Title:Verzegnis Sella-Chianzutan
Tracklength:5640 metres
Elevation change:396 metres (7,2%)
Altitude finishline:915 metres
GPS coordinates:46° 22′ 58.8″ – 12° 57′ 53.9994″
Fastest Time:4:56,06 (2 runs)
Average Speed:137,16 km/h

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Verzegnis – Sella-Chianzutan – List of Winners
1966“Pippo” NadariPorsche Carrera
1967“Noris”Porsche Carrera
1968Antonio ZandraPorsche Carrera
1969Armando FurlanMorris Cooper
1970“Noris”Porsche Carrera
1971Dante GarganFiat Abarth
1972“Noris”Porsche 908
1973Franco PiloneAbarth Osella
1974Mauro NestiLola BMW
1975Mauro NestiLola BMW
1976Achille MarziOsella PA4
1981Mauro NestiOsella PA9
1982Mauro NestiOsella PA9
1983Rodolfo AguzzoniOsella PA9
1984Ezio BaribbiOsella PA9
1985Romano CasasolaOsella PA9
1986Romano CasasolaOsella PA9
1987Romano CasasolaOsella PA9
1988Romano CasasolaOsella PA9
1989Romano CasasolaOsella PA9
1990Ezio BaribbiOsella PA20
1992Ezio BaribbiOsella PA20
1993Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA20
1994Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA20
1995Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA20
1996Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA20/S
1997Franz TschagerLucchni BMW
1998Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA20/S
19-20/06/1999Franz TschagerLucchini BMW5:16,89Results
17-18/06/2000Rosario IaquintaSighinolfi SP2000 BMW5:37,10Results
16-17/06/2001Franco CinelliOsella PA20/S BMW5:28,50Results
15-16/06/2002Rosario IaquintaOsella PA20/S BMW5:52,39Results
14-15/06/2003Simone FaggioliOsella PA20/S5:17,29Results
23-24/10/2004Simone FaggioliOsella PA21/S Honda5:17,43Results
04-05/06/2005Andrea De BiasiOsella PA21/S5:23,37Results
03-04/06/2006Simone FaggioliOsella PA21/S5:14,83Results
09-10/06/2007Simone FaggioliOsella PA21/S5:33,84Results
30/05-01/06/2008Denny ZardoReynard Nippon5:01,35Results
23-24/05/2009Christian MerliLola B99/504:55,381Results
12-13/06/2010Tiziano FerraisFerrais CH25:14,08Results
04-05/06/2011Simone FaggioliOsella FA305:06,01Results
26-27/05/2012Michele CamerlinghiOsella FA305:09,43Results
25-26/05/2013Simone FaggioliOsella FA304:56,06Results
17-18/05/2014Denny ZardoOsella FA305:30,98Results
16-17/05/2015Michele FattoriniOsella PA20005:05,97Results
28-29/05/2016Ronnie BratschiMitsubishi Lancer2:51,97Results
27-28/05/2017Christian MerliOsella FA304:59,01Results
26-27/05/2018Christian MerliOsella FA305:03,01Results
01-02/06/2019Denny ZardoNorma M20 FC5:02,45Results

120527_verzegnis 140518_verzegnis 150517_verzegnis 160529_verzegnis

A group of small villages around the Monte Verzegnis form the muncipality of Verzegnis. The two landmarks of Verzegnis are an artificial lake and a red marble quarry. The quarry is open to the public for tours. Across the Tagliamento river is the larger town of Tolmezzo.
The Tagliamento is one of the last rivers in the Alps that is not yet controlled. At first glance it looks like the river is running dry. Only small streams and channels randomly cut through a wide and barren riverbed. But in fact this is a natural phenomenon that can be described as a “braided river”. This fairly unique ecosystem for the Alps is threatened by plans to build dams in the Tagliamento.
From Lake Verzegnis you get a good view of the Monte Amariana (1906m). The mountain looks like an gigantic pyramid towering over Tolmezzo, some 1500m lower. The mountain is part of the Carnic Alps, the mountain ranges that form the border with Austria.

Verzegnis – Sella-Chianzutan – Accomodation

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