Results Coppa della Consuma 2016

LOCANDINA.inddThe Italian Historic Hillclimb Championship visited the Coppa della Consuma this weekend. Practise sessions on Saturday were completed in nice summer weather. It was therefore a big shock to see torrential rain and mist on Sunday morning. Adapting to these radical different conditions was difficult for everybody. Especially as everything would be decided on just one single race run.

Best driver in the rain was no doubt Stafano di Fulvio. The young Osella PA9/90 pilot managed to take a 30 seconds lead over the opposition to repeat his 2015 victory. Uberto Bonucci struggled in the rain but he still managed second place. Alessio Pacini drove a great race to finish third overall and also win Group 3. With his Fiat X1/9 Pacini was too fast for the more powerful Porsches in his group. Another small car benefitted from the rain to win his Group; Alessandro Rinfolfi steered his Mini Cooper to victory in Group 1. Fosco Zambelli (Alfa Romeo GTAM) was the best driver in Group 2 while Alessandro Trentini (Dallara F386) was victorious in Group 5.

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Results Ústecká 21 2016

160529_ustecka21Last competed in 2011 the Ústecká 21 Hillclimb near Ústí nad Orlicí returned to the Czech Republic Hillclimb Championship. It was a long wait for the drivers and spectators but it was worth it. The great weather added to a perfect event for the 100+ drivers and 5000+ spectators.

Two Norma M20 FC sportscars were at the top of the results tables on both days. David Komarek dominated the event by setting fastest times on both days and taking victory. Dusan Neveril had to be satisfied with second place both times. Petr Vondrak managed third on Saturday but the Osella PA21/S pilot could not repeat that achievement the day after. Marek Rybnicek, fourth on Saturday, moved up to the final podium spot on Sunday. Competing in his impressive Ford Fiesta EVO Rybnicek was also the best touringcar driver.

The race also counted towards the Maverick Rescue Euro Cup. In this series Ales Mlejnek (Gloria C8F) took to easy victories on both days.

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Results Course de Côte de Pont des Abarines 2016

160529_abarinesThere were again a number of regional hillclimbs in France this weekend. In the Langedoc Roussillon region in southern France the Course de Côte de Pont des Abarines was scheduled. It became sort of a tradition that this hillclimb close to Saint-Jean-du-Gard opened the season in February but this year it was organised at the end of May. In the morning it rained but at the end of the day some dry race runs could be completed.

Nicolas Verdier dominated the event in his Dallara F302. He set fastest times in practise and all three races. Anthony Oya was on his tail all day long and the Norma M20F pilot ended up in second. The podium was completed by Fabrice Flandy in his special Dallara 301. Jean-Marc Boillot was by far the fastest touringcar driver. The Simca Rallye II pilot finished a second ahead of his nearest rival Denis Perez (Renault 8 Gordini). Christian Astier (Citroën Xsara) finished third and won F2000.

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Results Brdska Trka Sokobanja 2016

160529_sokobanjaThe Serbia Hillclimb Championship visited the Brdska Trka Sokobanja this weekend for a doubleheader. Aleksa Radojkovic dominated the event and won on both days with an enormous margin. The young Honda Civic Type-R pilot also broke the trackrecord on more than one run. The only one who could remain reasonably close to the winner was Dragan Balacikic. Still the Volkswagen Scirocco driver was around 10 seconds slower on both days. Mirko Deretic (Peugeot 106) completed the podium on Saturday. Dejan Ilic retired with mechanical problems on Saturday but a long night of repairs saw him back on Sunday. Ilic thanked his mechanics by taking the third podium spot.

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Results Kotor – Trojica 2016

The Central European Zone (CEZ) Hillclimb Championship visited Montenegro this weekend for the Kotor – Trojica Hillclimb. Apart from Montenegro Hilllcimb Championship the race also counted towards the Croatia Hillclimb Championship and the Bosnia and Hercegovina Hillclimb Championship. This resulted in a massive entry of well over 130 drivers.

Milos Asanovic gave the home crowd something to cheer for as the Radical SR8 pilot won the event. He was joined on the podium by the Hungarian-Croats Laszlo Szasz and Istvan Kavecz. The strongest competition was in Group N. Local Tripo Ivovic won the class and finished fourth overall. Second in the class was the Pole Bartlomiej Wisniowski while Damir Masic from Croatia finished third. Grzegorz Duda scored a lot of points in the CEZ championship as he won Group A. Bakir Hadzic was the best driver from Bosnia and Hercegovina in 14th.

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Results Course de Côte de La-Roche-en-Ardennes 2016

160529_larocheFor the first time in 2011 the Belgian Hillclimb Championship visited the Course de Côte de La-Roche-en-Ardennes, the longest hillclimb of the country. For the regional hillclimb championship it was also the first visit since 2011 although the event was a non-championship regional race the past few years. The weather conditions were very difficult with hard rains all morning long. Before the racetrack was properly dried out the heavy rains resumed before the third race.

