Results Pujada PuigMajor 2015

151004_puigmajorOn Mallorca the legendary Pujada PuigMajor took place this weekend. Once this race was part of the European Championship but now it just counts for the regional Balearic Islands Hillclimb Championship. Still the race attracts drivers from mainlain Spain. This year José Antonio Lopez-Fombona (Audi A4 DTM), Francesc Munné and Santi Guitart (both Demon Car) were present to measure themselves against the local opposition. However at the last minute Pedro Mayol (car not ready) and Gabriel Arrabal (health) had to withdraw which left it up to the guests to divide the prizes.

José Antonio Lopez-Fombona dominated the event right from the start by setting fastest time in Saturday practise and repeating that in the race the day after. His lead over Munné was over four seconds while third placed Guitart was almost ten seconds back. Best of the locals was surprisingly Antonio Bauzà who competed in an old Reynard formula car.

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Results Pujada Mutxamel Busot 2015

151004_mutxamelThe Valenciana Hillclimb Championship continued with the Pujada Mutxamel Busot this Saturday. Saul Arnau had to park his Speed Car GT with mechnical problems in practise. But the car could be repaired in time for the first timed race. From then on Arnau dominated the event by setting fastest time in all the runs. His father José Vicente could only follow and had to be satisfied with second place overall. Third finished Raul Borreguero, dominating the touringcars with his Mosler MT900R. Toni Arriete (Silver Car S2) finished fourth while Catalan Sergi Pañella (Mitsubishi Lancer) rounded out the top 5.

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Results Subida Al Pielago 2015

151004_pielagoThis weekend also marked the first hillclimb of the year in Castilla la Mancha. As the Subida Al Pielago also counted towards the Madrid and Extremadura Hillclimb Championships a decent entry of 50 plus drivers was present. Sadly they were not treated to the best weather. Irregular rainshowers made the conditions very tricky. That was also the reason that favourites José Antonio Castillo (Speed Car GTR) and José Alonso (MRC BMW) could finish no higher than fifth and sixth respectively.

Instead it was the touringcars who came out on top. Javier Garcia was the best driver in practise and the second race, benefitting from the 4-wheel-drive in his Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI. But in the first race Ismael Arquero (Seat Leon) was on top of the charts. As at that moment the conditions were the best of the whole event Arquero was the fastest driver and overall winner. With this victory Arquero improved his lead in the Madrid hillclimb championship. His rival Oscar Yusta (Renault Clio Sport) finished only fourth behind José and Javier Garcia.

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Results Subida a Urbasa 2015

151004_urbasaThis weekend saw the first hillclimb of the year in Navarra. The Subida a Urbasa is a beautiful hillclimb with a rich history. The drivers certainly appreciate the 5,7 kilometres long road as they came out en masse for the 2015 edition. Joseba Iraola was immediately on the pace. The Demon Car pilot set fastest time in practise and the first race. Sadly a mechnical problem in the second race meant he could not improve his time. This allowed Javier Villa (BRC B-49) to slip by to take victory. The difference between the two drivers was just .4 seconds. The podium was completed by the best local driver, Arkaitz Ordoki (Silver Car S2).

For the fourth consecutive weekend Gerard De La Casa was competing and at Urbasa the Seat Cordoba WRC pilot scored his fourth victory. The driver from Andorra advanced a pair of Porsche 997 GT3 driven by Xabier Lujua and Bruno Scherer and a pair of Mitsubishi Lancers driven by Antonio Ortuño and Joseba Beola.

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Results Course de Côte de Circuit de Bresse 2015

151004_bresseThe Circuit de Bresse hosted the final hillclimb of the year in central France. It is of course not a real hillclimb but more a sprint competed to hillclimb regulations. The safe and compact track, coupled with a great organization attracted all the top drivers from the region. Some drivers, like for example Benoit Bouche and Cécile Cante, have not competed at all this year but were present at the Circuit de Bresse this weekend.

Just like last year Alban Thomas was the fastest driver of the field. Sharing a Dallara F306 with Cécile Cante, Thomas advanced the new Coupe de France winner David Guillaumard by .35 seconds. The podium was completed by Yannick Latreille who won the sportscar class just ahead of Damien Chamberod and Serge Thomas.
The first touringcar driver only appears on place 56 in the overall classifications. Jean-François Ganevat benefitted from the power of his Porsche 997 Cup to bring home the winner’s trophy. Pierre Beal (BMW M3 E46 GTR) and Stéphane Galiussi (Simca Rallye II) completed the touringcar podium.

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Results Course de Côte de Lauragais 2015

151004_lauragaisIn France 2015 is almost over as far as hillclimb racing is concerned. In the Midi-Pyrénées the Course de Côte de Lauragais ended the season. Pascal Campi dominated the event as the Osella PA20/S pilot was much stronger than the opposition. His race-winning time was also a new trackrecord and it gave him a lead of over a second. Runner-up looked to be Dimitri Pereira but the BRC CM05 EVO pilot was passed in the very last run of the day by Sébastien Pierre (Dallara F397 Fiat).
Xavier Burgevin (Jidé) finished somewhat surprisingly in second at the Coupe de France final last week. At Lauragais he was again second of the touringcars. Winner this time was Joël Cazalens with his powerful Scora Type-II. Ronald Garces (Seat Leon Supercopa) completed the podium and was also Group A winner.

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Results Coppa Monti Iblei 2015

150927_montiibleiThe legendary Coppa Monti Iblei near Chiaramonte Gulfi on Sicily was the next round in the Italian Hillclimb Cup South. All the top drivers of the island were present, joined by some guests from Malta.

