Results Subida Torre Alháquime – Olvera 2017

The next hillclimb in Andalucia was the Subida Torre Alháquime – Olvera. Not a lot of drivers visited this short and technical hillclimb. Francisco Aguilar was the quickest driver on both days. With thise victories he increased his lead in the sportscar championship. Francisco Guzman in the msall Peugeot 205 GTI was the quickest touringcar driver on both days.

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Results Subida a El Vellón – Memorial Léon de Cos 2017

The Subida a El Vellón – Memorial Léon de Cos was the final round of the Madrid Hillclimb Championship. The championships were not yet decided before the event. In the sportscar championship Gabriel Gutierrez had to win and have at least one driver in between him and his rivals. This seemed almost impossible but after the first race session Gutierrez was actually in the lead with guest driver Pedro Mayol in second. However in the second race Gutierrez ran into troubles. Mayol on the other hand improved his time, took over the lead and claimed victory. Gutierrez finished second but it was not enough. José Alonso narrowly beat his other championship rival Pedro Flores for third. By my calculations this gave Alonso the title.

In the touringcars Ismael Arquero had to win and finish more than 2 drivers ahead of his rival Jesus Garcia. Arquero did succeed in his first objective. But because Jesus Garcia finished right behind him in second it was not enough to claim the championship.

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Results Pujada a Sant Feliu de Codines 2017

The Pujada a Sant Feliu de Codines was the final round of the Catalunya Hillclimb Championship. The local drivers could not challenge the guest from Andorra. Ramon Plaus won the event, his countrymen Edgar Montella and Gerard De La Casa joined him on the podium.

With his victory Plaus secured the CM title. Gerard De La Casa won the touringcar championship after winning every single race. Francesc Munne was not present in Sant Feliu but he was still crowned the new CM+ champion.

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Results Subida Icod – La Guancha 2017

Results of the Subida Icod – La Guancha on Tenerife.

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Results Subida a Cudillero 2017

The Subida a Cudillero was the final event of the Asturias Hillclimb Championship. Andrés Vilariño dominated the event in his Norma M20 FC sportscar. José Albino Garcia was the best of the local drivers. The Silver Car S2 pilot finished some 20 seconds behind Vilariño. With his second place Garcia became the new champion in Category I. Primitivo Ambres was already certain of the Category II title before the event. He was not present in Cudillero. This left Pedro Morera almost unopposed to score the final touringcar victory of the year.

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Results Subida del Marmol (Macael) 2017

The Andalucia Hillclimb Championship continued with the Subida del Marmol near Macael. It is one of the most popular events in the region. The 2017 edition saw over 100 entries who drove in front of thousands of spectators.

Spanish touringcar champion José Antonio Aznar drove a Silver Car EF10 at Macael. The talented driver won on both days and also set a new trackrecord. Christian Broberg came quite close on Sunday but had to settle for second on both days. With two third places Francisco José Aguilar is almost certain of the Category II Championship.

In the touringcars Humberto Janssens had some serious opposition from guest driver Gerard De La Casa. Although De La Casa came very close on Sunday, Janssens was the quickest on both days. Behind the two leaders Salvador Tineo was best of the rest in third.

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Results Pujada a Villa de Pego 2017

The Pujada Villa de Pego was a brand-new hillclimb in Valenciana. Toni Ariete dominated in practise. He was the only driver to immediately break the 3 minute barrier. However in the races Ariete could not repeat his great practise time. In the first race Nacho Aviño was the quickest driver although still 2 seconds slower than Arietes practise time. In the second race the times improved. Aviño went quicker than before but Ariete was even quicker than him. However the surprising winner was Augusto Lezcano. The Van Diemen Renault driver does not compete in many hillclimbs but he did beat the regulars in Pego. Raul Borreguero dominated the touringcars as usual and took another victory with his powerful Mosler MT900R.

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Results Pujada a Ullastrell / Memorial Lluis Costa 2017

The next round in Catalunya was the Pujada a Ullastrell / Memorial Lluis Costa. A massive entry (for Catalunyan standards) of 65 drivers was present. Francesc Munne was again the strongest driver of the day. He took a lead of over 2,5 seconds on his nearest rivals. Guest driver Arkaitz Ordoki took some time to learn the track. But in the final race session he passed the two Andorran drivers Edgar Montella and Ramon Plaus to take second overall. Gerard De La Casa started with his new Subaru Impreza WRC. This change of car did not matter to the final results as De La Casa was still unbeatable in the touringcars.

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Results Subida a Las Caletas 2017

The Subida a Las Caletas was last competed in 2011. This year the hillclimb on the southern tip of La Palma returned. For a moment it looked like an exciting battle for victory was happening. But it quickly became obvious that local hero Miguel Angel Suarez was just controlling the event. In the second race he pulled a four second lead on his rival Pedro Javier Afonso. Afonso did make a small error but he probably could not have challenged Suarez anyway. His son Javier did win in the sportscars, although against just one opponent.

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Results Subida a Urraki 2017

Iñaki Aiertza was the surprising winner of the Subida a Urraki. Rain was the big equalizer at the final round of the Basque Hillclimb Championship. Favourite Joseba Iraola had quite some trouble navigating his Norma M20 FC on the wet track. He did improve himself in every session and worked his way back up to second overall. José Antonio Lopez-Fombona was another big name who had some trouble in the rain. Eventually he finished third overall, just 0.039 behind Iraola.

The championships were already decided before this event. Aitor Zabaleta is the new sportscar champion. Bruno Scherer was the strongest in the touringcars. Ander Corcuera scored the most points in Formula Libre.

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