Anthony Loeuilleux was in his element this weekend. The French Tatuus Master pilot navigated the 5,5 kilometres much quicker than everybody else. His lead over Georges Hubert and Jacques Marchal was 6,5 seconds. Yanick Bodson made a rare appearance in Belgium this weekend. With his Porsche 997 GT3 he was the fastest touringcar driver and fourth overall.

National champion Francis Gilles actually competed in the regional race this weekend. He benefitted from the 4-wheel-drive in his Ford Escort Cosworth to win by a large margin. Jeremy Delchambre returned to the championship after his accident in Sy to finish second. Rally driver Jonathan Georges completed the podium in his Renault Clio. Christophe Le Nouvel was not present in La Roche with his regular Citroën AX as the engine in that car was not ready yet. With a replacement Peugeot 205 he still finished a strong fourth.

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Results Rampa da Covilhã (Serra da Estrela) 2016

160529_serradaestrelaThe Portuguese Hillclimb Championship continued this weekend with the Rampa da Covilhã, better known as the Serra da Estrela Hillclimb. So far it rained in every race this year and it happened again at Covilhã. Luckily this time it was mostly on Saturday while the runs on Sunday were mostly in the dry.

Pedro Salvador absolutely dominated the event. The Norma M20 FC pilot took a 26 second lead over the opposition to score his third victory in a row. Rui Ramalho was on his way to second place but a flat tyre on his Osella PA21/S saw him drop back the order. João Fonseca (BRC CM05 EVO) surprisingly beat out Paulo Ramalho (Juno CN09) for second place overall.

Best touringcar driver was Luis Nunes in fourth. He really struggled with the setup on Saturday but on Sunday he drove a perfect race to win Category 4. Edgar Reis (Porsche 997 GT3) and José Correira (Nissan GT-R GT3) were evenly matched in Category 2. In every session just tenths of a second seperated them from eachother. There had to be a winner though and that was Reis. His lead over Correia was just .027 seconds! Manuel Correia dominated Category 3 in his Ford Fiesta ST while Helder Silva (BMW E21) was the historic driver and Category 6 winner.

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Results Course de Côte de Saint Gouëno 2016

160529_stgouenoThe French Hillclimb Championship visited Brittany this weekend for the Course de Côte de Saint Gouëno. The event always welcomes many drivers from the ‘other’ Brittany, the one across the Channel, to drive in support. The depressing weather elsewhere in the country completely bypassed Brittany and the event was completed in perfect weather.

The results are hardly surprising as Nicolas Schatz won yet again with Sebastien Petit yet again in second. Just like last week Geoffrey Schatz managed to surprise Cyrille Frantz to take over third place. David Guillaumard was best Formula 3 pilot in fifth. The normal favourites in CN2 were absent which gave Freddy Cadot the chance to take class win.

The touringcars are a lot more exciting this year. In Saint Gouëno we saw already the sixth different winner in six events. Pierre Courroye scored his first overall touringcar victory this weekend at the hands of his Porsche 991. His succes was achieved by a great final run which allowed him to pass Philippe Schmitter for victory. Although Pierre Beal was quickest in the second race session, he ultimately dropped down to fourth behind Nicolas Werver.

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Results Gurston Down Hillclimb Run-Offs 2016

The British Hillclimb Championship continued this weekend with the Gurston Down Hillclimb. The weather was very nice and the speeds were high. The first run-off was very close with five drivers within half a second. Trevor Willis won this right in front of his main rival Scott Moran. In the second run-off the roles were reversed with Moran now winning over Willis.

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Results Subida A Pontenova 2016

160529_apontenovaOne more hillclimb took place in Spain this weekend. In Galicia it was time for the Subida A Pontenova. A small but high quality entry of around 30 was entered. As was expected with the new rules this year the different weather conditions on both days meant that the times set on Saturday were completely useless.

Former Spanish Rally Champion Sergio Vallejo was a guest driver this weekend. Starting from this year he is competing in a Citroën DS3 R5. In the rain at Pontenova his enormous experience proved to be the deciding factor. Even though other drivers were faster in individual race sessions, with three near equal times Vallejo set the best aggregate time. It proved to be enough for victory. On Sunday morning it seemed like Martin Villar would win the event with ease. With just one more race session to go the BRC CM05 EVO pilot had a five second lead over Vallejo. But a poor effort in the final run saw Villar drop back to third. Alexis Vieitez (Formula Outeda) slipped by him to take the runner-up spot. José Antonio Iglesias (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII) was still ahead of Vallejo after 4 of the 6 race sessions but then a mistake in the fifth race cost him dearly and he finished fourth.

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