Results Subida a Casarabonela 2017

The Subida a Casarabonela was the final hillclimb of the year in Andalucia. Like all the other events in this region the race was contested over two seperate Fases. The difference was that this time both Fase A and Fase B were competed on Saturday. It was the end of a very long season and it showed in the entrylist. Just 30 drivers were present at Casarabonela.

Winner of the event was the new sportcar champion Francisco José Aguilar. José Sequera crashed in practise which left his car seriously damaged for the rest of the day. Still he finished second overall in the championship.

Winner of the touringcars in Fase A was Juan José Ruiz. The Citroën AX driver retired in Fase B but still finished second in the championship. Francisco Javier Guzman was second in Fase A and Ruiz’ misfortune promoted him to first place in Fase B. He also finished third overall in the championship. Humberto Janssens was already certain of the title before the event and was not present in Casarabonela.

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Standings updated

You can now find the complete 2017 points standings of the Czech Republic and Slovenia along with all the relevant class and group winners, on the repective pages.

Calendar Slovenia Hillclimb Championship 2018

The Slovenian Hillclimb Championship will count 6 races in 2018. There are still only three hillclimbs within this small country, namely Ilirska Bistrica, Gorjanci and Lucine. The championship is completed with Rechberg in Austria, Verzegnis in Italy and Buzet in Croatia.

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Calendar Czech Republic Hillclimb Championship 2018

The Czech Repulbic Hillclimb Championship will count 10 race weekends in 2018. Back on the schedule is the Divácká trináctka Hillclimb in September. The Slovakian round at Baba is replaced with the Rechbergrennen in Austria. Ustecka 21 moves to August as it welcomes the European Historic Hillclimb Championship. The rest of the schedule looks familiar to this season.

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More points standings update

The 2017 points standings of various championships in Belgium are updated now. There are complete points of Category I, II and III of both the national championship and the cup are added. The winners are given for all the classes and groups. Also the points for the Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship, complete with all class and division winners are added on the same page here.

The final points table of the French Hillclimb Championship can now also be viewed here. Included are Serie A and B, also known as Sport and Production.

Points Standings Europe Updated

The points standings for the European Hillclimb Championship, the European Historic Hillclimb Championship and the International Hillclimb Cup are updated. They can be viewed on the European Standings Page.

Calendar International Hillclimb Cup 2018

The calendar for the International Hillclimb Cup was also released today. As we have already seen Ascoli Piceno and Saint-Jean-du-Gard are promoted in the European Championship. Trento on the other hand moves the other way and is back into the Cup. It was already known for some time that Vallecamonica and Mickhausen would not be run in 2018. Interestingly none of the candidate events were deemed good enough to join the International Hillclimb Cup next year. That leaves just 8 rounds in the 2018 season.

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Calendar European Hillclimb Championship 2018

The calendar for the European Hillclimb Championship was released today. Saint-Jean-du-Gard replaces Mont Dore as the French round and Ascoli Piceno replaces Trento as the Italian round.

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Calendar Austrian Hillclimb Championship 2018

The calendar for the Austrian Hillclimb Championship will receive a massive overhaul in 2018. The Bergrennen Altlengbach debuted last season as a non-championship event. Next year it is promoted to the championship as the fourth Austrian event in the schedule.
The Austrian Championship always visits their neighbouring countries. After focusing on the southern borders the past few years, the Austrians now move east into Slovakia. Baba and Jankov Vrsok are new additions to the championship. They replace Gorjanci and Cividale. The Croatian round moves from Cabar back to Buzet.

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Calendar Bergrallye Cup 2018

The 2018 Bergrallye Cup will count nine rounds. The Bergrallye Voitsberg returns after a one year break. The Bergrallye Paldau is replaced with the Bergrallye Neudorf bei Passail. The other seven rounds were also on the schedule last year.

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