Calendar Coupe de France de La Montagne 2019

Below is a summary of all the regional hillclimbs that will be competed in France next year.

82 regional hillclimbs are planned next year. With the Cup-Final, the 13 events of the French Championship, and the three French events of Division 2, it means there are in total 99 hillclimbs scheduled in France next year.

The events that are competed before September will count towards the 2019 final. Just like the previous years the hillclimbs in the French Championshop and in Division 2 will also score points for the Coupe de France. The events that take place after September 1st will score points for the 2020 final.

The final of the 2019 Coupe de France will be held on a brand-new hillclimb in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Nouvelle Aquitaine Sud

12/07/2020Course de Côte de MarquayMarquay
25/07/2020Course de Côte de la TardesSaint-Silvain-Bellegarde
22/08/2020Course de Côte Argenton - BouglonArgenton
The self-styled ‘little Mont Dore’ at La Tardes returns to the schedule next year.


24/05/2020Course de Côte de la SumèneSaint-Julien-Chapteuil
07/06/2020Course de Côte d'Issoire - Le Vernet la VarenneVernet la Verenne
28/06/2020Course de Côte de CourpièreCourpière
16/08/2020Course de Côte de LaussonneLaussonne
Just four regional hillclimbs in the Auvergne next year. With Mont Dore, Dunieres and Super Lioran they also have three national hillclimbs.

Bourgogne – Franche-Comté

29/03/2020Course de Côte de LugnyLugny
19/04/2020Course de Côte d'IrancyIrancy
17/05/2020Course de Côte de Donzy le PertuisDonzy-le-Pertuis
21/05/2020Course de Côte de Colombier FontaineColombier-Fontaine
24/05/2020Course de Côte de Sens-VoisinesVoisines
21/06/2020Course de Côte des MyrtillesPlancher-Bas
19/07/2020Course de Côte de LormesLormes
02/08/2020Course de Côte du Mont de FourcheCorravillers
16/08/2020Course de Côte de TonnerreTonnerre
30/08/2020Course de Côte d'UrcyUrcy
The Course de Côte de Lugny returns next year to open the season in the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region.

Bretagne – Pays de Loire

12/04/2020Course de Côte de BournezeauBournezeau
24/05/2020Course de Côte Loc Eguiner - LandivisiauLandivisiau
21/06/2020Course de Côte des Monts d'ArréeBerrien
23/08/2020Course de Côte de La HarmoyeLa Harmoye
No changes in this western-most region of France.

Centre – Val de Loire

03/05/2020Course de Côte de La Membrolle sur ChoisilleLa Membrolle
07/06/2020Course de Côte de SancerreSancerre
21/06/2020Course de Côte de FrétevalFréteval
06/09/2020Course de Côte de La Vallée de LoirMazangé
The Course de Côte de La Membrolle sur Choisille disappears, leaving just 4 hillclimbs in central France.

Grand Est

01/05/2020Course de Côte de l'OrmontSaint-Jean-d'Ormont
17/05/2020Course de Côte de SteigeSteige
07/06/2020Course de Côte du GaschneyMuhlbach-sur-Munster
19/07/2020Course de Côte des Hautes VosgesRemiremont
30/08/2020Course de Côte de MontgueuxTroyes
No changes in the north-east. The same six races that were competed this year return in 2019.

Hauts de France

02/05/2020Course de Côte de Hersin-CoupignyHersin-Coupigny
06/09/2020Course de Côte de PondronFresnoy-le-Rivière
Also a stable schedule in the northern tip of France, but then again they have just two hillclimbs.


11/10/2020Course de Côte de TrechySaint-Germain-Laval
The single hillclimb in the Ile-de-France continues stubbornly. A new date in the beginning of June will hopefully attract more entries.


29/03/2020Course de Cote d'Hébécrevon AgneauxHébécrevon
19/04/2020Course de Côte de St. Pierre de VarengevilleSt. Pierre de Varengeville
17/05/2020Course de Côte de MoulineauxLa Bouille
21/05/2020Course de Côte de GavrayGavray
21/05/2020Course de Côte de GisorsGisors
07/06/2020Course de Côte de BillotSaint-Georges-en-Auge
28/06/2020Course de Côte des AndelysLes Andelys
28/06/2020Course de Côte de PercyPercy
12/07/2020Course de Côte d'Orbec-FriardelOrbec
19/07/2020Course de Côte de La Forêt Auvray - OrneLa Forêt Auvray
26/07/2020Course de Côte d'ExmesExmes
09/08/2020Course de Côte de Hérenguerville / Quettreville-sur-SienneHérenguerville
30/08/2020Course de Côte d'Etretat BénouvilleÉtretat
13/09/2020Course de Côte d'Arques la BatailleArques la Bataille
04/10/2020Course de Côte de PourvillePourville-sur-Mer
Hillclimb racing is most popular in Normandie. 16 regional races are scheduled in 2019, the same as this year.


01/03/2020Course de côte du Pont des AbarinesSt. Jean-du-Gard
08/03/2020Course de Côte de NeffiesNeffiès
26/04/2020Course de Côte de SumèneSumène
24/05/2020Course de Côte des OrguesIlle-sur-Têt
05/07/2020Course de Côte de La Malène - Gorges du TarnLa Malène
01/08/2020Course de Côte de Font RomeuFont Romeu
02/08/2020Course de Côte de Col del Parn
13/09/2020Course de Côte du Pompidou - Corniche des CevennesLe Pompidou
The Course de Côte de Lodève returns in 2019 to bring the total of regional hillclimbs in this region to 7.


17/05/2020Course de Côte de Tarbes, Osmets, LubyOsmets
07/06/2020Course de Côte de CalmontCalmont
14/06/2020Course de Côte de Roquefort - Tournemire - Le VialaTournemire-Roquefort
12/07/2020Course de Côte de Saint Geniez d'OltSaint Geniez d'Olt
19/07/2020Course de Côte de Revel - St. Ferréol - VaudreuilleRevel
15/08/2020Course de Côte de Saint Antonin Noble ValSaint Antonin Noble Val
06/09/2020Course de Côte de La CourbeBusque
The seven hillclimbs that were also contested this year are joined by a brand-new hillclimb near Roquefort.

Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur

29/03/2020Course de Côte du Luc en ProvenceCircuit du Var
13/04/2020Course de Côte de Bouc-Bel-AirBouc-Bel-Air
03/05/2020Course de Côte de VernèguesVernègues
10/05/2020Course de Côte des MimosasMandelieu
24/05/2020Course de Côte de la ville d'IstresIstres
07/06/2020Course de Côte du Col de VignonPlan-de-la-Tour
21/06/2020Course de Côte de Saint SavourninSaint Savournin
19/07/2020Course de Côte de Barcelonnette - Le SauzeBarcelonnette
04/10/2020Course de Côte de Mazaugues Provence VerteMazaugues
The Levens and Saint Savournin Hillclimbs disappear. On the other hand a brand-new hillclimb near Mazaugues is scheduled in October.


10/05/2020Course de Côte de ColignyColigny
31/05/2020Course de Côte du Pays de CrussolSaint-Péray
05/07/2020Course de Côte de Saint SavinSaint-Savin
02/08/2020Course de Côte de BettantBettant
09/08/2020Course de Côte de 48h de Crest DivajeuDivajeu
06/09/2020Course de Côte de Lamure sur AzerguesLamure-sur-Azergues
26-27/09/2020Finale Coupe de France de la MontagneLes Ardillats
The popular Course de Côte du Pilat returns in 2019. The Rhône-Alpes region also hosts the 2019 Cup-final. The exact location is not yet known.

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