Preview, Timing and Entrylist Course de Côte du Pont des Abarines 2017

After a single edition in May last year due to road works, the Course de Côte du Pont des Abarines is back in its traditional spot on the calendar. This Sunday the 1,3 kilometre long track near Saint-Jean-du-Gard will open the year in France. Nicolas Verdier steered his Dallara F302 to victory in the last two editions. The driver-car combination is once again the favourite this coming Sunday.

An entrylist can be found below but beware that entries are still open. Most remarkable entry so far is Sarah Louvet with a Dallara F303 Mercedes. If possible the list will be updated in the coming days.

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Videos Pujada Alcover 2017

Below are a couple of the videos taken at the Pujada a Alcover this Sunday. An onboard video with Francesc Munne is added directly to the trackpage.

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Results Pujada a Alcover 2017

The 2017 hillclimb season started this weekend with the Pujada a Alcover in Catalunya. Francesc Munne dominated practise with fastest times in all three session. But right before the first race disaster struck as his new Demon Car R34 refused to start. The car was repaired but Munne arrived a little late at the start of the second race. This resulted in a penalty and zero points. Ramon Plaus benefitted to win the event in front of Albert Lopez. Edgar Montella was second quickest in the first race but a retirement in the second race saw him drop to third. As expected Gerard De La Casa dominated the touringcars with his Seat Cordoba WRC.

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Video Course de Côte de la Citadelle (Namur) 1990

Driving along the Route de Merveilleuse towards the top of the Citadelle of Namur today, it is hard to imagine that this 2 kilometre long road once hosted one of the most important hillclimb races in Belgium. For example there is a narrow chicane on the bottom part of the road, which on closer inspection is actually a fortified gatehouse! But the most extreme part of the track comes right after. Halfway up the hill the drivers must negotiate a 360 degree turn where they have to cross both under and over a 3 metre wide bridge! That must have seemed a little crazy even back then!

The Course de Côte de La Citadelle was part of the very first season of the Belgian Hillclimb Championship in 1957 and it remained on the schedule until 1991. The video below is from the 1990 edition. The winner was Marcel Tarres in front of his French compatriots Christian Debias and Anne Baverey. Gerard de Ville de Goyet steered his mighty Porsche 935 to fourth and was best Belgian driver. With fifth place Hervé Bayard was well on his way to his 8th Belgian Championship (out of 10). Some of the names lower down the order sound familiar even to today’s readers, like Christian Hauser (father of David), Yanick Bodson and Leon Linden. Full results of the 1990 edition can be viewed on the trackpage.

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Calendar Swedish Hillclimb Championship 2017

Starting this year I will also try to bring you the latest information about the Swedish Hillclimb Championship. Five weekends are scheduled this year, each hosting a double-header. There are also a number of non-championship events. Most of these are sprints around racetracks and not actual hillclimbs, so they are not included here.

The hillclimbs are quite short, most are around 1 kilometre in length. Still they present a big challenge to the drivers. Unique in Europe is that the championship contains both tarmac and gravel events.

There are five different classes in the Swedish Championship. Class 1 and 2 are reserved for 2-wheel-drive Rallycross cars, class 3 is for 2-wheel-drive Rally cars, class 4 for is for rallycross cars -2150cc and class 5 is for 4-wheel-drive cars of different sports. Different events also allow various other classes in support races, such as Cross-Karts and even sidecars.

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Entrylist Pujada a Alcover 2017

Provisional entrylist of the Pujada a Alcover. 27 drivers are entered in the speed hillclimb and another 11 will participate in the regularity event. The + and – split in the CM category has so far done nothing for the excitement championship: just two drivers each in both categories. Of course it is still early in the year so lets hope it will improve in the coming months.

For the complete timing see the previous post from February 12.

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Preview and Timing Pujada a Alcover 2017

In exactly one week time the Pujada a Alcover is scheduled to open the 2017 hillclimb year in Europe. This 4,1 kilometre long hillclimb will count towards the Catalunya Hillclimb Championship. It will be the very first edition so it will be a new experience for everyone.

Last year Francesc Munne won the CM Championship after a hard battle with Ramon Plaus. Both drivers took three victories but Munne had 5 second places while Plaus finished in the runner-up spot just twice. Munne has sold his championship winning Demon Car and for the moment has not announced his plans for 2017.
For the past few years Gerard De La Casa has dominated the Touringcar Championship in Catalunya. In 2016 this was no different and he steered his Seat Cordoba WRC to victory in five of the eight events. The driver from Andorra has been busy this winter with the GSeries Ice Racing in his native country. In fact the next round of this championship is next Saturday so an entry in Alcover will be difficult.
In 2017 there will also be a seperate championship for the CM+ machines that were first spotted in the Spanish Championship in 2016.

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Calendar Serbia Hillclimb Championship 2017

10-11/06/2017Brdska Trka SokobanjaSokobanja
24-25/06/2017Brdska Trka AvalaBelgrade
15-16/07/2017Nagrada Rakovice - KošutnjakBelgrade
14-15/10/2017Brdska Trka AvalaBelgrade

Calendar La Rioja Hillclimb Championship 2017

30/04/2017Subida a ArnedilloArnedilloLa Rioja
10/06/2017Subida a IbardinBeraNavarra
15/07/2017Subida a Petilla de AragonPetilla de AragonNavarra
14/10/2017Subida a UrbasaOlaztiNavarra