Title:Course de Côte des Teurses d’Hébécrevon / Agneaux
Tracklength:2100 metres (until 2018: 2245 metres) (national) / 1950 metres (regional)
Elevation change:60 metres (4%)
Altitude finishline:85 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 7′ 21″ – -1° 8′ 53.1594″
Fastest Time:0:54,351
Average Speed:148,70 km/h

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The map here displayed is for the National event. For the regional event both the startline and the finishline are moved closer together.

Course de Côte des Teurses de Hébécrevon / Agneaux – List of Winners
19-20/05/2007Lionel RegalReynard 1KL0:58,96Results
10-11/05/2008Nicolas SchatzLola T94/500:58,74Results
16-17/05/2009Lionel RegalReynard 1KL0:58,44Results
15-16/05/2010Nicolas SchatzLola T94/500:57,83Results
27/03/2011Dominique HamelMartini MK730:51,01Results
14-15/05/2011Nicolas SchatzLola T94/500:55,52Results
25/03/2012Dominique HamelMartini MK731:00,66Results
12-13/05/2012Sébastien PetitNorma M20 FC0:56,53Results
31/03/2013Bertrand LassalleDallara F3000:58,29Results
11-12/05/2013Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC0:55,38Results
30/03/2014Bertrand LassalleDallara F3000:57,845Results
10-11/05/2014Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC0:54,351Results
12/04/2015Anthony Le BellerNorma M20F0:58,023Results
09-10/05/2015Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC0:55,225Results
27/03/2016Jérôme DebarreDallara F3050:57,591Results
07-08/05/2016Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC0:54,548Results
26/03/2017Gaëtan RenoufDallara F3000:58,193Results
13-14/05/2017Sébastien PetitNorma M20 FC0:54,677Results
25/03/2018Anthony Le BellerNorma M20 FC0:57,902Results
12-13/05/2018Geoffrey SchatzNorma M20 FC0:54,448Results
24/03/2019Julien BostDallara F3020:57,789Results
11-12/05/2019Geoffrey SchatzNorma M20 FC1:48,455Results

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The tiny village of Hébécrevon a few kilometres west of Saint-Lô entered world history on the 25th of July 1944. It was at this spot that the American Army launched Operation Cobra, the offensive that led to the collapse of the German Normandy front. Why the offensive happened at this spot is not hard to guess if you look at the route the hillclimb takes. Coming from the north the terrain suddenly rises sharply near Hébécrevon but remains relatively flat further south. There are also two major roads nearby, the present-day D900 to Périers and the road to Coutances, both important for supplies.
If you drive across the countryside you will find traces of the war everywhere. Utah Beach and Omaha beach where the American troops landed are 45 kilometres to the north of Hébécrevon.

Course de Côte d’Hébécrevon – Accomodation

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  1. Peter Hannam says:

    Hello, hoe you are all well. Is it possible to enter the Hébécrevon Hillclimb this year ? we are doing the SAINT GOUENO HILL CLIMB and would like to compete at the Hébécrevon event . Cheers

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