Results Course de Côte de Dunières 2014

140720_dunieresThe French Hillclimb Championship was cut short at the Course de Côte de Dunierès this weekend as heavy rains forced an end to race after just one timed race. A hard blow for the organisers as the same thing happened last year and the race is not that popular to begin with.

Not more than 90 drivers attempted the one and only race session, many of them at a very easy and secure pace. This put the results table upside down as some drivers were more bold than others. Some drivers who did not take too many risks finished well down the order. For example Martine Hubert in 43rd, Alban Thomas in 64th and Patrick Watin in 69th. Geoffrey Schatz took more risks but he slided his Reynard 95D off the track and scored no time at all. His big brother Nicolas was also not in his best element. Winner of the first 8 races, for the first time this year he was not allowed to climb the highest step of the podium. His rival Sébastien Petit was now, finally, the quickest and overall winner. In between the two Norma M20 FC drivers was Marcel Sapin. Although he scored his best results ever in the Mygale F3, he will retire the car and switch to a sportscar.

The touringcars were of course better suited to the wet conditions than the open cockpit sportscars and single seaters. Unique for French Hillclimb was the fact that no less than 6 touringcars ended up in the top 10 overall. The highest finishing third overall. Although Nicolas Schatz was beaten this time, his namesake and touringcar points leader Nicolas Werver fared a whole lot better. The Porsche 997 GT3 Cup driver drove excellent in the rain and earned a well deserved victory. Second was Dominique Vuillaume in another Porsche 997 GT3 but an RS version rather than a Cup. Another surprise in third place with Pascal Guiot who perhaps benefitted from the 4-wheel-drive in his Ford Escort Cosworth. He also won the Group N category. Philippe Polge scored an excellent victory in Group A as the Peugeot 306 Maxi driver defeated many more powerful Seat Leon Supercopa’s. Click on ‘More’ to see the full results.

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Results Course de Côte de Sumène 2014

In the Languedoc – Roussillon region the Course de Côte de Sumène was scheduled this weekend. Raceday began with heavy rainfall ruining times but as the day progressed the skies cleared and the times increased. Out of the top drivers in the region only Nicolas Verdier was present. The Dallara F302 driver scored a comfortable win with quickest times both in the dry as well as in the rain. Over two seconds behind in second was the ever travelling Yves Martin (Dallara 387). Martin won the last two edition at Sumène but now had to settle for one place lower. The podium was completed by Jean-Marie Recordier (BRC CM05 EVO), best of a full field of CM prototypes. In the touringcars two Peugeot 206′s came out on top. Guillaume Peloux had to settle for second as Yannick Vivens was just to strong this Sunday. Click on ‘More’ to see the full results.

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Results Trofeul Sinaia Forever 2014

The fourth round of the Romanian Hillclimb Championship took place this weekend right in the middle of Sinaia. The Trofeul Sinaia Forever is a true urban race as the 3,15 kilometre long hillclimb track circles through narrow city streets. The Sinaia hillclimb often sees surprising results and this year it almost happened again. In the first race session on Sunday the difference between champion Lucien Hora in the Lola B99/50 and Cristea Horatiu Ionescu in the Ferrari F458 was just 0.03 seconds! Only in the second and final race session could Hora increase the gap a little. Still the 1 second final difference makes this Hora’s smallest victory in a long while. The Sinaia track really suited the Ferrari F458 it seems as the other driven by Armando Battocchi was also very quick in practise. Sadly Battocchi had to retire early Sunday morning. Lucian Radut (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII) benefitted to win third place overall. Click on ‘More’ to see the final results.

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Results Coppa Selva di Fasano 2014

140720_fasanoThe Italian Hillclimb Championship visited the northern tip of the country in Trento just two weeks ago. This weekend the competitors had to travel to the other side of the country for the Coppa Selva di Fasano. This legendary hillclimb was at its 57nd edition this year. In front of a large and enthusiastic crowd Christian Merli (Osella PA2000) won the event for the first time in his career.

