Title:Course de Côte de Gaillon
Tracklength:1000 metres
Elevation change:55 metres
Altitude finishline:120 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 9′ 54″ – 1° 19′ 1″
Fastest Time:0:20,60
Average Speed:174,75 km/h

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Course de Côte de Gaillon – List of Winners
03/12/1899DebackerAmerican Automobile1:45,60
11/11/1900Charles-Henri BrasierMors1:26,20Results
21/09/1902Hubert Le BlonGardner-Serpollet0:40,80
12/10/1902Hubert Le BlonGardner-Serpollet0:36,00
08/11/1903Louis RigollyGobron-Brillié0:33,60
30/10/1904Paul Baras
Louis Rigolly

15/10/1905Pierre de CatersMercedes0:31,00
28/10/1906Algernon Lee GuinnesDarracq 1200:25,00
20/10/1907Frank NewtonNapier0:26,60
04/10/1908Paul BablotBrasier 1200:26,20
03/10/1909Paul BablotBrasier 120 (1908 GP)0:23,40
02/10/1910Fritz ErleBenz0:23,00
01/10/1911Louis GastéRossel0:32,80
06/10/1912Fritz ErleBenz0:22,00
17/10/1919René ThomasBallot Indy 19190:21,60
10/10/1920René ThomasSunbeam0:20,60
02/10/1921Jules GouxBallot0:25,40
01/10/1922Robert BenoistSalmson0:33,80
07/10/1923René ThomasDelage DH0:31,00
28/09/1924Jack ScalesTalbot-Darracq0:37,20
18/10/1925René ThomasDelage DH0:29,60
03/10/1926Albert DivoSunbeam-Talbot0:28,60
25/09/1927Janine JennkyBugatti T350:40,80
30/09/1928André MorelAmilcar 12620:26,40
29/09/1929Yves Giraud-CabantousSalmson0:31,80
1932José ScaronAmilcar CO


  1. Ivan Margolius says:

    Hello, have you got please the full Gaillon hill-climb results for years 1909 and 1911? I am interested especially in Laurin & Klement cars placings. Many thanks in advance.

  2. JIRI says:

    Hello Ivan, there must be something strange! Same sources are speaking about 1 km (55 m high) track, but the Czech writer Adolf Branald described at his book “Dedecek Automobil” the heroic ride of count Mr. Kolowrat at street L&K Typ F and a (class) victory (1909). But they drove From the town across Small and Big Gaillon (the road with curves) and back. What is true? Regards and thanks.
    Note L&K took part at 1905 or 1906 – do you have any info about it?
    Jiri –

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