after a close battle with Pantxo Egozkue. Garikoitz Flores was leader of the CM prototypes and third overall. Arkaitz Ordoki finished just outside the podium in fourth, but remains the championship leader in Navarra.

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