Calendar Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship 2019

The current season is almost over so we can start dreaming about next year. The schedules for 2019 will be released in the coming weeks. Of course they will be posted here on this website as soon as possible.

We start with the calendar of the Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship, also known as the ASAF Hillclimb Championship. The same 13 events that were competed this year return in 2019. They are joined by the Course de Côte de Felenne which rejoins the schedule in April.

The calendar of the Belgian National Championship is not yet known but it will feature most of the events on the calendar below.

POSTPONEDCourse de Côte de Mont-Saint-AubertKain
CANCELLEDCourse de Côte de SySy
CANCELLEDCourse de Côte de FelenneFelenne
CANCELLEDCourse de Côte de La Cambuse
CANCELLEDCourse de Côte de Ry des GlandsRedu (Wellin)
CANCELLEDSprint de la PrincipautéChimay
CANCELLEDCourse de Côte Alle-sur-SemoisAlle
CANCELLEDCourse de Côte de TrasensterTrooz
CANCELLEDCourse de Côte de Grandcourt (Mémorial J-R Chartier)Grandcourt
CANCELLEDCourse de Côte de 'M' de BomeréeMontigny-le-Tilleul
06/09/2020Course de Côte Mémorial Yves FeilnerRichelle
13/09/2020Course de Côte de Houyet - Mémorial Bernard GossetHouyet
20/09/2020Course de Côte de Herbeumont-St. CécileSainte Cécile
CANCELLEDCourse de Côte de La Roche-en-ArdenneLa Roche en Ardenne

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