Calendar Swiss Hillclimb Championship 2019

The calendar for the 2019 Swiss Hillclimb Championship.

1CANCELLEDBergrennen HembergHemberg
2CANCELLEDBergrennen ReitnauReitnau
3CANCELLEDCourse de côte de Massongex - VérossazMassongex
4CANCELLEDCourse de Côte Ayent-AnzèreAyent-Anzère
5CANCELLEDSt. Ursanne - Les RangiersSt. Ursanne
6CANCELLEDBergrennen OberhallauOberhallau
7CANCELLEDGurnigel BergrennenGurnigel
8CANCELLEDCourse de Côte de Les PaccotsChâtel Saint Denis

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