Title:Course de Côte du Pays de Crussol
Tracklength:1850 metres
Elevation change:130 metres (6,5%)
Altitude finishline:350 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 56′ 52″ – 4° 49′ 44″
Fastest Time:1:07,064
Average Speed:99,31 km/h

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Course de Côte du Pays de Crussol – List of Winners
05/06/2016Marcel SapinDallara F3051:07,983Results
04/06/2017Marcel SapinDallara F3051:07,064Results
01/07/2018Maxime BassetNorma M20F1:08,801Results


Course de Côte de du Pays de Crussol – Accomodation