Title:Gurston Down Hillclimb
Tracklength:1057 yards (966,52 metres)
Elevation change:140 ft. (42,672 metres)
Altitude finishline:160 metres
GPS coordinates:51° 1′ 51.96″ – -1° 57′ 57.9594″
Fastest Time:25,37
Average Speed:137,15 km/h

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Gurston Down – List of Run-Off Winners
26/05/2013Scott MoranGould GR61X0:25,97Results
26/05/2013Scott MoranGould GR61X0:26,16Results
25/08/2013Scott MoranGould GR61X0:26,06Results
25/08/2013Scott MoranGould GR61X0:26,02Results
25/05/2014Wallace MenziesDJ Firestorm0:26,27Results
25/05/2014Scott MoranGould GR61X0:25,98Results
24/08/2014Scott MoranGould GR61X0:25,81Results
24/08/2014Scott MoranGould GR61X0:25,37Results
24/05/2015Alex Summers
Scott Moran

Gould GR61X
Gould GR61X
24/05/2015Alex SummersGould GR61X0:26,29Results
30/08/2015Scott MoranGould GR61X0:26,17Results
30/08/2015Scott MoranGould GR61X0:26,43Results
29/05/2016Trevor WillisOMS 280:26,12Results
29/05/2016Scott MoranGould GR61X0:26,10Results
28/08/2016Trevor WillisOMS 280:27,86Results
28/08/2016Scott MoranGould GR61X0:26,40Results
28/05/2017Trevor WillisOMS 280:26,22Results
28/05/2017Scott MoranGould GR61X0:26,42Results
27/08/2017Will HallForce WH X-Tec0:26,01Results
27/08/2017Wallace MenziesGould GR59B0:26,07Results
27/05/2018Will Hall
Trevor Willis

Force WH
OMS 28
27/05/2018Will HallForce WH0:26,39Results
26/08/2018Race stopped due to rain.
26/05/2019Will HallForce WH AER0:26,44Results
26/05/2019Scott MoranGould GR61X0:27,07Results
25/08/2019Wallace MenziesGould GR590:25,54Results
25/08/2019Sean GouldGould GR59J0:25,62Results

Gurston Down is located near Broad Chalke in the Chalke Valley. The names of these places already hint to the geography of the area. Guston Down, as most of the south of England, lies on chalk limestone. The chalk formations in southern England rise to the surface, but slightly tilted. The result is that one side of the hill is steeper than the other. This type of landscape is called Downland or simply The Downs. Without intensive agriculture, the chalk formations are generally grasslands.

The most famous landmark near Gurston Down is without any question Stonehenge. The large stonecircle can be found some 25km to the north. Although it is the most well-known, Stonehenge is not the only prehistoric monument in the area. It is part of a larger landscape of circles, cemetaries and other remains.

The nearest city to Gurston Down is Salisbury, some 13km to the east. Salisbury Cathedral is another landmark of (inter-)national fame.

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