Results Nagrada Stubičke Toplice 2015

The Croatian Hillclimb Championship started this weekend with the Nagrada Stubičke Toplice near Zagreb. The organisers are aiming for the highest possible goal and that is inclusion in the European Hillclimb Championship. It will take a few more years before that goal is achieved though. At the moment the race only counts for the Croatian Championship for touringcars.

Back to 2015 and this years race. With the absence of Istvan Kavecz and Tomislav Muhvic who were both racing in Austria, the clear favourite for victory was Sinisa Krainc. The Ford Escort Cosworth driver did not disappoint as he took 17 seconds on the runner-up, Mario Jurisic. Jurisic is really coming to terms with his new Opel Vectra STW and saw this rewarded with second place this weekend. The podium was completed by Jurica Majic competing in a Volkswagen Golf II.

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Results Планинско Благоевград (Blagoevgrad Hillclimb) 2015

The Bulgarian Championship moved towards the southwest of the country for the Планинско Благоевград or Blagoevgrad Hillclimb. Champion Luben Kamenov was driving in Austria so even before the event it was sure there would be a different winner. Ilya Tsarski was the favourite but a blown turbo in his Mitsubishi Lancer put him out of contention. From that point Plamen Staikov took control. In his Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX he was quickest in all race session and won the event. Staikov now takes the lead in the championship but will continue the season on a race-by-race basis. Lubomir Mechkov was still learning his new car but still finished a fine second. The podium was completed by Ivan Chapanov competing in his Renault Clio.

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Results Subida a Utiel 2015

150426_utielJosé Vicente Arnau repeated his 2014 victory at the Subida a Utiel yesterday. The Osella PA20/S driver was flanked on the podium by Saul Arnau (Speed Car GT) and touringcar winner Luis Flores (Peugeot 206 WRC).

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Results Prescott Hillclimb Run-Offs 2015

The British Hillclimb Championship started this weekend in Prescott. Starting this weekend the organisers strictly applied the noise restrictions. To measure the noise they installed a microphone close to the track. After the runs were completed someone would read out the noise meter and apply penalties where needed. If someone was too loud their times would be excluded. Needless to say things quickly escalated when top drivers suddenly saw themselves excluded from the Runf-Offs. Among those affected were Will Hall, Jos Goodyear, Dave Uren, Trevor Willis and John Bradburn. In between the chaos Scott Moran collected two more Run-Off victories and immediately takes a big lead oer most of his rivals.

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Results Trofeul Rasnov 2015

The Romanian Hillclimb Championship started this weekend with the Trofeul Rasnov. As expected Lucien Hora continued his winning streak in 2015. The Lola B99/50 driver was the quickest in every session and the well deserved winner. But the other drivers should not lose hope as the reigning champion might not be competing all the rounds this year. Right behind Hora an interesting battle developed for second place. Lucian Radut and Ovidiu Zaberca were closely matched all weekend and the only drivers (besides Hora) to complete the track in under two minutes. There had to be a winner and it was Radut who took the crown. Liviu Savu won Group A after George Cretu ran into mechnical problems. The victory in Group N seemed to go to Sebastian Barbu until he too had mechnical difficulties. Andrei Cascaval took this advantage to take class victory.

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Results Course de Côte de Abreschviller – Saint Quirin 2015

150426_abreschvillerThe French Hillclimb Championship travelled north this weekend for the Course de Côte de Abreschviller – Saint Quirin in the Lorraine. Bad weather conditions on Saturday meant that practise was completed in the wet. On Sunday it started to dry out in the afternoon allowing everyone to complete 2 dry runs. The final classifications ended up the same way as we have seen so many times before. The three CN+ sportscars on top in the order Nicolas Schatz, Sébastien Petit, Cyrille Frantz. Then two F3000’s with Geoffrey Schatz in front of Alban Thomas, followed by the first F3 driven by Billy Ritchen. Then next up and rounding out the top10 is best CN2 driver Kevin Durot. So far no surprises, or it must be that Durot advanced the two CN3 drivers David Meillon and Benjamin Vielmi.

Three guest drivers also managed to score top10 results in Abreschviller. Long anticipated was the return of Joel Volluz. Perhaps lacking some race form after his long absence, Volluz had to bow to Patrik Zajelsnik this weekend. In eigth place we find guest at home Anthony Loeuilleux. The Frenchman competes in a Tatuus Master Honda that is normally ineligible in France, except on the rare occasions that international cars are allowed.

