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More 2017 points standings are added on this website. You can now view the classifications of Luxembourg, Montenegro and the United Kingdom.

Calendar British Hillclimb Championship 2018

The British Hillclimb Championship has a stable schedule year after year. The 2018 calendar holds no surprises. The Shelsley Walsh meeting in June returns and the August meeting is again a single event. Otherwise the 17 meetings are still in the same order as they were this year.

The only question mark is Barbon Manor. This year the race had to be cancelled after heavy rains flooded the paddock. This was a huge burden on the organising club but they are trying everything to return in 2018.

Just like last season the British Hillclimb Leaders Championship will visit all the races on the mainland. In other words all events except Craigantlet, Bouley Bay and Val des Terres.

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Results Loton Park Hillclimb 2017

The Loton Park Hillclimb was the final event of the British Hillclimb Championship. Scott Moran dominated the event with fastest times in qualifying and the first run-off. It was not a perfect weekend for Moran as he spun the car in the second run-off. Trevor Willis finished second in the first run-off and benefitted from Morans misfortune to win the second run-off. The new champion winning the final event was a fitting end to the season.

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Results Doune Hillclimb 2017

The penultimate round of the British Hillclimb Championship was the Doune Hillclimb in Scotland. At his home event Wallace Menzies took a double victory in the run-off’s. The new champion Trevor Willis was second on both occasions while Whill Hall was third in both run-offs. Richard Spedding was fourth in both run-offs but more importantly he secured the British Hillclimb Leaders Championship.

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Results Prescott Hillclimb 2017

Trevor Willis secured the 2017 British Hillclimb Championship Title at Prescott Hillclimb this weekend. His closest rival Wallace Menzies retired in the first run-off, which meant that fifth place was enough for Willis to secure the title in the second run-off.

In the rainsoaked run-offs some unfamiliar names came to the top. Richard Spedding dominated the run-offs this weekend. The GWR Raptor pilot was the only pilot to go under 44 seconds both times. Robert Kenrick is another GWR Raptor driver, but his car is powered by a smaller 1000cc Suzuki engine. All the more amazing that Kenrick finished fifth and fourth in the run-offs! Alex Summers is still recovering from his injuries sustained at Gurston Down. His girlfriend Debbie Dunbar took the wheel of his DJ Firehawk at Prescott and collected her first run-off points.

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Results Gurston Down Hillclimb 2017

Results of the Gurston Down Hillclimb Run-Off’s.

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Results Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb (Day 2) 2017

Results of the Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb Run-Offs on Sunday.

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Results Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb (Day 1) 2017

Results of the Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb Run-Off’s competed on Saturday.

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Results Wiscombe Park Hillclimb 2017

Results of the Run-Offs at the Wiscombe Park Hillclimb.

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Results Val des Terres Hillclimb 2017

Results for the Run-Offs at the Val des Terres Hillclimb on Guersney.

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