Calendar Berg-Cup 2018

The German Berg-Cup will count 12 races next year. As was already known for sometime the Bergrennen Mickhausen will not be contested in 2018. The rest of the calendar remains identical to this year.

The German Hillclimb Championship will count all races in Germany plus the European Hill Race in Eschdorf.

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Results Bergrennen Mickhausen 2017

Before the event it was already known that this year’s edition of the Bergrennen Mickhausen would be the last. Because of difficulties with organising the event the race will not return in 2018. What happens in 2019 and beyond is still unclear but not looking very good. Final edition or not, the 2017 event was very succesful.

It still rained for the first race on Sunday morning. For a moment it seemed like Romeo Nüssli could repeat his 2016 surprise win. After that first race he was second overall just behind his countryman Marcel Steiner. But gradually the track dried out and times improved. Because only the best two times out of three counted, that first race session proved to be meaningless for everybody.

In the second race Patrik Zajelsnik set the fastest time. However the track was still drying so everything would come down to the third and final race. Here Marcel Steiner was again fastest. The Swiss was the only driver to go under 50 seconds. That was enough to retake the lead from Zajelsnik and win the event. Just like last week in Sankt Agatha Christoph Lampert was extremely fast. With his 2 litre Osella PA2000 the Austrian finished third overall at Mickhausen. Simon Hugentobler was fourth overall while Uwe Lang finished fifth.

The Bergrennen Mickhausen was also the final event of the International Hillclimb Cup. Karl Schagerl was fastest touringcar driver on a single run. On aggregate times he was actually beaten by a few others. Over 2 runs the new French Champion Pierre Courroye was actually the best with Romeo Nüssli in second and Thomas Kessler in third. Schagerl appears just fourth but he did win the International Hillclimb Cup Category 3.

In Category 2 both Reinhold Taus and Gabriella Pedroni won their respective groups. Because Pedroni had 2 Italians with her in Group N, she has full points. Taus on the other hand appears to have just half points. That would mean Pedroni is the new Cup winner.

In Category 1 Vaclav Janik was already certain of the title. He did not appear in Germany this weekend.

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Results Bergrennen Esthofen – Sankt Agatha 2017

The Bergrennen Esthofen – Sankt Agatha in Austria was competed with record speeds. Not only numerous class records fell, also the absolute trackrecord came down one second. Winner Christian Merli managed to go under last year’s record, which was also his, in both races. The European vice-champion managed to complete the 3,2 kilometres in just over 62 seconds. That gives an average speed of 185,42 seconds!!

Behind the Italian three drivers fought for the remaining two podium spots. Patrik Zajelsnik was the fastest of them in the first race. However the Germano-Slovene was the only one who could not improve his time in the second race session. Marcel Steiner did not benefit and remained behind Zajelsnik. Sébastien Petit on the other hand improved his time quite a lot. The new French champion hopped from fourth to second in the overall results. The Czech Dusan Neveril finished in fifth, just in front of Christoph Lampert. It was a great performance by Lampert to place his Osella PA2000 in between the more powerful 3 litre cars. He was also the best driver from Austria.

The touringcars were dominated by local Austrian racers. Karl Schagerl was quickest despite some serious engine problems in practise. Herbert Pregartner made his first appearance of the year in his home country and immediately finished second. Felix Pailer completed the podium after beating Bulgarian Nikolay Zlatkov. Thomas Strasser was the best driver in the competitive E1 2000 class. He also takes the most important class victory in the Berg-Cup.

The Esthofen – Sankt Agatha Hillclimb was also a round of the International Hillclimb Cup. Vaclav Janik is already champion in Category 2. The Czech driver finished 8th overall in Austria. In Category 3 Karl Schagerl takes a 21 point lead over Karel Trneny and is almost certain of the title. In Category 1 the championship is still wide-open. Laszlo Hernadi competed in the most events: 8 of the 9. He took victory in six of them, but all with half-points. That means he now has a 1 point disadvantage on Gabriella Pedroni. Pedroni was present at 6 of the 9 events and won only twice. However most of her points were full. A third driver suddenly appeared in the mix at Sankt Agatha. Reinhold Taus contested just 4 of the 9 events so far but won them all with full points. This gives the Austrian 100 points, just 3,5 behind Pedroni and 2,5 behind Hernadi.

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Results Bergrennen Unterfranken (Eichenbühl) 2017

The German Hillclimb Championship and the Berg-Cup visited Eichenbühl this weekend for the Bergrennen Unterfranken. Uwe Lang was the fastest driver in every session and the logical winner. Frank Debruyne was second-fastest in every session and the obvious runner-up. Dino Gebhard was third quickest in race 2 and 3, but his first run was not so good. This allowed Thomas Conrad to claim the third and final podium spot.

The third and final race run was the quickest in the touringcars. Here Norbert Handa, Holger Hovemann and Herbert Pregartner were seperated by just .154 seconds. But in Germany races are decided on consistency and here Hovemann was better than Handa and Pregartner. Austrian Thomas Strasser was the best driver in the important E1 2000 class.

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Preview and Entrylist Bergrennen Unterfranken (Eichenbühl) 2017

The German Hillclimb Championship and the Berg-Cup continue next weekend with the Bergrennen Unterfranken near Eichenbühl. Almost 150 drivers have entered the speed hillclimb. Local man and winner of the past two years, Norbert Brenner, is not present this year. It is therefore almost certain that Uwe Lang will take his sixth victory at Eichenbühl.

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Results Bergrennen Oberhallau 2017

The Bergrennen Oberhallau was stopped halfway during the third race after a serious accident involving Martin Wittwer. Some 500 metres before the finishline Wittwer lost control of his Peugeot 205 GTI and went off the road. He was airlifted to the hospital but his injuries were too serious. The race was abandoned immediately.

Final classifications are based on all the runs completed until that time. That means some drivers can count three runs while others two. Class results for Group SS, SBMJ, Group N, Group A, Group IS and Group KW are based on the best two out of three runs. Class results for Group E1 and all the other Groups are based on the first two runs.

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Preview and Entrylist Bergrennen Oberhallau 2017

This coming weekend the best drivers from Switzerland and Germany meet at the Bergrennen Oberhallau. A staggering 260 drivers have entered for this years edition. Eric Berguerand and Marcel Steiner are the obvious candidates for victory. Uwe Lang and Simon Hugentobler will probably battle for third place on the podium. After his brilliant performance in Saint Ursanne Reto Meisel is the favourite for touringcar victory. In what order the other 255 drivers finish is anybody’s guess!

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Results Osnabrücker Bergrennen 2017

Results of the Osnabrücker Bergrennen.

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Photos Osnabrücker Bergrennen 2017

Here are my photos of the Osnabrücker Bergrennen.

I only visited on Sunday so there are not many photos. After driving 275 kilometres I arrived at the track just before nine in the morning only to find out that half the field had already completed their first run. Apparently they started already before the 8:00 advertised start-time. As four race-runs were scheduled this was not that big of a problem. However at 16:00 they were still only half-way in the second run! At that point I was so tired that I decided to leave for home. So in seven hours at the track I saw everybody compete only once!

Somebody please remind me of this post one year from now so I will book a hotel!

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Results Bergrennen Hauenstein 2017

Results of the Bergrennen Hauenstein.

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