Title:Coppa Nissena
Tracklength:5450 metres
Elevation change:226 metres (4,15%)
Altitude finishline:510 metres
GPS coordinates:37° 29′ 34.8″ – 14° 8′ 41.9994″
Fastest Time:3:45,44 (2 runs)
Average Speed:174,06 km/h

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Coppa Nissena – List of Winners
24-24/05/1922Luigi LopezItala2:59:30,00
28-29/04/1923Salvatore CuratoloCeirano4:22:47,00
03-04/05/1924Giulio PucciAnsaldo5:48:55,60
10-11/09/1949Luigi BordonaroFerrari 1668:29,60
06-07/10/1951Antonio PucciFerrari 20007:22,60
26-27/09/1953Luigi BordonaroFerrari 212 Spyder Touring7:18,20
24-25/09/1955Antonio PucciFerrari 2000 Mondial6:31,90
13-14/09/1958Pasquale TacciAlfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint4:57,10
03-04/10/1959Nino TodaroFerrari5:10,80
27-28/08/1960Vincenzo RioloAlfa Romeo Giulietta 5:18,40
19-20/09/1964“Noris”Porsche 9044:43,40
18-19/09/1965Clemente RavettoFerrari 250 GTO/645:28,50
24-25/09/1966Ignazio CapuanoPorsche 9065:14,20
09-10/09/1967Stefano AlongiAlfa Romeo Giulia TZ15:39,50
07-08/09/1968Ferdinando LatteriFerrari Dino 206/SP5:08,20
27-28/09/1969Mariano SpadaforaFiat Abarth 20005:23,10
12-13/09/1970“Amphicar”Fiat Abarth 20005:35,00
25-26/09/1971Carlo FacettiChevron B194:47,00
23-24/09/1972Nino VaccarellaAbarth Osella4:42,40
22-23/09/1973“Amphicar”Chevron B234:52,90
20-21/09/1975Carlo FacettiLola Ferraris3:29,50
18-19/09/1976Domenico ScolaChevron BMW4:25,40
24-25/09/1977“Amphicar”Osella PA52:06,00
09-10/09/1978“Amphicar”Osella Lubiam3:14,70
08-09/09/1979“Amphicar”Osella Lubiam3:19,70
06-07/09/1980Race stopped due to rain.
05-06/09/1981Mauro NestiOsella PA73:08,16
04-05/09/1982Benny RosoliaOsella PA73:11,21
10-11/09/1983Mauro NestiOsella PA93:02,29
29-30/09/1984Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA93:05,95
07-08/09/1985Benny RosoliaOsella PA93:09,27
27-28/09/1986Mauro NestiOsella PA93:00,19
26-27/09/1987Mauro NestiLucchini BMW3:11,85
17-18/09/1988Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA93:11,28
09-10/09/1989Mauro NestiOsella Cebora BMW4:29,61
15-16/09/1990Mauro NestiOsella Cebora BMW2:32,05
14-15/09/1991Mauro NestiOsella Cebora BMW4:30,24
12-13/09/1992Giulio RegosaOsella PA9/904:41,89
18-19/09/1993Mauro NestiLucchini BMW4:39,54
17-18/09/1994Luigi Di NataliFord Escort Cosworth5:51,55
08-09/09/1995Angelo PalazzoGisa Alfa Romeo4:40,33
21-22/09/1996Mauro NestiLucchini BMW4:29,27
03-04/05/1997Mirco SavoldiLucchini BMW4:21,85
26-27/09/1998Antonio IariaOsella PA20/S BMW4:44,39
15-16/06/1999Mirco SavoldiLucchini P198 BMW4:12,44
30/09-01/10/2000Franco CinelliOsella PA20/S BMW4:46,56
22-23/09/2001Franco CinelliOsella PA20/S BMW4:33,29
28-29/09/2002Simone FaggioliOsella PA20/S4:23,81Results
27-28/09/2003Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA20/S BMW4:04,93
25-26/09/2004Simone FaggioliOsella PA21/S3:49,85Results
24-25/09/2005Denny ZardoOsella PA20/S Honda3:51,71
23-24/09/2006Franco CinelliOsella PA20/S3:51,62Results
22-23/09/2007Franco CinelliLola T99/50 Mugen4:12,34Results
03-04/05/2008Denny ZardoReynard Nippon4:01,144Results
25-26/04/2009Simone FaggioliOsella FA303:54,179Results
22-23/05/2010Simone FaggioliOsella FA303:46,86Results
21-22/05/2011Simone FaggioliOsella FA302:25,16Results
05-06/05/2012Simone FaggioliOsella FA303:56,77Results
14-15/09/2013Simone FaggioliOsella FA303:50,44Results
03-04/05/2014Christian MerliOsella PA20003:58,61Results
25-26/04/2015Christian MerliOsella FA30 EVO4:03,43Results
24-25/09/2016Domenico ScolaOsella FA303:59,95Results
23-24/09/2017Domenico ScolaOsella FA304:00,24Results
22-23/09/2018Christian MerliOsella FA303:51,47Results
21-22/09/2019Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC3:45,44Results

130915_nissena 140504_nissena 160925_nissena

The Coppa Nissena climbs towards the city of Caltanissetta. At an altitude of about 580m the city overlooks the valley of the Salso. The ruins of the Castello di Pietrarossa still testify to the importance this exact spot had in the history of Central Sicily.
Its origins can be traced back to the Carthagians around 400 B.C. who build a fortress and named it “Nicia”. The name stuck until a 1000 years later the Saracenes from Arabia conquered the island. They found that Nicia was pronounced very closely to “Nisa”, their word for women. The name “Fortress of the Women”, or “Qal’at al-nisa”, over the years evolved into “Caltanissetta”.
The monument that dominates the city is the Cathedral with its fully decorated interior. But Caltanissetta is full of other historic buildings left by the various nations that ruled Sicily over the centuries.

Geologically the most interesting thing that can be observed near Caltanissetta are mud volcanoes. This is a phenomenon where gas from within the earth can escape towards the surface. The sediments that get pushed upwards with the gas form craters that mimic those of real volcanoes.

Coppa Nissena – Accomodation

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