Calendar Bulgarian Hillclimb Championship 2016

The calendar for the 2016 Bulgarian Hillclimb Championship was released today. The Shipka Damascena Hillclimb was organised outside the championship last year but is now promoted to the main series. The Panagyurishte hillclimb on the other hand is dropped, so the championship continues to have seven rounds.

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Calendar Hungary Hillclimbs 2016

After some 8 years of silence around the mountains of Hungary it looks like this is about to change. On the provisional 2016 calendar of the Hungary Motorsport Federation one hillclimb race is included. The last weekend of May the 3. Orfűi Autos Hegyiverseny is scheduled. This race near Pécs was previously competed in 2006 and 2007. So far not much info about this race can be found on the web.

I have also opened an Hungarian section on this website. There are now two hillclimbs included: the “Matra Berg” near Parádsasvár and the former European Championship Round near Pécs. You can find both on the new Hungarian Hillclimb List page.

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Calendar Portuguese Hillclimb Championship and Madeira 2016

The calendar for the Portuguese Hillclimb Championship will count the same 8 rounds as last year. The only difference is in the dates as the Rampa da Porca de Murça and the Rampa do Caramulo switch dates. There were some talks of competing a round in Spain, as a thank you to the Spaniards who always visit Falperra. That idea is however pushed back to 2017.

Some important changes are made to the regulations in Portugal in order to attract more drivers. In previous years cars were divided based solely on their respective category. Starting from 2016 there will also be classes based on engine capacity. This should make hillclimbs more interesting to drivers who cannot afford the powerful and expensive supercars that dominated the championship the past few years. There are also two new categories created. One with the moderns and is reserved for cup and trophy cars. The other one in the historics for Group 5 and ‘classics’.

Also part of Portugal but very different from the mainland is the regional Madeira Hillclimb Championship. In 2016 the championship on this mountainous island grows to 8 rounds that are contested between March and November.

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Calendar Murcia Hillclimb Championship 2016

The small state of Murcia has four hillclimb races scheduled in 2016. The Subida a Librilla is now solely a rallysprint so it disappears from the schedule. It is replaced with the Subida a Ramonete which returns to the schedule in April.

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Calendar Madrid, Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura 2016

The 2016 Madrid Hillclimb Championship will be contested on all the hillclimbs in Madrid, Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura. The other two states will contest a schedule similar to Madrid’s.

In central Spain the season starts the first weekend of April with the Subida a Cabezabellosa in Extremadura. The Subida a La Cabrera in Madrid disappears but for in its place comes a new hillclimb in Castilla La Mancha. The Subida a Valfermoso de Tajuña not far from Guadalajara is a road of about four kilometres which is nicknamed “The 100 turns”. I have not counted them all to see if the road lives up to its nickname but in any case it will provide an interesting experience for the drivers.

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Provisional Calendar Castilla y Leon Hillclimb Championship 2016

The provisional calendar for the Castilla y Leon Hillclimb championship is still a bit of a mess. Two races are included without a date, these are the Subida a Muñana and the Subida a Arenas. The Subida a Calendario disappears to be replaced with the new Subida a Arrebatacapas.

Another important race that is missing from the current calendar is the Subida a Laciana. As the race is still included in the Spanish National Calendar on its date at the end of June, I have also included it here.

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Calendar Balearic Hillclimb Championship 2016

On the Balearic Islands the hillclimb championship has been disappointing the last couple of years. Last year the season started only in July, and ended with a very late edition to the calendar in mid-december. The championship was also very focused on Mallorca, with only the Subida a Isla de Ibiza being ‘overseas’.

However it looks like all that is changing as the preparations for the 2016 season are already on their way. In one month time the championship is scheduled to kick-off on Ibiza with a brand new hillclimb. The season continues at the end of April with another new hillclimb on Menorca. At the beginning of July the ‘traditional’ season then starts with the four hillclimbs that were also part of the 2015 season.

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Calendar Andalucia Hillclimb Championship 2016

The hillclimb championship in Andalucia is really booming. For 2016 the season grows to 12 events contested between mid-March and mid-November. The nine races completed in 2015 all return this year, joined by three new events. The Subida a Trasierra near Cordoba was cancelled late last year and disappears from the schedule all together.

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Provisional Calendar Canary Islands 2016

The calendars for the various regional Canary Islands Hillclimbs Championships were released some time ago. The three federations of La Palma, Las Palmas and Tenerife have managed to claim the same weekends more than once during the season. We will see if and how much the schedule will change in the coming weeks. It probably will not have much impact on the overall entry numbers as many drivers stay on their own islands during the season.

Just like last year the hillclimb season in Europe will start with the non-championship Subida a Juncalillo. The race will take place at the end of this month. The overall calendar on the Canary Islands is remarkably stable. Only one race disappears: the Subida a Agulo on La Gomera and it is replaced with the Subida a Vallehermoso. There are also two new races on Tenerife: the Subida a Las Mercedes and the Subida a Los Loros.

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Calendar French Historic Hillclimb Championship (VHC) 2016

The 2016 French Historic Hillclimb Championship (VHC) will count a staggering 16 rounds. The historic competitors join the modern championship on all rounds except La Pommeraye. Three more rounds are competed jointly with the modern second division championship, these are Gémenos, La Broque and Lodéve. The calendar is completed with two special VHC-only events. The first one is the Course de Côte de Seyssel in the Rhône-Alpes region. Later in the year they also visit the Course de Côte de Saint Hippolyte in the Franche-Comté region. As this latter hillclimb is not organised every year it will be a special occasion for all the drivers.

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