Title:Course de Côte de Houyet – Mémorial Bernard Gosset Former Title: Course de Côte de La Reine
Tracklength:2350 metres
Elevation change:125 metres (5,32%)
Altitude finishline:250 metres
GPS coordinates:50° 11′ 29.04″ – 5° 0′ 33.4794″
Fastest Time:1:04,19
Average Speed:131,80 km/h

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Course de Côte de Houyet (Course de Côte de La Reine) – List of Winners
10/09/1989Hervé BayardRalt RT302:18,05Results
09/09/1990Hervé BayardRalt RT302:18,91Results
08/09/1991Hervé BayardRalt RT312:16,90Results
13/09/1992Hervé BayardRalt RT302:15,59Results
12/09/1993Alfred BuchemReynard 88D2:21,21Results
11/09/1994Christian HauserMartini MK42B2:14,70Results
10/09/1995“Conny”Ralt F30002:15,99Results
08/09/1996Christian HauserMartini MK692:13,40Results
07/09/1997Jean SchmitsRalt F30002:21,83Results
09/09/2001Roland TrompDuqueine IMSA2:57,37Results
08/09/2002Jean SchmitsRalt F30002:26,91Results
14/09/2003Jean SchmitsRalt F30002:11,36Results
12/09/2004Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:04,33Results
11/09/2005Jean SchmitsRalt F30002:14,40Results
10/09/2006Jean SchmitsRalt F30002:10,95Results
09/09/2007Jacques MarchalOsella PA20/S2:11,32Results
14/09/2008Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:05,18Results
13/09/2009Jean SchmitsRalt F30001:05,49Results
12/09/2010Jacques MarchalNorma M20F1:14,00Results
11/09/2011Jelle de ConinckNorma M20F1:04,84Results
09/09/2012Jelle de ConinckNorma M20F1:04,71Results
08/09/2013Jelle de ConinckNorma M20F1:04,92Results
14/09/2014Jelle de ConinckNorma M20F1:04,19Results
13/09/2015Anthony LoeuilleuxTatuus Master1:05,27Results
11/09/2016Anthony LoeuilleuxTatuus Master1:05,13Results
10/09/2017Anthony LoeuilleuxTatuus Master1:04,96Results
09/09/2018Jacques MarchalNorma M20F1:05,88Results
08/09/2019Jacky GourdetNorma M20F1:07,27Results

The Namur Ardennes in southern Belgium hold three hillclimbs within 30 kilometres of eachother. They are Felenne, Houyet and Vencimont. Although close to eachother they all lie in different muncipalities, Houyet being the most northern of the three. The town is situated at the river Lesse, a small river that can be used for kayaking.
Houyet once housed a royal castle build by king Leopold II. In the 1960’s this was however mostly destroyed and converted into a golf club. The territory of Houyet does hold another interesting castle. It is the Château de Vêves on the banks of the river Lesse. The current incarnation of the castle was build in 1410. Largely restored and well-maintained, it is one of the few remaining medieval castles in Belgium. Its irregular shape with the round towers give it a special beauty. The interior for some rooms is medieval but for some others it is in the more decorated style of the 18th century.
Houyet is located less than 20 kilometres to the southeast of Dinant. This fortified town was a centre point in many wars. Dinant is currently situated near the French border, but in medieval times it had a fierce rivalry with Namur. In the First World War there was also heavy fighting in the small city. When the Germans finally captured the town they shot 674 citizens. The major landmarks of the city include the citadelle, build by the Dutch in the 1820s, and the Notre Dame Church. Another curious landmark in Dinant is the Bayard. This is a tall pointy rock, literally in the middle of a road. It is part of the legend of the Four Sons of Aymon. This centuries old tale describes the adventures of four brothers who come into conflict with Charlemagne. The brothers have to flee and aided by their magical horse Bayard they embark on a series of adventures. The story of The Four Sons of Aymon still plays an important role in the folklore of the Ardennes. There can still be found many statues, monuments, parades and traditions relating to the legend in the whole region. For example, as you might have noticed the organizing club is called Ecurie Bayard. The Bayard Rock in Dinant is said to have been created when the magical horse Bayard jumped the Meuse River. He used the rockformations to launch off, thereby splitting them in two.

Course de Côte de Houyet – Accomodation

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