Title:Trofeo Lodovico Scarfiotti (Sarnano – Sassotetto)
Tracklength:8877 metres
Elevation change:691 metres (7,65%)
Altitude finishline:1275 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 0′ 40.6794″ – 13° 15′ 56.88″
Fastest Time:4:32,97
Average Speed:143,33 km/h
Short FactsPart of the European Hillclimb Championship in 1977, 1979, 1981 and 1983.

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Trofeo Lodovico Scarfiotti (Sarnano Sassotetto) – List of Winners
1969Domenico ScolaAbarth6:55,10
1970“G.B.”Abarth 20007:06,50
1971Klaus ReischAlfa Romeo 336:31,70
1972Domenico ScolaChevron 20006:27,60
1973Mauro NestiMarch 20006:12,70
1975Mauro NestiLola Cebora6:10,61
1977Mauro NestiLola Cebora5:54,03
1978Mauro NestiLola Cebora6:02,03
1979Jean-Louis BosLola T2985:57,87
1980Mario CasciaroLola BMW5:59,20
1981Rolf GoehringBMW M16:29,50
1982Mauro NestiOsella PA96:34,70
1983Mauro NestiOsella Cebora5:46,90
1984Mauro NestiOsella PA105:51,80
1985Ezio Baribbi6:13,01
1987Mauro NestiOsella PA95:50,92
1988Mauro NestiOsella PA95:58,76
1990Mauro NestiOsella PA95:50,92
1991Mauro NestiOsella PA95:58,76
13-14/09/2008Fabrizio PeroniLucchini Honda5:33,109Results
11-12/07/2009Filippo MarozziOsella PA218:38,767Results
17-18/07/2010Tiziano FerraisFerrais CH2 Alfa Romeo8:27,08Results
2011Franco CinelliLola T99/50 Zytek8:32,79
23-24/06/2012Franco CinelliLola T99/508:15,06Results
13-14/07/2013Domenico Scola jr.Osella PA21/S8:06,81Results
31/05-01/06/2014Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC7:37,30Results
30-31/05/2015Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC7:29,96Results
30/04-01/05/2016Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC4:06,58Results
20-21/05/2017Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC3:42,97Results
04-05/08/2018Christian MerliOsella FA303:44,97Results
27-28/04/2019Michele FattoriniOsella FA303:52,97Results

100718_scarfiotti 140601_scarfiotti 150531_scarfiotti 160501_scarfiotti

Trofeo Lodovico Scarfiotti (Sarnano – Sassotetto) – Accomodation

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