Title:Course de Côte Ayent-Anzère
Tracklength:3500 metres
Elevation change:319 metres (9,2%)
Altitude finishline:1410 metres
GPS coordinates:46° 16′ 58.4394″ – 7° 24′ 33.12″
Fastest Time:2:54,843 (2 runs)
Average Speed:144,13 km/h

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Course de Côte de Ayent-Anzère – List of Winners
1975Freddy AmwegMarch 742
1976Freddy AmwegAmweg F2
1977Markus HolzMarch 772
1978Freddy AmwegAmweg F2
1979Freddy AmwegMartini F2
1980Marc SourdRoc F2
1981Freddy AmwegMartini F2
1982Marc SourdMartini F2
1983Freddy AmwegAmweg F2
1984Ruedi CaprezMartini F2
1985Freddy AmwegMartini F2
1987Freddy AmwegMartini F2
1988Rolf KuhnReynard F3
1989Freddy AmwegMartini F2
1990Freddy AmwegMartini F2
1991Jean-Daniel MurisierMartini F2
1992Jean-Daniel MurisierMartini F2
1993Jean-Daniel MurisierMartini F2
1994Jean-Daniel MurisierMartini F2
1995Freddy AmwegLola F3000
1996Freddy AmwegLola F3000
1997Freddy AmwegLola F3000
1998Jean-Daniel MurisierMartini F2
1999Jean-Daniel MurisierMartini F2
2000Alain PfefferléPorsche 935
2001Roland BossyRalt F3000
2002Roland BossyReynard F3000
2003Roland BossyReynard F3000
2004Jean-Daniel MurisierReynard F3000
23-24/07/2005Jean-Daniel MurisierReynard 92D3:17,22Results
22-23/07/2006Jean-Daniel MurisierReynard F30003:08,22Results
28-29/07/2007Eric BerguerandLola T96/503:06,77Results
26-27/07/2008Tiziano RivaRebo BMW3:25,81Results
25-26/07/2009Alain BeutlerMartini MK693:24,12Results
24-25/07/2010Marcel SteinerMartini MK77 BMW3:14,97Results
23-24/07/2011Marcel SteinerOsella FA30 Zytek3:04,65Results
28-29/07/2012Marcel SteinerOsella FA30 Zytek2:59,39Results
27-28/07/2013Eric BerguerandLola FA993:02,95Results
26-27/07/2014Eric BerguerandLola FA993:00,062Results
25-26/07/2015Joel VolluzOsella FA302:56,855Results
23-24/07/2016Eric BerguerandLola FA992:58,743Results
22-23/07/2017Marcel SteinerLobArt LA01 Mugen2:59,921Results
21-22/07/2018Eric BerguerandLola FA992:54,843Results
27-28/07/2019Eric BerguerandLola FA993:22,176Results

130728_ayentanzere ayent-anzère 2015 160724_ayentanzere

Course de Côte de Ayent-Anzère – Accomodation


  1. Simon Weatherall says:

    I am hoping to attend 21-22/07/2018 Course de Côte Ayent-Anzère,
    I am English and I am finding it hard to find out how I book tickets for the event please send me any information you can to help me! Many thanks!

  2. Heuvelklim says:

    Hello, you buy tickets at the gate, no pre-booking. Costs are 10 chf for Saturday and 15 chf for Sunday. Enjoy your visit!

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