Title:Bergrennen Hemberg
Tracklength:1758 metres
Elevation change:157 metres (8,94%)
Altitude finishline:915 metres
GPS coordinates:47° 17′ 51.7194″ – 9° 11′ 11.4″
Fastest Time:1:46,23 (2 runs)
Average Speed:119,15 km/h

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Bergrennen Hemberg – List of Winners
23/09/2012Marcel SteinerOsella FA300:54,37Results
21-22/09/2013Eric BerguerandLola FA991:51,75Results
14-15/06/2014Eric BerguerandLola FA991:48,60Results
13-14/06/2015Eric BerguerandLola FA991:50,20Results
11-12/06/2016Eric BerguerandLola FA992:02,62Results
10-11/06/2017Marcel SteinerLobArt LA011:49,31Results
09-10/06/2018Marcel SteinerLobArt LA011:48,31Results
15-16/06/2019Eric BerguerandLola FA991:46,23Results

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Hemberg is currently the eastern most Hillclimb in Switzerland. The small town lies on top of a hill (935m) right in front of the Appenzeller Alpen. This mountainrange has an interesting position in the central Alps, in that it is composed of sedimentary limestone rocks. The highest peak is the Säntis at 2502m. The Appenzeler Alps has two clear borders. In the east it is the Rhine Valley and in the south it is the Walensee. Especially near the Walensee you will get a good view of the mountains as they rise up 1900 metres from the waters edge. The Appenzeller Alps are a popular spot for hiking trips.
From the north west of the mountains flow two rivers. The two valleys are together called the Toggenburg. The longest river is the Thur, which begins near the town of Unterwasser. Near its source are two large waterfalls which have been made accesible for spectating. The other river is called the Necker. It flows right past Hemberg. In 2010 an initiave was started to declare the Necker Valley a national park. A short trip from Hemberg you can discover the source of the river. The trip will take you in a large gorge called the Ofenloch which has been described as the ‘Grand Canyon of Eastern Switzerland’.
The largest city near Hemberg is Sankt Gallen, some 26km to the north. This city close to the Bodensee is first of all known for its textile industry. But no visitor should miss the Sankt Gallen Abbey. The abbey and its church were build in the richest barockstyle that can be imagined. They are considered amongst the most beautiful examples of the style in the world. Although most people gasp at the decorations of the Abbey library, the books in it actually make up one of the earliest and most important collections in the world. No surprise that the complex is a World Heritage Site since 1983.

Bergrennen Hemberg – Accomodation


  1. Is Toni Hodel still racing hillclimb?

  2. Heuvelklim says:

    According to my archive the last time he completed a speed hillclimb was Reitnau in 2011.

  3. Thank you for the information.

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