Title:Course de Côte de Mont-Saint-Aubert
Tracklength:2200 metres
Elevation change:122 metres
Altitude finishline:135 metres
GPS coordinates:50° 38′ 25.4394″ – 3° 23′ 57.1194″
Fastest Time:1:36,86 (2 runs)
Average Speed:163,53 km/h

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Course de Côte de Mont Saint Aubert – List of Winners
18/08/2013Bruno CollardBRC CM05 EVO0:52,56Results
30/03/2014Philippe DewulfCitroën Xsara0:51,28Results
29/03/2015Jérémy DelchambrePeugeot 2051:01,08Results
03/04/2016Philippe DewulfCitroën Xsara1:36,86Results
02/03/2017Peter VanderhauwaertSkoda Fabia1:48,74Results
08/04/2018Olivier DuboisLotus Elise1:45,93Results
31/03/2019Philippe DewulfCitroën Xsara1:38,84Results

091011_montstaubert 130818_montstaubert 140330_mtstaubert 150329_montstaubert 160403_montstaubert

The west of Belgium is hardly the place you would expect high hills, let alone one tall enough to support a hillclimb. In the almost flat Flemish lands the Mont-Saint-Aubert sticks out like a small mountain, even though it is just 145m high. Not very impressive considering some of the other mountains described on this website…

The Mont-Saint-Aubert lies just north of the city of Tournai. One of the oldest towns of Belgium, Tournai was once Flemish but is now very much a Francophone city. The large cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in Belgium. Especially the five romanesque towers in the transept are unique. That was part of the reason the cathedral is a world heritage site since 2000. The cathedral still contains many of the original artworks, including an altarpiece by Peter Paul Rubens.
Another world heritage site is the oldest Belltower of Belgium which is also located in the citycentre. Those are just two of the many highlights this city has to offer.

Course de Côte de Mont-Saint-Aubert – Accomodation

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