Calendar Italian Hillclimb Championship 2018

The calendar for the Italian Hillclimb Championship was released yesterday. In 2018 there will be again 12 events. There are are two new events. The Alpe del Nevegal near Belluno replaces the Trofeo Vallecamonica. The Cronoscalata Luzzi – Sambucina replaces the Cronoscalata del Reventino. There are also some notable changes in the dates. Alpe del Nevegal moves from its August date to the beginning of May. The Trofeo Lodovico Scarfiotti travels the calendar in reverse. The Cronoscalata Pedavena – Croce d’Aune returns to the beginning of September which gives Luzzi – Sambucina the possibility to close the season. The Cronoscalata della Castellana is the reserve event in 2018.

The dates of the Italian Hillclimb Cup (TIVM) are not yet released. However it is already known which events will be part of the Cup next year. The Cronoscalata Cellara – Colle d’Ascione, the Cronoscalata Val d’Anapo – Sortino and the Cronoscalata Alghero – Scala Piccada all held succesful non-championship events this year and are promoted into the Cup. Trofeo Vallecamonica, Cronoscalata Berzo – Demo – Cevo and Salita Marone – Zone disappear.

If there are any non-championship events in 2018 is not yet known at this point in time.

113-14/04/2019Luzzi SambucinaLuzzi
227-28/04/2019Trofeo Lodovico Scarfiotti - Sarnano SassotettoSarnano
318-19/05/2019Alpe del NevegalBelluno
401-02/06/2019Verzegnis Sella ChianzutanVerzegnis
515-16/06/2019Salita Morano - CampoteneseMorano Calabro
629-30/06/2019Coppa Paolino TeodoriAscoli Piceno
706-07/07/2019Trento BondoneTrento
827-28/07/2019Rieti - Terminillo / Coppa Bruno CarottiRieti
924-25/08/2019Trofeo Luigi FagioliGubbio
1014-15/09/2019Cronoscalata Monte EriceTrapani
1121-22/09/2019Coppa NissenaCaltanissetta
1219-20/10/2019Pedavena Croce d'AunePedavena

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