Title:Course de Côte d’Alle-sur-Semois
Tracklength:3700 metres
Elevation change:165 metres (4,45%)
Altitude finishline:380 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 50′ 12.8394″ – 4° 58′ 9.84″
Fastest Time:1:24,94
Average Speed:156,82 km/h

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Course de Côte d’Alle-sur-Semois – List of Winners
07/05/1989Hervé BayardRalt RT303:09,45Results
13/05/1990Christian DebiasMartini MK58B3:01,84Results
12/05/1991Christian HauserMartini MK42B3:08,38Results
10/05/1992Christian HauserMartini MK42B3:08,18Results
09/05/1993Christian HauserMartini MK42B3:04,17Results
08/05/1994Christian HauserMartini MK42B3:26,28Results
17/06/2001Claude WatteyneDallara F2 Turbo3:29,65Results
16/06/2002Jean SchmitsRalt F30002:56,47Results
20/06/2004Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:28,59Results
19/06/2005Jean SchmitsRalt F30003:01,24Results
18/06/2006Jacques MarchalOsella PA20/S3:02,81Results
17/06/2007Jean SchmitsRalt F30002:53,89Results
15/06/2008Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:29,13Results
21/06/2009Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:33,05Results
20/06/2010Jacques MarchalNorma M171:27,87Results
19/06/2011Jelle de ConinckNorma M20F1:27,12Results
17/06/2012Emmanuel GonayNorma M20F1:27,33Results
16/06/2013Guy DemuthOsella FA301:24,94Results
15/06/2014Jelle de ConinckNorma M20F1:26,31Results
21/06/2015Jacques MarchalNorma M20F1:35,98Results
19/06/2016Jacques MarchalNorma M20F1:28,98Results
18/06/2017Jacques MarchalNorma M20F1:30,68Results
17/06/2018Jacques MarchalNorma M20F1:28,61Results
16/06/2019Jacky GourdetNorma M20F1:31,69Results


The small town of Alle, often called Alle-sur-Semois as to avoid confusion with other towns of the same name, holds one of the most beautiful Hillclimbs of Belgium. It starts out already with the paddock area. The teams can set up their service area anywhere in the village where the narrow streets and small houses give the appearance of a maze. The racetrack of the Hillclimb is no less interesting. It starts on the outskirts of the village still within urbanization, before a hairpin curve twists the track into the forest, where it finishes near the French border.
The area around Alle-sur-Semois is by many considered the most beautiful of Belgium. Responsible for this is the Semois River. Travelling west from the source in Arlon towards the end in the Meuse a straight line would have completed 70km. But the endless meandering of the river makes the journey no less than 200km. Near Alle-sur-Semois the river has cut a deep valley. The twists and turns in the Semois guarantee great panoramas over the towns and valleys below. Visitors of the Hillclimb who arrive from the northeast will pass a very obvious one near Frahan.
Most of the tourists center around Bouillon, the first major town east of Alle-sur-Semois. It is famous for its medieval castle high above a meander in the Semois. First mentioned in 988, a century later it was owned by Godfrey of Bouillon, the hero of the first crusade. It was later revamped by the French General and Engineer Seigneur de Vauban.

Course de Côte de Alle-sur-Semois – Accomodation

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