Title:Bergrennen Reitnau
Tracklength:1600 metres
Elevation change:111 metres
Altitude finishline:670 metres
GPS coordinates:47° 15′ 11.5194″ – 8° 2′ 24.36″
Fastest Time:1:34,57 (2 runs)
Average Speed:121,81 km/h

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Bergrennen Reitnau – List of Winners
25/06/2006Eric BerguerandLola T96/501:47,11Results
01/07/2007Eric BerguerandLola T96/501:41,89Results
29/06/2008Jean-Jacques DufauxMartini MK691:48,19Results
28/06/2009Florian LachatTatuus S20001:43,72Results
27/06/2010Florian LachatTatuus S20001:41,44Results
26/06/2011Marcel SteinerOsella FA30 Zytek1:40,109Results
01/07/2012Marcel SteinerOsella FA30 Zytek1:54,59Results
30/06/2013Marcel SteinerOsella FA30 Zytek1:36,90Results
29/06/2014Eric BerguerandLola FA991:37,73Results
28/06/2015Eric BerguerandLola FA991:37,91Results
26/06/2016Eric BerguerandLola FA991:37,57Results
02/07/2017Eric BerguerandLola FA990:49,32Results
01/07/2018Marcel SteinerLobArt LA01 Mugen1:36,49Results
30/06/2019Eric BerguerandLola FA991:34,57Results

100627_reitnau 110626_reitnau 120701_reitnau 140629_reitnau 150628_reitnau

Reitnau is a small village in the canton of Aarau located in the north of the country. The town centre is located on an altitude of about 524m above sea level, with the hillclimb starting slightly above this.
The Suhre valley in which Reitnau lies is mainly used for agriculture and forest. That makes it a good spot for walking and cycling holiday destinations. The nearest lake is the Sempachersee a few kilometres to the south, but for tourism the Hallwilersee to the east is more accesible. Also located in the Hallwilersee is Schloss Hallwyl, an impressive water castle open to the public.
The nearest town is Zofingen at a distance of around 13km. It has one of the best preserved historic town centres of Switzerland with many buildings recently renovated.
The nearest cities are Aarau (18km) and Luzern (35km).

Bergrennen Reitnau – Accomodation

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