Title:Salita Morano – Campotenese (former title: Cronoscalata del Pollino)
Place:Morano Calabro / Castrolvillari
Tracklength:7100 metres
Elevation change:574 metres (5,33%)
Altitude finishline:1020 metres
GPS coordinates:39° 50′ 49.92″ – 16° 7′ 23.52″
Fastest Time:5:20,15 (2 runs)
Average Speed:159,68 km/h
Short FactsThis hillclimb was called Cronoscalata del Pollino until 2009. From 2011 onwards the title was changed to Salita Morano – Campotenese.
The title “Cronoscalata del Pollino” continued in 2010 on a different hillclimb, you can find the information for that race here.
Tracklength 1983-1986: 6500 metres
Tracklength 1987-1990 & 1996-1999: 8500 metres
Tracklength 1992-1993 & 2008-2009: 7300 metres
Tracklength 2006: 6300 metres
Tracklength 2007: 6800 metres

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Salita Morano – Campotenese (Cronoscalata del Pollino) – List of Winners
1983Mario CasciaroLola Eldegher2:55,73
1984Lucio CasciaroLola Eldegher2:51,09
1985Domenico ScolaOsella PA102:55,97
1986Antonio RitaccaOsella PA83:04,66
1987Antonio RitaccaOsella PA93:41,08
1988Pasquale IrlandoOsella BMW4:24,11
1989Giulio RegosaOsella PA93:35,85
1990Antonio RitaccaOsella3:39,35
1992Antonio RitaccaOsella3:05,95
1993Antonio RitaccaOsella6:11,27
1996Antonio RitaccaOsella3:38,55
1997Angelo PalazzoGisa3:42,12
1998Antonio RitaccaOsella PA20/S3:28,26
1999Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA20/S3:27,37
11-12/11/2006Simone FaggioliOsella PA21/S5:20,35Results
01-02/09/2007Francesco FerraginaOsella PA21/S6:07,96Results
10-11/05/2008Carmelo ScaramozzinoBreda BMW5:59,40Results
10-11/10/2009Rosario IaquintaSighinolfi6:54,66Results
16-17/04/2011Rosario IaquintaOsella PA21/S6:08,62Results
14-15/04/2012Francesco LeograndeGloria CP106:30,65Results
20-21/07/2013Domenico CubedaOsella PA20005:46,62Results
05-06/07/2014Domenico CubedaOsella PA20005:49,58Results
23-24/05/2015Domenico CubedaOsella PA20005:48,74Results
11-12/06/2016Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC5:20,15Results
10-11/06/2017Domenico ScolaOsella FA305:28,84Results
21-22/07/2018Domenico CubedaOsella FA305:30,26Results
15-16/06/2019Christian MerliOsella FA30 Zytek5:20,42Results

110417_morano 120415_morano 130721_moranocampotenese 140706_morano 150524_morano 160612_morano

Salita Morano – Campotenese – Accomodation

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