Title:Sprint de la Principauté
Tracklength:2750 metres
Elevation change:30 metres
Altitude finishline:265 metres
GPS coordinates:50° 3′ 21.24″ – 4° 18′ 20.8794″
Fastest Time:1:01,47
Average Speed:161,05 km/h
Short FactsThe Sprint uses half of the Chimay motorracing circuit.

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Sprint de la Principauté (Chimay) – List of Winners
01/07/2001Jean SchmitsRalt F30002:12,27Results
30/06/2002Jean SchmitsRalt F30002:11,99Results
29/06/2003Jean SchmitsRalt F30002:13,25Results
27/06/2004Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:06,19Results
14/05/2006Jean SchmitsRalt F30002:12,05Results
13/05/2007Jean SchmitsRalt F30002:13,07Results
11/05/2008Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:05,82Results
27/05/2012Jelle De ConinckNorma M20F1:05,90Results
19/05/2013Jelle De ConinckNorma M20F1:14,59Results
08/06/2014Jelle De ConinckNorma M20F1:03,56Results
24/05/2015Anthony LoeuilleuxTatuus Master1:05,25Results
15/05/2016Jacques MarchalNorma M20F1:05,56Results
04/06/2017Anthony LoeuilleuxTatuus Master1:05,32Results
20/05/2018Jelle De ConinckNorma M20 FC1:01,47Results
09/06/2019Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:06,59Results

150524_chimay 160515_chimay

For many people today, Chimay is known for its Abbey beer and perhaps the large château. But the town in the south of Belgium also has a large motorsport heritage dating back to 1926. That year saw the first race on a 10.5km long street circuit just north of the town. Until 1972 the main race on the circuit was the Grand Prix des Frontières. As a non-championship event it often switched regulations from year-to-year to suit as many entrants as possible. Twice a non-championship Formula One race (’49 & ’54), during its history it has also been run as Sports Cars, Formula Junior, Formula Libre, Formula 2, and the last 8 years as a Formula 3 race. It was never a major international race but nevertheless it includes winners such as Maurice Trintignant, Paul Frère, Prince Bira and Guy Mairesse.
After the 1972 season the track was considered to dangerous for cars and continued mostly as a motorcycle venue. Today it only hosts classic races.
In 1992 the new rectangular track was constructed within the old track. Its 4750m length uses a new pit straight and a long back straight with chicanes before re-entering the old track near the Virage du Beauchamp at the very northern tip. The Sprint de la Principauté only uses the new constructions as the old halve of the track is actually a major public road.

Sprint de la Principauté – Accomodation

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