Results Val des Terres Hillclimb 2017

Results for the Run-Offs at the Val des Terres Hillclimb on Guersney.

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Results Bouley Bay Hillclimb 2017

Results of the Bouley Bay Hillclimb on Jersey.

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Results Harewood Hillclimb 2017

Results of the Harewood Hillclimb Run-Off’s.

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Results Doune Hillclimb 2017

The British Hillclimb Championship moved to Scotland for the Doune Hillclimb. In the first run-off Dave Uren was the winner with Alex Summers in second and Trevor Willis in third. In the second run-off these three drivers were reversed with Willis winning followed by Summers and Uren. Sean Gould / Eynon Price missed the second run-off due to electrical problems. Wallace Menzies scored no points in the second run-off after a spin. John Munro on the other hand debuted in the British Hillclimb Championship and immediately reached both run-offs.
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Results Loton Park Hillclimb 2017

Most national championships contested a round last weekend. The British Hillclimb Championship was one of them as they visited Loton Park. Scott Moran was the quickest driver in the first run-off. Championship leader Trevor Willis was close by in second with Alex Summers completing the podium. In the second run-off Sean Gould took a sensational victory. He was the second driver of the run-off after Graham Wynn. Right after Gould passed the finishline a small rainshower made the track very slippery. The worst luck had the drivers who came immediately after Gould, such as Trevor Willis. Wallace Menzies was the final driver up the hill and he came very close to Goulds time but it was not enough. Apparently Gould’s victory came almost exactly 30 years after his first ever Run-Off.
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Results Gurston Down Hillclimb 2017

The British Hillclimb Championship continued with the Gurston Down Hillclimb. Trevor Willis and Scott Moran split the points here. Both drivers won one Run-Off and finished second in the other. Willis remains in the lead of the championship.
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Results Harewood Hillclimb 2017

The British Hillclimb Championship had its third event in as many weeks at the Harewood Hill. Trevor Willis and Scott Moran divided the Run-Off victories here the last five years. That however changed this weekend as Will Hall managed to surprise both. Scott Moran was second while Alex Summers completed the podium. Willis did not make the first run-off as he spun in qualification.
In the second Run-Off Willis restored order and scored his fifth victory of the season. Richard Spedding was now second with Summers again in third. Dave Uren did not compete at Harewood because of an injury.
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Results Craigantlet Hillclimb 2017

Just 6 days after the season opener in Prescott the competitors of the British Hillclimb Championship were expected in Northern Ireland for the Craigantlet Hillclimb. It is a complicated journey and was made only by the top contenders.

Trevor Willis has established himself as the man to beat this year. After a double victory in Prescott he scored another double succes at Craigantlet. The top 4 was the same in both run-offs. Wallace Menzies was the only driver to remain near Willis and the Gould GR59 pilot finished second. Dave Uren is very strong this year, in Belfast he was the third fastest driver. His co-driver Nicola Menzies also scored points yesterday. Will Hall had to be satisfied with two fourth places.

A special mention also to David Finlay, who finished tenth in the second run-off with a road-legal Lexus!
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Results Prescott Hillclimb 2017

Results for the Prescott Hillclimb Run-Off’s.

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Calendar British Hillclimb Championship 2017

06-07/05/2017Harewood Hill
27-28/05/2017Gurston Down
10-11/06/2017Loton Park
CANCELLEDBarbon Hillclimb
02/07/2017Harewood Hill
12/07/2017Bouley Bay
15/07/2017Val des Terres
29-30/07/2017Wiscombe Park
12/08/2017Shelsley Walsh
13/08/2017Shelsley Walsh
26-27/08/2017Gurston Down
23-24/09/2017Loton Park