Title:Gurnigel Bergrennen
Tracklength:3734 metres
Elevation change:314 metres (8,4%)
Altitude finishline:1150 metres
GPS coordinates:46° 46′ 42.2394″ – 7° 26′ 36.6″
Fastest Time:3:19,82 (2 runs)
Average Speed:134,55 km/h

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Gurnigel Bergrennen – List of Winners
1968Willi SchöniBrabham BT16 Ford4:58,10
1969Xavier PerrotBrabham BT23C Ford4:38,18
1970Roland SalomonTecno 69 Ford4:21,71
1971Xavier PerrotMarch 712M Ford4:12,25
1972Xavier PerrotMarch 722 Ford2:27,33
1973Fredy AmwegBrabham BT38 Ford4:08,03
1974Fredy AmwegMarch 742 BMW4:07,26
1975Markus HolzMarch 752 BMW4:49,56
1976Fredy AmwegAmweg BMW4:05,37
1977Fredy AmwegAmweg BMW3:59,13
1978Fredy AmwegAmweg BMW3:53,24
1979Fredy AmwegMartini MK28 BMW3:48,06
1980Fredy AmwegMartini MK28 BMW3:50,40
1981Fredy AmwegMartini MK32 BMW3:45,49
1982Fredy AmwegMartini MK32 BMW3:48,06
1983Urs DudlerRalt RT3 Toyota4:32,09
1984Fredy AmwegMartini 001 BMW3:50,52
1985Fredy AmwegMartini MK42 BMW3:51,14
1986Fredy AmwegMartini MK42 BMW4:17,55
1987Fredy AmwegMartini MK42 BMW3:44,99
1988Fredy AmwegMartini MK50 BMW3:50,28
1989Fredy AmwegMartini MK50 BMW3:52,93
1990Fredy AmwegMartini MK50 BMW3:50,03
1991Heinz SteinerMartini MK50 BMW3:48,17
1992Jean-Daniel MurisierMartini MK56 BMW3:46,16
1993Jean-Daniel MurisierMartini MK56 BMW3:44,32
1994Fredy AmwegLola T90/50 Cosworth3:40,47
1995Fredy AmwegLola T90/50 Cosworth3:40,40
1996Fredy AmwegLola T90/50 Cosworth3:38,72
1997Heinz SteinerMartini MK77 BMW3:49,27
1998Fredy AmwegLola T94/50 Cosworth3:50,36
1999Heinz SteinerMartini MK77 BMW3:48,13
2000Roland BossyReynard 89D Cosworth3:41,99
2001Roland BossyReynard 89D Cosworth3:54,99
2002Bruno IannielloLancia Delta S43:58,10
2003Roland BossyReynard 93D Cosworth3:38,57
2004Jean-Daniel MurisierReynard 92D Cosworth3:38,10
10-11/09/2005Jean-Daniel MurisierReynard 92D Cosworth2:02,25Results
09-10/09/2006Eric BerguerandLola T96/503:37,24Results
08-09/09/2007Martin KindlerDallara Nissan3:46,53Results
06-07/09/2008Marcel SteinerMartini MK77 BMW3:57,03Results
05-06/09/2009Marcel SteinerMartini MK77 BMW3:38,60Results
04-05/09/2010Marcel SteinerOsella FA303:32,48Results
03-04/09/2011Marcel SteinerOsella FA30 Zytek4:00,58Results
08-09/09/2012Marcel SteinerOsella FA30 Zytek3:38,50Results
07-08/09/2013Eric BerguerandLola FA994:01,60Results
06-07/09/2014Eric BerguerandLola FA993:23,84Results
12-13/09/2015Eric BerguerandLola FA993:40,91Results
10-11/09/2016Eric BerguerandLola FA993:26,87Results
09-10/09/2017Eric BerguerandLola FA993:33,13Results
08-09/09/2018Eric BerguerandLola FA993:19,82Results
07-08/09/2019Thomas AmwegLola B99/504:05,35Results

140907_gurnigel 150913_gurnigel 160911_gurnigel

Gurnigel Bergrennen – Accomodation

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