Entrylist Course de Côte de Pont des Abarines 2015 -Upd.-

150301_abarinesThis Sunday the first French hillclimb of 2015 takes place. The Course de Côte de Pont des Abarines in the Languedoc – Roussillon region has the honour. 73 drivers are currently entered, including no less than 12 CM prototypes.

— Last updated 26/02

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Results Subida a Juncalillo 2015

150221_juncalilloThe winter break is finally over. This weekend the first hillclimb of 2015 took place on Gran Canaria as the Subida a Juncalillo kicked off the year.

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Provisional Entrylist Berg-Cup 2015

The German Berg-Cup once again sees an increase in entries for 2015. This is in no small part thanks to the inclusion of the NSU-Berg-Trophy which brings in 20 extra drivers. As of today (11/02/2015) there are 160 entries on the list so far.

As is the custom in the Berg-Cup, a car can be entered for one driver, or for two drivers who alternate between races. Teams were two competitors share a ride are shown on the entrylist below with the same starting number.

The Berg-Cup will start 2/3 May in Eschdorf, Luxembourg. The full 13 race schedule can be found here.

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Calendar Cantabria Hillclimb Championship 2015

The Cantabria Hillclimb Championship remain stable as the same five races that took place in 2014 return to the schedule this year.

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Calendar Galicia Hillclimb Championship 2015

The calendar for the Galicia Hillclimb Championship was released some time ago. The Subida a Terra de Lemos does not return in 2015.

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Calendar Asturias Hillclimb Championship 2015

While other states see an increase in hillclimb events, the Asturias calendar shrinks this year. In 2013 and 2014 no less than 10 events were scheduled (although some were later cancelled), but this year there are only 7 races planned.

The Subida El Fito and the Subida a Santo Emiliano appear as double headers on the schedule.

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Calendar Basque Hillclimb Championship 2015

The Subida a Arlaban is gone, but everything else stays the same in the Basque Country.

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Calendar La Rioja Hillclimb Championship 2015

The small state of La Rioja also sees an increase in Hillclimb events. The small hillclimb in Arnedo is gone from the schedule but instead there will be two new events.

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Calendar Navarra Hillclimb Championship 2015

The Subida a Urbasa was the only hillclimb in Navarra last season. But the hillclimbs drivers in this small northern state can look out to a better season this year as there are now three events scheduled. The championship is further completed with the events in the neighbouring Basque Country.

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Calendar Catalunya Hillclimb Championship 2015

There are nine events planned in the Catalunya Hillclimb Championship this year. The Pujada Pont de Vilomara disappears again and is replaced with a new event near Avia.

The drivers in Catalunya will also travel to Andorra in September, in a joint round with the Spanish Championship.

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