Results Subida a Castrillón 2016

160827_castrillonThe Asturias Hillclimb Championship continued this weekend with the Subida a Castrillón. Rafael Guardiola was much stronger than the opposition. After two race heats he had already secured an 18-second lead over Juan Jesus Alvarez. José Luis Alonso was the touringcar winner and also third overall.

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Results Coppa Monti Iblei 2016

160828_montiibleiThe Coppa Monti Iblei near Chiaramonte Gulfi counted towards the Italian Hillclimb Cup South. Domenico Cubeda had little trouble to secure his third victory in a row. The Conticelli family finished second and third with Vincenzoahead of Francesco. They won the family-duel with the Cassibba’s who finished fifth and sixth.

There were also a number of drivers from Malta present. They could measure themselves well with the local opposition. Special mention should go out to Mark Micallef who finished 11th overall and Ryan Mangion who was second best touringcar driver.

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Results Gurston Down Hillclimb Run-Off’s 2016

The British Hillclimb Championship visited Gurston Down this weekend. The changing weather conditions made it very difficult for the competitors, especially in the first race. Trevor Willis was the fastest in the first run-off, followed by Wallace Menzies and Scott Moran. The weather improved before the second run-off. Moran was now fastest with Menzies second and Willis third.

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Results Bratrušovské serpentiny – Memoriál Karla Orla 2016

160828_bratrusovThe Bratrušovské serpentiny – Memoriál Karla Orla was the final round of the Czech Republic Hillclimb Championship. David Komarek was the fastest on Saturday, closely followed by Dusan Neveril and Petr Vondrak. The two leading Normas faced problems on Sunday which elevated Vondrak to first place. For the championship that did not matter anymore as David Komarek was already overall and division 3 champion. Marek Rybnicek and Jaromir Maly are the new champions in division 2 and division 1 respectively.

Complete championship points tables will hopefully follow later in the week!

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Results Course de Côte d’Urcy 2016

160828_urcyAfter two months the French Hillclimb Championship Division 2 had another event this weekend. Measuring just 2 kilometres, the Course de Côte d’Urcy is the shortest event on the schedule. With no other drivers in CN+ or F3000, Cyrille Frantz had no trouble to claim victory. Because Frantz cannot score points this year what happened behind him was also interesting. Here David Guillaumard took a narrow ‘victory’ over Dimitri Pereira. Anthony Oya lost valuable points after his sixth place finish.

In the touringcars Geoffroy Bouhin took a narrow victory over Cyril Mallemanche and Ludovic Wary. Mallymanche is one of the few drivers that competed all the races so naturally he has a big lead in the championship.

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Results Subida a Pontecaldelas

160821_pontecaldelasThe Subida a Pontecaldelas was a brand new event in northwestern Spain. Alexis Vieitez dominated the event with 5 fastest times and he secured victory. Jesus Pombo was second while Jacobo Sobral completed the podium.

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Results Grand Prix Sopot 2016

The Polish Hillclimb Championship moved to the northern coast for the Grand Prix Sopot. Slovak driver Igor Drotar made his debut at the 3050 metres long track. He adapted quickly as he immediately won the Saturday event. Polish rivals “Dubai” and Andrzej Szepieniec completed the podium. Championship leader Waldemar Kluza retired early with mechanical problems in his Ford Fiesta and was done for the weekend.

The situation on Sunday initially appeared exactly the same as the day before with Drotar in the lead and the Polish Mitsubishis following. But in the afternoon dark clouds moved in and before long it started to rain heavily. Szepieniec was now fastest, although closely followed by Drotar. “Dubai” had a difficult time in the rain and dropped to fourth. Group A winner Piotr Ostrowski on the other hand was in his element in the wet and moved up to third. Local drivers Michal Sowa and Michal Klempa also drove well in the rain: they finished fifth and sixth respectively.

Because Kluza scored no points in Sopot he lost the championship lead. The new leader is surprisingly Igor Drotar. Because the Poles and the Slovaks share so many raceweekends together Drotar could score points for the Polish Championship almost unnoticably. At the final race in Korczyna next month the Slovak can even score an unique double victory. As the race counts towards both the Polish and Slovak Championships Drotar can crown himself double champion there.

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Results Course de Côte de La Harmoye 2016

160821_laharmoyeFor most of the day Jean-Yves Bouete looked certain to win the Course de Côte de La Harmoye. The Norma M20F Pilot was fastest in practise and the first two race heats. But in the final race of the day Freddy Cadot slipped by to take victory. François-Xavier Thievant set a very fast time already in the second race of the day which placed him third overall and best CM-driver. He almost faced a same deception as Bouete in the third race however Jérôme Collias came up 0.02 short to pass Thievant.

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Results Course de Côte de Tonnerre 2016

160821_tonnerreThere are only a few opportunities left to score points for the Coupe de France 2016. In the Bourgogne the competitors got ready for the Course de Côte de Tonnerre. Serge Thomas repeated his victory from last year in a convincing fashion. David Mayeur and Roland Perrin joined him on the podium.

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2016 FIA Hillclimb Masters Registration is open – and free!

161009_mastersThe second edition of the FIA Hill Climb Masters is coming up soon and registration is now open for this exceptional event that will take place in Šternberk (CZE) on 8 and 9 October.

In less than 7 weeks, the top hill climb competitors will invade the small Czech town of Šternberk, in the Olomouc region of the Czech Republic, to compete in the second edition of the FIA Hill Climb Masters on a 3.3 km course. This biennial competition is of a different variety that aims to place the spotlight on this challenging discipline and its expert drivers.

In addition to the classic individual time trial race, where the winners will be awarded gold, silver or bronze medals, there is the Nations Cup, where team spirit and pride will prevail for the four drivers chosen by each federation to represent their country. The winners of the 2014 Nations Cup were the Italians.

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