Title:Course de Côte de Crest-Divajeu
Tracklength:1375 metres (until 2012: 1390 metres)
Elevation change:85 metres (5%)
Altitude finishline:295 metres
GPS coordinates:44° 42′ 13″ – 5° 0′ 9″
Fastest Time:0:46,372
Average Speed:106,75 km/h

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Course de Côte de Crest-Divajeu – List of Winners
29/09/2002René PaulinMartini MK620:46,700Results
26/09/2004Daniel CoquetMartini T02C0:48,937Results
25/09/2005Gérald AntiochiaMartini MK620:48,330Results
24/09/2006Daniel CoquetMartini T02C0:56,250Results
23/09/2007Gérald AntiochiaNorma M200:48,260Results
28/09/2008Philippe ArdissoneMartini MK690:48,290Results
27/09/2009Marcel SapinMartini MK800:47,810Results
26/09/2010Marcel SapinDallara F3010:47,471Results
13/05/2012Philippe ArdissoneMartini MK690:48,399Results
16/08/2015Marcel SapinDallara F3050:46,372Results
14/08/2016Maxime CotleurDallara F3980:48,327Results
20/08/2017Marcel SapinDallara F3050:47,492Results
19/08/2018Thomas ClausiDallara F3070:48,412Results
18/08/2019Marcel SapinTatuus Master0:46,798Results

060924_crest 090927_crest 160814_crest

Course de Côte de Crest – Divajeu – Accomodation

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