Just like last year Domenico Cubeda was the fastest. By winning both races the Osella PA2000 also takes maximum points for the Cup were he retakes the lead. Second and third were the Conticelli’s. Father Vincenzo driving in the Osella PA30 being faster than son Francesco in the Osella PA2000. Fourth and fifth was also a father and son team: the Cassibba’s. But here the son (Samuele) was faster than the father (Giovanni).

The battle for touringcar victory was very tight at the Monti Iblei hillclimb. After the first race four drivers were still within a second of eachother. Angelo Roberto Faro (Fiat Uno Turbo) was the best in the first race but Salvatore Macri (Alfa Romeo 147) was the fastest in the second. However what matters is the best aggregate time and this put Ivan Alfio Tudisco (Renault Clio Cup) ahead of the others! The new Italian Champion in Group A, Salvatore D’Amico, was also the quickest Group A pilot in Chiaramonte Gulfi. Group N was also won by a Renault Clio pilot: Francesco D’Izzia.

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Results Nagrada Banja Luka (Slatina) 2015

The last round of the Bosnia and Hercegovina Hillclimb Championship was the Nagrada Banja Luka / Slatina, competed last weekend. The weather conditions were terrible with continous rain and poor visibility. Before the race all eyes were on the championship battle for E1 17, the top class in the country. Kemal Hasic had won three of the first four races but Suad Hota won the last two events. The results was a .5 point lead for Hota before the event.

Although both Hota (Lancia Delta Integrale) and Hasic (Subaru Impreza) drove with 4-wheel-drive cars it was experience that counted at Slatina. And this is were the weather played in Hota’s favour as he is well acquainted with both his car and the track. Hota and his team nailed it on the setup which allowed him a nine second lead after the first race. Pushing was not necesarry anymore and the two rivals set near identical times in the second race. That was still more than enough for Suad Hota to win the race and become E1 17 champion.

A wet track brings out the best in some drivers as it allows the less powerful cars to rise to the top. Absolutely sensational in Slatina was Goran Dojcinovic. The new champion of E1 14 competes in a 1,4 litre Honda Civic. That did not stop him from setting some amazing times which set him second overall! Just behind Kemal Hasic finished the new Group N champion Salih Ljubijankic in fourth.

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Results Finale Coupe de France de Montagne (Limonest) 2015

150927_limonestThis weekend the final for the Coupe de France was competed. Just like last year the venue was the legendary Course de Côte de Limonest / Mont Verdun near Lyon. In 2014 the sportscars proved to be better than the Formula 3 with Kevin Durot winning. This year the order was reversed with two Formula 3 cars on top.

David Guillaumard took a small lead in the first of three races on Sunday. In the second heat the Dallara F308 pilot improved his time but saw his lead shrink to just 0.025 seconds. His opponent was Marcel Sapin. The Dallara F305 pilot dominated so many hillclimbs in the Rhône-Alpes this year and it looked like he might win the final too. With one ultimate push he should have passed Guillaumard for victory. But that proved to be just too much and Sapin crashed during the final race of the day. This granted Guillaumard victory in the Cup Final.

Yannick Poinsignon (Pedrazza) saw a certain podium disappear when Yannick Latreille (Norma M20 FC) and Nicolas Verdier (Dallara F302) pushed him back to fifth in the final run of the day. Sixth was for Damien Chamberod who saw his practise ruined by alternator problems in his Norma M20F. Jeremy Debels (Osella PA21/S) on the other hand had a fantastic practise as he was fastest overall, but it did not help much on Sunday as he finished seventh. Dominique Carifi (Norma M20F) was also on the pace but he crashed out early. Yves Tholy (Speed Car GTR) and Dimitri Pereira (BRC CM05 EVO) fought a great duel in the CM-class with Tholy eventually winning. Emeline Breda (Martini MK79) was best the female driver after she narrowly advanced Sarah Louvet (Tatuus FR2000).

In the touringcars the cars from category FC were on top. Christophe Poinsignon won in 2014 and the Simca CG Turbo pilot repeated that victory again this year. His competition thinned out quickly though as both Geoffray Carcreff and Anthony Dubois faced mechanical problems in their Scora’s. Xavier Burgevin (Jidé) benefitted as he moved up to second. Geoffroy Bouhin (Seat Leon Supercopa) won the battle of the Seat Leon Supercopa’s in Group A. Pascal Cat competed in no regional hillclimbs this year and Jean Turnel in just one. That did not stop them from winning Group N and F2000 respectively. Finally, Jean-Louis Janioud (BMW M3 E46 GTR) was the best in GTTS but then again he only had one other driver in his class…

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Results Rampa da Penha 2015

150927_penhaThe Portuguese Hillclimb Championship ended this weekend at the same place it started back in May: with the Rampa da Penha near Guimarães. Before the race Rui Ramalho defended a four point lead over João Fonseca. That was deceiving however as the drop score was not yet taken into account. By dropping the worst score for both Fonseca suddenly had a ten point lead.

Starting with the Juno CN09 again, Rui Ramalho knew he had to win to have a chance for the title. Fonseca was fastest in the first race but Ramalho countered in the second race with fastest time. All would be decided in the third and final race. While João Fonseca steered his Norma M20 FC to fastest time of the day, Ramalho lost time in a small accident. The race results now measured the final standings in the championship: 1. Fonseca 2. Rui Ramalho and 3. Paulo Ramalho.

Tiago Reis retired his Ford Fiesta with engine problems after practise. Luckily he was already secure of the Category 3 title before the event. Edgar Reis retired his Porsche 997 GT3 early with clutch problems but he was also already secure of the Category 2 title. José Pedro Gomes was also already certain he would be historic (Category 4) champion. That is why he entered the Penha hillclimb with a Ford Escort WRC. Without much luck though as Gomes crashed the car already in practise.

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