Title:Course de côte de Grandcourt
Tracklength:1900 metres
Elevation change:100 metres (5%)
Altitude finishline:375 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 31′ 26.0394″ – 5° 36′ 21.5994″
Fastest Time:0:39,81
Average Speed:171,82 km/h

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Course de Côte de Grandcourt – List of Winners
11/08/1996Christian HauserMartini MK691:47,00Results
03/08/1997“Conny”Ralt RT231:39,15Results
05/08/2001Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:29,66Results
04/08/2002Francis BidonetDallara F3921:34,33Results
03/08/2003Frank MaasReynard F30001:25,91Results
31/07/2005Fabien FrantzReynard F30001:25,89Results
30/07/2006Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:24,53Results
29/07/2007Guy DemuthLola F30001:29,54Results
03/08/2008Jean SchmitsRalt F30000:41,57Results
02/08/2009Jean SchmitsRalt F30000:42,79Results
07/08/2011Jelle de ConinckNorma M20F0:41,67Results
29/07/2012Jelle de ConinckNorma M20F0:39,99Results
04/08/2013Jelle de ConinckNorma M20F0:40,38Results
03/08/2014Jelle de ConinckNorma M20F0:39,81Results
02/08/2015Jacques MarchalNorma M20F0:41,31Results
07/08/2016Jacques MarchalNorma M20F0:41,19Results
06/08/2017Jacques MarchalNorma M20F0:40,91Results
05/08/2018Jacques MarchalNorma M20F0:41,07Results
04/08/2019Jean SchmitsRalt F30000:42,26Results

050731_grandcourt 130803_grandcourt 140803_grandcourt 150802_grandcourt 160807_grandcourt

Grandcourt is located in the southern most part of Belgium. The hillclimb actually goes right up to the French border. This small stretch of land in the south is called the Belgian-Lorraine. Grandcourt is part of the French speaking side (as opposed to the Luxembourgish side) which is called the Gaume. The Gaume is a distinctive part of Belgium and not part of the Ardennes. It is the only part of the country that geologically belongs to the Jura. As it is on a slightly lower altitude, the Gaume is also a few degrees warmer than the Ardennes a few kilometres further north.
The nearest cities are Longwy in France (14km east) and Luxembourg City (50km east).

Course de Côte de Grandcourt – Accomodation

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