The touringcars saw as much surprises as the sportscars, that is none. Nicolas Werver won once again with Christian Schmitter second and Francis Dosieres third.

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Results Course de Côte de Vresse-sur-Semois 2015

After an absence of 5 years the Course de Côte de Vresse-sur-Semois returned on the Belgian hillclimb schedule. This edition did not count for any of the major championships. As a lot of the regular hillclimb drivers had already competed twice this month the entry was a little thin. Although they proved to be incorrect the bad weather predictions also did not help.

French guest driver Daniel Allais was of course the favourite for victory. His Reynard 97D far outclassed the opposition which consisted of small engined cars. The podium was completed by the local Collard family who shared their BRC CM05 EVO. Son Florian had the better of father Bruno this time around. In the touringcars some unusual names and cars appeared at the top of the charts. Romuald Thirion (Opel Ascona) scored an excellent victory over Quentin Guilbert (Nissan Skyline R32).

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Results Subida a Ubrique 2015

150426_ubriqueThe International Hillclimb Cup started in southern Spain this weekend. The Subida a Ubrique also hosted the Spanish Hillclimb Championship and the Andalucian Hillclimb Championship. As Swiss driver Tiziano Riva gave his forfait at the very last minute, it would be an all Spanish affair. All Saturday it looked like it was going to rain but the races were finally completed in the dry. The day after the weather took a turn for the worse and it rained all day.

In Category I Andrés Vilariño drove unopposed. The Norma M20F driver was fastest on Saturday but did not take many risks on Sunday. For class victory and championship points this did not matter. However it would be different for the overall classifications…

In Category II Javier Villa dominated in the dry. But just like in Estepona Villa ran into problems on Sunday. After a not so very quick second race session the BRC B-49 went for an early exit in the third and final session. Two drivers benefitted. Joseba Iraola (Demon Car E2) was the best CM driver, but the category was won by José Antonio Lopez-Fombona. With his incredible Audi A4 DTM Lopez-Fombona was the fastest in the rain. He was 8 seconds quicker than Iraola in the rain and more importantly 10 seconds quicker than Vilariño!

In Category III things went as expected on Saturday. Raul Borreguero (Mosler MT900R) dominated the first race, finishing 4 seconds ahead of nearest rival Humberto Janssens (Porsche 997 GT3). But this lead evaporated the day after as Janssens went 18 seconds quicker than Borreguero! Sergi Pañella took full advantage of his 4-wheel-drive Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X in the rain. The Catalan driver also slipped past Borreguero to finish second.

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Results Subida a Oia 2015

150426_oiaStill in Spain but now we are moving to the northwestern tip of the country. The Subida a Oia was the first race of the Galicia Hillclimb Championship. The race started Saturday under biblical weather conditions as the rain almost flooded the track. This gave an opportunity for slower cars to make up the difference. Fastest on Saturday was Manuel Senra in his Peugeot 306 Maxi followed by Jacobo Sobral in a Silver Car S2. Javier Cousiño benefitted from the 4×4 on his Skoda Octavia WRC to set third fastest time.

The day after conditions improved somewhat and times fell down. Martin Villar would have been one of the favourites in dry weather but in the rain he was quite far behind. However Villar improved in every session and with a final push in the very last race of the weekend he managed to set fastest time. An amazing performance that was 20 seconds quicker than his best time on Saturday! The BRC CM05 EVO pilot passed everyone in the classifications except… Manuel Senra. The Peugeot 306 Maxi driver had just one .1 seconds left to claim victory!

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Results Subida a Tejeda 2015

150425_tejedaWe remain on the Canary Islands, but move to Gran Canaria. After a break of seventeen years there was once again a Subida a Tejeda this Saturday. This road with a length of almost 5 kilometres is one of the classic rally stages on the Canary Islands. But that does not automatically mean it is good enough to be a hillclimb… The road is very narrow and technical and the tarmac was not in the best shape. The Tejeda hillclimb was non-championship so no one would feel obliged to come.

One CM prototype entered, a Speed Car GT in the hands of Julio Martinez. He was the only driver to complete a single run in under four minutes. That translates to an average speed of around 80 kilometres per hour which is very slow compared to other hillclimbs. Best touringcar driver was Modesto Martin. For the occasion Martin used an older Porsche 996 GT3 better suited to circuit racing but evidently also good enough on hillclimbs. Ivan Medina was second in his Seat Ibiza Turbo, while the beautiful green Volkswagen Polo N1 driven by Borja Oliva completed the podium.

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