Title:Subida de Juncalillo
Tracklength:4100 metres
Elevation change:270 metres
Altitude finishline:1440 metres
GPS coordinates:28° 2′ 16.08″ – -15° 38′ 38.4″
Fastest Time:2:35,928
Average Speed:94,66 km/h

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Subida a Juncalillo – List of Winners
20/02/1972Jerónimo GómezBMW 20023:46,100
16/09/1973José A. MonzónFiat Abarth Sport3:08,300
29/12/1974José SarmientoSelex 14303:22,500
14/09/1975Eugenio MontoroSelex Alfa Romeo3:09,800
31/10/1976Andrés MedinaLince 16003:08,500
26/10/1977Manuel RodríguezFord Escort RS18003:22,800
15/07/1978“Squalo Canela”Brabham BT403:04,800
07/07/1979“Squalo Canela II”Brabham BT403:07,440
21/05/1988Medardo PérezLancia 037 Rallye2:39,140
03/08/1996Carlos Alonso LambertiOpel Manta 4002:54,710
18/12/1999Ricardo AveroLola T298 BMW2:19,931
20/05/2000Carlos Alonso LambertiOsella PA9/90 BMW2:24,328
19/05/2001Carlos Alonso LambertiOsella PA9/90 BMW2:26,048
23/11/2002Miguel Ángel PadrónFord Escort RS Cosworth2:41,247
26/04/2003Carlos Alonso LambertiOsella PA9/90 BMW2:27,225
23/02/2013Modesto MartínPorsche 996 GT32:39,430Results
01/03/2014Yeray LemesFerrari 360 Rallye2:45,237Results
21/02/2015Yeray LemesPorsche 997 GT32:46,280Results
27/02/2016Julio MartinezPorsche 996 GT33:07,146Results
04/03/2017Luis MonzonMini Cooper WRC2:36,766Results
03/03/2018Luis MonzonMini Cooper WRC2:35,921Results
09/03/2019Luis MonzonMini Cooper WRC2:35,894Results

130223_juncalillo 140301_juncalillo 150221_juncalillo 160227_juncalillo

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  1. Pepe Monzón says:

    When is posible to change the name.
    Good morning. We wish they could correct the name of our hill climb. It is written “Subida de Juncalillo” and on many websites they write it with “A”. Subida “a” Juncalillo, it is not correct.
    Thank you very much and congratulations on your excellent informative work.

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