There was never any doubt that championship leader Merli would not win the Coppa Selva di Fasano as he was fastest right from first practise to the last session of the day. Francesco Leogrande (Osella FA30) was never closer to Merli this year but he still had to settle for second place. Domenico Scola jr. (Osella PA2000) completed the podium. Vincenzo Conticelli had some gearbox problems in his Osella PA30 but still finished fourth. Carmelo Scaramozzino on the other had was happy with the performance of his new Lola Dome, he finished fifth. Sixth place was for best CN driver Rosario Iaquinta who now has a little points gap over his rival Omar Magliona (both Osella PA21/S).

In the touringcars Marco Gramenzi was not present and drops in the standings. Fulvio Giuliani (Lancia Delta Integrale) made the long trip south but a retirement in the first race session did not make it worth his while. Pietro Nappi (Ferrari F550) had a relatively easy road to victory now and takes over the points lead in the E1 class. Second best touringcar at Fasano was surprisingly Carmine Tancredi driving in a Ford Escort Cosworth. Roberto Di Giuseppe (Alfa Romeo 155) completed the podium. Click on ‘More’ to see the final results.

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Results Course de Côte de Barcelonnette – Le Sauze 2014

The Course de Côte de Barcelonnette – Le Sauze is currently the only hillclimb in the Alpes-Hautes-Provence departement. This departement is in the southeastern corner of France near Italy and part of the PACA region. There was rain but only in the morning practise sessions.

Of course PACA top driver Jean-Claude Morel was present in his Reynard 90D. While Morel collects multiple victories in every hillclimb in the region, in Barcelonnette he has not been very succesful. He has not won the last five editions and he did not win this year. A great performance from Dominique Carifi saw instead the Norma M20F driver on top. While Carifi and most other drivers could improve their times in the second and final timed session, Morel could not which dropped him to second place. Third was the only other driver that could complete the 1,5 kilometres in under a minute, Thomas Clausi (Dallara F302). Click on ‘More’ to see the final results.

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Results Subida Santa Maria De La Alameda 2014

The Madrid Hillclimb Championship continued with the Subida Santa Maria De La Alameda this weekend. More than 30 drivers were present although almost none of the big cars. Sole driver in the sportscar category Adrian Perez (Speed Car II) was also the winner of the event. Favourite for the touringcar victory was Teo Martin. Driving in a Ford Focus WRC this time Martin had to face the opposition of mostly Renault Clio. It can be considered a massive surprise therefore that not Martin but rather Daniel Ron was best touringcar competitor. Ron steered his Renault Clio R3 to an excellent result, based mostly on a fantastic second and final session. Oscar Yusta in another Renault Clio finishes third. Click on ‘More’ to see the final results.

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Results Subida a La Reineta 2014

140719_reinetaAfter almost 10 seasons the Basque Hillclimb Championship returned to the Subida a La Reineta. This hillclimb overlooking the city of Bilbao was last competed in 2006. Switching between very fast flowing corner combinations to tight hairpins, this 5,35 kilometre long hillclimb is a real challenge and will hopefully stay on the calendar for a long time.

As with more hillclimbs this weekend the Subida a La Reineta had its fair share of weather problems. The rain started just before practise and ended just before the start of the second and final race session. Caught out by the sudden rain in practise was Aitor Zabaleta who was still on slicks. A spin and a very slow time made for a troublesome start of the event. The Lola BMW driver recovered brilliantly however and at the end of the day Zabaleta was once again on top of the leaderboard. The two CM drivers present would normally complete the podium. But Joseba Iraola crashed his Demon Car had in the second session and tumbled down the order. This gave Arkaitz Ordoki an easy opportunity to collect runner-up, which he did not pass.

The touringcar championship intensified as Aitor Inon Ramirez (BMW 320 ST) scored an excellent victory in Bilbao, topped off with third place overall. His main championship rival Markel Cestafe (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI) could finish only fourth as Xabier Lujua (Porsche 997 GT3) and Iban Tarsicio Fernandez (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX) were quicker than Cestafe. Click on ‘More’ to see the final results.

