Results Grand Prix Sopot 2015

150823_sopotThe Polish Hillclimb Championship moved to the very north of the country this weekend. The Grand Prix of the coastal town Sopot hosted the penultimate round of the championship. Although not competing the full championship this year Rafal Grzesinki was eager to start this weekend. The Mitsubishi Lancer VS pilot is always quick in Sopot as he had proven by winning the last two editions. This year he was again the fastest, winning outright on Saturday and breaking the trackrecord on Sunday. Sadly a broken driveshaft in the second race meant that Grzesinki was only qualified seventh overall on Sunday.

Championship leader “Dubai” set a massive step towards the championship as he saw his rival Andrzej Szepieniec retire on Saturday. Although Szepieniec returned on Sunday with a victory, two second places give “Dubai” a 31 point lead. Tomasz Myszkier had a fine weekend with two third places. Group A winner Piotr Ostrowski was right behind in fourth both days. Fifth on Saturday was Group N winner Michal Ratajczyk but a technical problem prevented him from repeating that achievement on Sunday. Instead Waldemar Kluza rounded out the top 5 on Day 2.

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Results Course de Côte de La Harmoye 2015

150823_laharmoyeThe final hillclimb which qualifies for the 2015 Final of the Coupe de France was the Course de Côte de La Harmoye in Bretagne. Close to home, Anthony Le Beller (Norma M20F) dominated the event like he did the last two editions. Although he had some engine trouble in practise his race speed was quick enough to claim his third victory in a row at La Harmoye. With a great third and final race Sylvain Moyon (Dallara F300) secured second place just half a second behind Le Beller. Romaric Duval (Norma M20) improved his times in each succesive run. It was however not enough to bump Jean-Yves Bouete (Norma M20F) from the podium. Geoffray Carcreff (Scora Maxi) once again dominated the touringcars, completing the 1,9 kilometres a second quicker than all the opposition.

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Results Course de Côte de M de Bomerée 2015

150823_bomereeThe Course de Côte de M de Bomerée is the oldest event in the Belgian Hillclimb Championship. The hillclimb south of Charleroi marked its 57th edition this year. It started to rain in the afternoon meaning that the final race results were more or less set in the first race. Former champion Jean Schmits made a rare appearance in his famous Ralt RT23 F3000. As he only started the first race he is not included in the final race results.

Although fighting for different championships Jacques Marchal (Norma M20F) and Anthony Loeuilleux (Tatuus Master) have been on top in almost every hillclimb this year. At Bomerée it was no different, with Marchal this time getting the edge over his French rival. They both remain leaders of the Belgian Championship and Belgian Cup respectively. Pascual Perez (Norma M20B) completed the podium. For the first time this year Georges Goedert started with his Porsche 997 GT3. The driver from Luxembourg quickly adapted to take touringcar victory. Francis Gilles (Ford Escort Cosworth) finished second, an important result in his fight for the title with Eric Schwilden. Schwilden himself finished only fourth as Christophe Le Nouvel (Citroën AX) finished just ahead of him.

The Course de Côte de Bomerée is the home event for Christophe Le Nouvel. For his home fans Le Nouvel had double duty, competing in both the national and the regional event. With succes as he finished third touringcar in the national event and won the Division 1-2-3 in the regional event. The regional race was non-championship but that did not stop over 60 drivers from entering – more than in most championship races! Frederic Souris steered his Speed Car GTR to fastest time in the regional race and was also the Division 4 winner.

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Results Bratrušovské serpentíny 2015

150823_bratusovAfter their trips to Slovakia in July the Czech Hillclimb Championship and the Maverick Rescue Euro Cup returned to their home country for a joint race called the Bratrušovské serpentíny. The national championship only counted a handful of cars at Bratrusov and the results were mostly the same on Saturday and Sunday. David Komarek (Norma M20 FC) dominated the event by setting fastest time in every session on both Saturday and Sunday. Jiri Spalek (Norma M20F) finished second both days while Marek Rybnicek (Mitsubishi Lancer) climbed the lowest step on the podium both times.

The Maverick Rescue Euro Cup was a lot more exciting. On Saturday Ales Mlejnek (Gloria C8F) was fastest in first practise. Michal Novicky (Reynard 032) definately improved during the day and he was already fastest in second practise. Mlejnek then countered with fastest time in the first race only to see Novicky slide by again in the second race. The day after only one practise session and a single race could be completed. Novicky did not start in practise which might have given Mlejnek the edge to win this time. Drahoslav Subert was third on Saturday but retired the next day leaving the third podium spot for Jaroslav Surowka.

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Results Course de Côte de Viverols 2015

Back after one year was the Course de Côte de Viverols in the Auvergne. Although at Tonnerre and Chamrousse at least one of the races was completed in the dry, there was no such luck for the competitors at Viverols. It rained all day long and as a results many drivers took no risk. Exception to that rule was Team Sudre. The brothers Rémi and David share a Tatuus FR2000 in regional hillclimbs. This weekend they booked their ultimate succes by finishing first and second. There had to be one winner and that was David, thanks to a terrific run in the third and final race. The podium was completed by Yves Tholy (Speed Car GTR) while it was hardly surprising the 4-wheel-drive Ford Escort Cosworth in the hands of Pascal Guiot was the fastest touringcar.

