Title:Cronoscalata Rieti – Terminillo (Coppa Bruno Carotti)
Tracklength:13450 metres (2017: 6750 metres) (until 2014: 14800 metres)
Elevation change:1029 metres (2017: 530 metres) (until 2014: 1125 metres (7,5%))
Altitude finishline:1675 metres (2017: 1080 metres)
GPS coordinates:42° 26′ 31.56″ – 12° 54′ 52.2″
Fastest Time:4:46,36
Average Speed:169,09 km/h
Short FactsBlue pinpoint on map shows 2017 finishline.

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Cronoscalata Rieti – Terminillo / Coppa Bruno Carotti – List of Winners
1939Domenico FerruzziLancia Aprilia13:09,10
1949Franco VenturiAlfa Romeo 250016:41,10
1950Guido ManciniLancia Aprilia16:28,00
1951Guido Cestelli GuidiAlfa Romeo 2500
1966“Sangry-La”Alfa Romeo TZ18:10,00
1967“Gano”Porsche Carrera7:50,00
1968Franco PilonePorsche Carrera7:47,00
1969Franco PiloneFiat Abarth 20007:12,00
1970Giuseppe MarottaAlfa Romeo GTA8:05,00
1971Franco PiloneFiat Abarth6:41,00
1972Mauro NestiChevron B216:29,00
1973Mauro NestiMarch BMW6:19,00
1974Mauro NestiLola T294 BMW6:32,00
1975Michel PignardMarch BMW6:13,00
1976Mauro NestiChevron Cosworth7:31,00
1977Gianni VareseOsella BMW6:25,00
1978Mauro NestiLola BMW6:06,93
1979Mario CasciaroOsella 6 BMW6:26,00
1980Michel PignardToj BMW6:06,74
1981Mauro NestiOsella PA8 BMW6:08,00
1982Mauro NestiOsella PA8 BMW6:06,52
1983Mauro NestiOsella PA9 BMW6:02,00
1984Mauro NestiOsella PA10 BMW5:58,00
1985Mauro NestiOsella PA9 BMW5:56,00
1986Mauro NestiOsella BMW6:03,00
1987Franco PiloneOsella BMW6:34,00
1988Mauro NestiOsella BMW6:00,00
1989Maurizio IacoangeliAlfa Romeo 758:05,00
1990Mauro NestiOsella BMW6:04,00
1991Mauro NestiOsella BMW5:55,81
1992Pasquale IrlandoOsella BMW5:55,26
1993Francisco EgozkueOsella PA95:52,61
1994Francisco EgozkueOsella PA105:51,61
1995Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA205:47,59
1996Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA205:46,19
1997Mirko SavoldiLucchini BMW5:41,94
1998Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA205:44,26
1999Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA20/S5:37,97
2000Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA20/S5:52,37
2001Domenico ScolaOsella PA20/S7:49,85
2002Franz TschagerOsella Garda Kart5:50,40
2003Simone FaggioliOsella PA20/S5:45,50
03-04/07/2004Simone FaggioliOsella PA21/S Honda6:02,00Results
02-03/07/2005Denny ZardoOsella PA21/S6:01,84Results
08-09/07/2006Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA21 Honda6:04,62Results
07-08/07/2007Ander VilariñoReynard F30005:31,02Results
05-06/07/2008Denny ZardoReynard Nippon5:34,01Results
27-28/06/2009Simone FaggioliOsella FA30 Zytek5:23,81Results
10-11/07/2010Simone FaggioliOsella FA30 Zytek5:01,27Results
09-10/07/2011Marco IacoangeliBMW 320i6:21,87Results
31/08-01/09/2013Christian MerliOsella PA20005:31,77Results
13-14/09/2014Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC Zytek5:21,39Results
18-19/07/2015Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC Zytek4:46,36Results
22-23/07/2017Enrico MaioneOsella PA21/S5:28,02Results
14-15/07/2018Angelo MarinoLola B99/50 Zytek5:06,41Results
27-28/07/2019 ***Omar MaglionaOsella PA20002:55,99Results

*** Race shortened due to fog.

Coppa Bruno Carotti – Rieti Terminillo – Accomodation

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