Calendar Catalunya Hillclimb Championship 2018

The 2018 Catalunyan Hillclimb Championship will once again count 9 events. The Pujada Al Farell returns after four years. It replaces the Pujada Ordino – Arcalis. The Andorran Hillclimb suffered badly last year as it was contested on the same day as the Catalunyan indepence referendum.

Apart from the nine championship events there will also be one non-championship event. Older hillclimb fans might remember the Pujada a Prades. It was part of the European Hillclimb Championship in 1982 and 1983. The winners back then were Juan Alfonso Fernandez (82) and Herbert Stenger (83). If the 2018 edition of the Pujada a Prades is a restart of this legendary hillclimb or if its a completely different event I do not know at the moment.

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Calendar Irish Hillclimb Championship 2018

The calendar for the Irish Hillclimb and Sprint Championship will count 7 double headers in 2018. The Sweep near Imokilly will not take place in next year. It will be replaced with a new event in County Clare.

As usual in Ireland the exact locations of the hillclimbs are still a mystery. For that reason I have picked the locations of this year to form the calendar of 2018. The correct hillclimbs will appear on the calendar when I find them, which is probably a few weeks before each event.

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Calendar Swedish Hillclimb Championship 2018

The Swedish Hillclimb Championship will count four events in 2018. New is the Ljusdals MS Sprint which replaces the Tjustjakten.

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Calendar Serbian Hillclimb Championship 2018

The Serbian Hillclimb Championship will count six events in 2018. The second Avala Hillclimb will be replaced with a new event near the Kosmaj Mountain in central Serbia.
The single Avala Hillclimb in September will count towards the CEZ Hillclimb Championship and might also be a candidate event for the International Hillclimb Cup.

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Calendar Italian Modern Hillclimbs 2018

Below is the complete calendar of all 29 modern hillclimbs in 2018.

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Calendar Italian Historic Hillclimb Championship 2018

The Italian Historic Hillclimb Championship will count 10 events in 2018. They are the same races that were competed this year. There are also four non-championship events scheduled. One of them is the legendary Bologna – Raticosa Hillclimb that was last contested in 2015. Of course the Historics are also allowed to drive as support in the modern events, for those dates you will need to see the other calendar.

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Points Standings Update

More points standings are added to the website. You can now find the classifications for the following countries: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Portugal and Serbia.

Calendar Croatian Hillclimb Championship 2018

The calendar for the Croatian Hillclimb Championship holds no surprises. The same 9 races that were part of the championship this year, return in 2018.

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Calendar Portuguese Hillclimb Championship 2018

The 2018 Portuguese Hillclimb Championship will consist of the same 8 events that were contested this year.

The dates for the Madeira Hillclimb Championship will follow as soon as possible.

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More Standings

More 2017 points standings are added on this website. You can now view the classifications of Luxembourg, Montenegro and the United Kingdom.