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Results Course de Côte de Tonnerre 2015

150823_tonnerreFor the regional French Hillclimb competitors this weekend was their last opportunity to qualify for the 2015 Coupe de France Finale. Starting from next week the hillclimbs count towards the 2016 Coupe de France. The Course de Côte de Tonnerre was the last hillclimb in the Bourgogne – Franche-Comté region. The race was dominated by the weather this weekend. Out of the three races only the second was competed in more or less dry conditions. Three drivers managed to stay under 50 seconds in that second race and they filled the podium spots. Serge Thomas was the quickest and well deserved winner as the Norma M20F pilot was also very quick in the rain. Frédéric Chatelain (Martini MK76) was some .2 seconds behind while Thomas Chavot (Norma M20B) completed the podium.

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Results Course de Côte de Chamrousse 2015

150823_chamrousseThe French Hillclimb Championship visited the Course de Côte de Chamrousse this weekend. Weather proved to be the deciding factor this weekend. The threat of rain was present all day and finally arrived at the start of the third race. Because the track was still damp during the first race in the morning the second race proved to be crucial for the final classifications. Even though Nicolas Schatz was faster in all the other session this weekend, Sébastien Petit was the quickest in the only one that mattered. By beating Schatz .2 seconds in the second race Petit scored his second victory of the year. Geoffrey Schatz had spin in the first race but brilliantly recovered to take third overall. Cyrilly Frantz finished fourth while Alban Thomas roounded out the top 5. Billy Ritchen was best Formula 3 driver after a hard battle with David Guillaumard.

The most competitive class in Chamrousse was CN2. Thomas Clausi and Stéphane Krafft dropped out of the battle for victory early as they faced mechanical problems. Damien Chamberod was the favourite for class victory as Chamrousse is his home-event. However he had to settle for third in class. Yannick Latreille benefitted from his long experience to remain ahead of the young Chamberod. Although Latreille was fastest of the large field of Norma’s, there was also one Osella present. In the hands of Jeremy Debels that Osella PA21/S proved to be the fastest car in CN2 this weekend.

For the first time in this year it looked like Nicolas Werver would not be victorious in the touringcars. Christian Schmitter outperformed him during the first race in the morning. However during the second race of the day Werver recovered with fastest time and another victory. With only one race to go Werver remains undefeated in 2015 (in France). David Dieulangard also had a great weekend, finishing second to Werver less than half a second behind. Third was Swiss guest driver Frédéric Neff, completing an all Porsche podium.

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Results Subida O Furriolo (A Bola / Celanova) 2015

150823_abolafurriolaThe Galicia Hillclimb Championship continued with the popular Subida O Furriolo. This event celebrated its 10th anniversary this weekend and some top drivers from other regions were invited to the celebrations.

Dominating the event was Javier Villa with his trusted BRC B-49. The Spanish Hillclimb Champion won all four races and was the logcal winner. Just behind three local drivers had a fierce battle for the remaining podium positions. Alexis Vieitez (Formula Outeda) was fastest of the group in the first race. César Rodriguez (BRC B-49) countered with fastest time in the second race. On Sunday Vieitez was fastest in the morning while Rodriguez was fastest in the fourth and final race of the weekend. Vieitez had the quickest single time which gave him an average time just .137 seconds better than Rodriguez. Jesus Pombo was the unfortunate third here as the Dicode FR pilot was second-best of the three in all four races but his aggregate time was slower than Vieitez and Rodriguez. That meant Pombo finished fourth overall just .8 seconds behind Vieitez…

José Antonio Lopez-Fombona was best touringcar driver in sixth, at least if you count his Audi A4 DTM Silhouette as a touringcar. Best ‘real’ touringcar driver was José Antonio Iglesias (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII). He drove an excellent race, finishing 10 seconds ahead of next best driver Diego Manuel Gomez (Renault Megane Trophy).

The Subida O Furriolo was also the hillclimb debut (I think?) of the BRC R15. This newest creation of the Bango Racing Cars factory is a Silhouette with a 1300cc central placed engine. Currently the bodykit is that of a Peugeot 205 but other shapes are possible, similar to the French Tracking RC01. As the BRC R15 is not allowed in the CM class it had to drive in SCC5 this weekend. Jesus Bango drove his car to 25th overall in first practise but then retired for the rest of the weekend.

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Results Pujada a Sant Salvador 2015

150823_santsalvadorThe Pujada a Sant Salvador is competed over one of the most technical and beautiful roads in Spain. The race in central Mallorca was not organised last year but returned to the Balearic Islands Hillclimb Championship this Saturday. It was only the second round of the championship this year, highlighting the major problems that the hillclimb community is facing there. Sadly, this is also shown in the entries with just a handful of drivers competing. Gabriel Arrabal dominated the event as expected as the Silver Car S1 pilot was the only competitor in the CM-class. Toni Roca (Porsche 997 GT3) was best touringcar driver and second overall while Miguel Pujol (Seat 600 Proto) completed the podium.

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Entrylist Bergrennen Oberhallau 2015

Next week the Swiss Hillclimb Championship moves to the north of the country for the Bergrennen Oberhallau. Its location close to the German border means it is also the number one choice for the Swiss round of the Berg-Cup. The combined Swiss/German field makes for a record entry of 240 drivers. Out of those 240 there are 52 drivers competing in the same class: the E1 2000!

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