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Results Subida a La Faya Los Lobos 2014

This Satrurday the fifth round of the Asturias Hillclimb Championship took place at the Subida La Faya Los Lobos. Just like many other hillclimbs in Europe the hillclimb near Barredos was also greeted with mixed weather conditions. The threat of rain was ever present, eventually falling in the practise session for Fase B. The rain already stopped by the time the Fase B race started although the track was still wet in places.

For Javier Villa all that did not matter. For the fourth time this season the BRC B-49 driver was the best. With this new victory he strengthens his championship lead over Oscar Palacio (Silver Car S2) who finished second at La Faya Los Lobos. The podium was completed by José Albino Garcia, although he had to share the points with Ismael Garcia (both Silver Car S2).

In the touringcars Alberto Ordoñez took home the victory thanks to a great drive in Fase A. José Luis Alonso (both Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX) finished second in Fase A and second overall. They have to share the points though as in Fase B the order was reversed. Aldo de Alberto (Seat Cordoba WRC) was third in Fase A which gave him the final podium spot. In the slower Fase B another driver was third however: Daniel Montes in the Citroën AX. Click on ‘More’ to see the final results.

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Results Subida a Chantada 2014

140720_chantadaThe highlight of the Galicia Hillclimb Championship took place this weekend. The legendary Subida a Chantada, already in its 41st edition, is one of the more beautiful in Spain and always attracts the highest entries. Some 60 drivers from Galicia lined up this weekend in ever changing weater conditions.

There was also one guest driver and that competitor happened to be the overall winner of the event. José Antonio Lopez-Fombona (Audi A4 DTM) made an impressive appearance by winning all six practise and race sessions to claim victory. José Antonio Varela set the second fastest single time but that was not enough for the Osella PA20/S driver to make up lost time on Jacobo Sobral (Silver Car S2). Adding the best time of Saturday with the best of Sunday gave Sobral a better combined result than Varela. Just outside the podium finished championship leader César Rodriguez (BRC B-49).

In the touringcars Manuel Senra (Peugeot 306 Maxi) and Santiago Abad (Audi A4 ST) are evenly matched. On Saturday Senra was the best, but a day later Abad took the lead. Combined times gave Abad a slight advantage of just .3 seconds over his rival. Simon Martinez (Seat Leon) finished a long way behind in third (or fourth if you can Lopez-Fombona with the touringcars). Click on ‘More’ to see the final results.
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Results Bouley Bay & Val des Terres 2014

The British Championship had their annual overseas trip to the Channel Islands this weekend. First on Thursday the competitors visited Jersey for the Bouley Bay Hillclimb. In burning hot weather Scott Moran (Gould GR61X) was the fastest driver up the hill. He came just a breath short of the overall trackrecord. Jos Goodyear (GWR Raptor) always performs well on the Channel Islands, and this year was no different as he slotted into second. Trevor Willis (OMS 28) lost valuable points as Will Hall (Force WH) dropped Willis back to fourth.

By the time the second run-off started the clouds already gathered on the island. The first drivers managed a dry run but by the time Scott Moran lined up for the start drops were already falling. Moran lost just a few seconds but it was enough for local driver Darren Warwick (Dallara Moore) to win the Run-Off. Right after Moran there were still two drivers to start, Trevor Willis and Jos Goodyear. By that time the rain increased and both of them dropped down the order.

On Friday everybody got on the ferry to Guernsey where on Saturday the Val des Terres Hillclimb took place. It is the shortest hillclimb of the schedule, getting from start to finish takes less than 30 seconds… More variable weather here as the race had to be temporarily stopped for a hailstorm. The Run-Offs were held in better conditions. At least the conditions were good enough for Jos Goodyear who won both sessions with great power. Scott Moran finished second twice, extending his championship lead over Trevor Willis, who finished fifth twice. Click on ‘More’ to see the complete Run-Off results.

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