Title:Course de côte de Sy
Tracklength:2200 metres
Elevation change:129 metres
Altitude finishline:232 metres
GPS coordinates:50° 24′ 8.64″ – 5° 31′ 20.9994″
Fastest Time:1:09,11
Average Speed:114,60 km/h

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Course de Côte de Sy – List of Winners
18/04/2010Philippe CoenartRalt RT351:10,51Results
17/04/2011Philippe CoenartRalt RT351:09,11Results
22/04/2012Yannick BodsonMitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII1:13,00Results
21/04/2013Frédéric SourisDallara F3961:10,62Results
27/04/2014Philippe DewulfCitroën Xsara1:11,75Results
19/04/2015Jacques MarchalVan Diemen FX1:10,41Results
17/04/2016Philippe DewulfCitroën Xsara1:11,48Results
23/04/2017Julien VandeputVan Diemen Suzuki1:11,35Results
22/04/2018Jacques MarchalVan Diemen FX2:21,32Results
28/04/2019Philippe DewulfCitroën Xsara1:12,49Results

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Sy is a small hamlet 45 kilometres south of Liege. It lies on the right bank of the Ourthe river, a tributary of the Meuse river. The Ourthe meanders through the landscape in a northern direction. Sy is build on a small landtongue on one of the meanders. The river has cut deep into the landscape, creating an elevation difference of more than 100 metres. Near Sy the rocks are especially steep, almost vertical. There is a train station in Sy and the rails take up the only two bridges across the Ourthe. Pedestrians can cross the river next to railroad, but motorised traffic can only acces the town via land.
Such high rockfaces overlooking a river would be an ideal place to build a castle. And indeed, maybe a kilometre upstream there was a fortress called the Château de Logne. It is now mostly in ruins, but some parts including the dungeons can be visited. Other obvious touristic activities in Sy are kayaking on the Ourthe, rockclimbing or hiking trips.
The Ourthe valley and the nearby areas include some interesting historic villages. Sixteen kilometres south of Sy lies Durbuy, also called “The smallest city of the world”. It has a historic centre with a large 17th century castle. On its territory is also situated the small town of Wéris. This village is one of the 25 most beautiful villages of Wallonie. The highlights include a number of wellpreserved historic houses and a 11th century church. Wéris is also home to the most important megaliths in Belgium. In a small area you can find several menhirs (upright stones) and dolmens, which are prehistoric graves that resemble portals. The best way to start exploring the megalith site is by starting in the museum at the center of Wéris.

Course de Côte de Sy – Accomodation

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