Title:Course de Côte de Châtel-Saint-Denis / Les Paccots
Tracklength:2580 metres
Elevation change:217 metres (8,41%)
Altitude finishline:1060 metres
GPS coordinates:46° 31′ 29.9994″ – 6° 54′ 44.6394″
Fastest Time:1:47,013 (2 runs)
Average Speed:173,59 km/h

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Course de Côte de Châtel-Saint-Denis / Les Paccots – List of Winners
20-21/09/2008Jean-Jacques DufauxReynard 95D2:00,70Results
19-20/09/2009Jean-Jacques DufauxReynard 95D2:14,73Results
18-19/09/2010Marcel SteinerOsella FA30 Zytek1:56,04Results
17-18/09/2011Marcel SteinerOsella FA30 Zytek1:59,42Results
15-16/09/2012Marcel SteinerOsella FA30 Zytek1:50,70Results
14-15/09/2013Eric BerguerandLola FA992:01,46Results
20-21/09/2014Eric BerguerandLola FA992:00,21Results
19-20/09/2015Joel VolluzOsella FA301:48,90Results
17-18/09/2016Eric BerguerandLola FA992:04,974Results
16-17/09/2017Joël GrandTatuus Master2:13,735Results
15-16/09/2018Eric BerguerandLola FA991:47,162Results
14-15/09/2019Eric BerguerandLola FA991:47,013Results

Les Paccots is a skistation above the town of Châtel-Saint-Denis. The hillclimb starts right outside the town at an altitude of about 875m and races towards the skistation. In the summertime the resorts at Les Paccots remain open. They can be used as a base to explore the countryside by foot or mountainbike.
Les Paccots is located in Canton Fribourg, and is part of the Fribourg Pre-Alps. It lies between the Dent de Lys and Moléson mountains, which mark the drainage divide between the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
Châtel-Saint-Denis lies only 10km north of Lake Geneva. The largest lake of Switzerland is famous for its natural beauties and impressive panoramas. The northeast shore near Châtel-Saint-Denis is a favourite with the Lavaux Vineyards (world heritage since 2007), Lausanne and Montreux.

Course de Côte de Châtel-Saint-Denis / Les Paccots – Accomodation

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