Results Subida a El Vellon – Memorial Leon de Cos 2015

The final round of the Madrid Hillclimb Championship took place this weekend with the Subida El Vellon – Memorial Leon de Cos. The race also ended the Extremadura Hillclimb Championship. Juan Castillo normally competes in the CM class with great succes. At El Vellon however he drove a Speed Car Kart-Cross. Still he set fastest time in the first race of the day. He looked set for another victory but in the second race Bartolome Cazorla surprised everyone by setting fastest time of the day. Castillo dropped to second place but it was still enough to take the sportscar title.

In the touringcars championship leader Ismael Arquero had a big fright in the first race when flames came out of the bonnet of his Seat Leon Supercopa. Luckily it looked worse than it was as the car could be repaired in time for the second race. Arquero drove a steady race to finish second in the touringcars. With this result he crowns himself both Madrid champion and Extremadura champion. Winner at El Vellon was Eugenio Fernandez (Peugeot 205 Maxi).

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Results Nagrada Opčine Marina 2015

The hillclimb year in Croatia ended two weeks ago with the Nagrada Opčine Marina near Rastovac. This is a short hillclimb in Dalmatia which only counts towards the regional championship. Nevertheless almost 40 drivers entered of which 27 actually showed up. Last year’s winner Petar Dajak was again the favourite for victory. Indeed the Audi A4 ST driver was the fastest in practise but he had to retire before the first race. This gave the opportunity to drivers in the lower classes to rise to the top.

The battle for victory became very intense quickly as the first three were seperated by just .5 seconds after the first race. Ante Baric (Zastava 128) was at that moment the fastest but the second race proved to be quicker so nothing was certain yet. Stipe Bekavac (Suzuki Swift) was the first to undercut Baric time. Ivan Batalic (Volkswagen Polo) followed soon after and went another .3 seconds quicker than Bekavac which granted him the victory. Baric could not improve his time anymore and was relegated to third.

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Results Pujada Sant Feliu de Codines 2015

151114_stfeliuThe Pujada Sant Feliu de Codines ended the Catalunya Hillclimb Championship. Pedro Mayol knew he had to win to have a chance for the title. The Silver Car S2 pilot did what was needed but as his rival Francesc Munne (Demon Car) finished second it was not enough. Instead Munne was crowned the new champion. Ramon Plaus (Speed Car GTR) finished third in the race and third in the championship.

In the touringcars Gerard De La Casa (Seat Cordoba WRC) wrapped up another victory. That means the new champion remains undefeated this year. Luis Aguilera (Seat Leon) had to be satisfied with silver.

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Results Subida a Secadura (Tierra Dura) 2015

The year is almost over but there is still hillclimb racing taking place. Two weeks ago the Subida a Secadura, also known as the Subida Tierra Dura, ended the Cantabria Hillclimb Championship. With a great performance Manuel Cabo steered his Nissan GT-R to overall victory and the touringcar championship. Alberto Gomez and Pedro Veci (both Speed Car GT) completed the podium.

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Final Standings German Hillclimb Championship and Berg-Cup 2015

The final standings for the German Hillclimb Championship and the Berg-Cup can be viewed here.

Calendar British Hillclimb Championship 2016

The schedule for the 2016 British Hillclimb Championship holds no surprises. The same 17 events that were competed this year return for 2016. As in previous years the Leaders Championship runs on all the events except Craigantlet, Val Des Terres and Bouley Bay.

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Results Rampa do Paul do Mar / Circuito Municipio da Calheta 2015

151107_pauldomarThe final Hillclimb of the year on Madeira was a prey for Gil Freitas and his co-driver Duarte Miranda. At the Rampa do Paul do Mar / Circuito Municipio da Calheta they were the fastest of a full field of 40 teams. With this victory they are also the new champions of the Portuguese island.

There were three Porsche 997 GT3’s on the podium this Saturday. Apart from the winning squad, runners-up Filipe Freitas and Fabio Correira and third placed Paulo Mendes and Roberto Figueira also competed in the German Sportscar. Solo drivers Antonio Giestas (BRC CM02) and Dinarte Nobrega (Semog EVO) completed the top 5.

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Calendar French Hillclimb Championship 2016

The calendar of the main French Hillclimb Championship holds no surprises. The same 12 races that formed this years calendar return for 2016. The only real difference between this year and next year is the fact that Saint Gouëno and La Pommeraye are not on consecutive weekends anymore.

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Calendar French Hillclimb Championship Division 2 – 2016

The French Hillclimb Championship Division 2 restarted this year with a low profile and just four races. In 2016 the championship is expanding to six races. The same four events return for this year with Quillan in May, Gemenos in June, Urcy in August and Lodeve in October. As expected the Course de Côte de La Broque joins the championship with a round at the end of June. The other new event is somewhat surprisingly the Subida Ordino – Arcalis. This hillclimb in Andorra hosted the Spanish Championship this year and will now also welcome the French this coming September.

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Calendar Coupe de France P.A.C.A. 2016

One more region on mainland France is planning hillclimbs next year. The Provence Alpes – Côte d’Azur (P.A.C.A. for short) is again full of activity with 13 events planned. The Course de Côte de Pugetville – Rocbaron was cancelled last year but hopes to return in 2016. There is also one new event called the Course de Côte de Levens in the south-eastern corner of the country. It replaces the Course de Côte de Grambois which disappeared from the calendar.

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