Title:Course de Côte de Coligny
Tracklength:1650 metres
Elevation change:95 metres (5%)
Altitude finishline:400 metres
GPS coordinates:46° 22′ 40.8″ – 5° 21′ 5.76″
Fastest Time:0:50,971
Average Speed:116,54 km/h

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Course de Côte de Coligny – List of Winners
07/05/2006Thierry BrenotDallara F3930:54,970Results
13/05/2007Nicolas SchatzDallara 3890:51,613Results
11/07/2010Marcel SapinDallara F3010:51,138Results
10/07/2011Marcel SapinDallara F3010:50,971Results
06/05/2012Geoffrey SchatzNorma M20B0:52,009Results
05/05/2013Laurent GuittonneauDallara F3990:51,631Results
11/05/2014Marcel SapinMygale M070:52,011Results
10/05/2015David GuillaumardDallara F3070:51,123Results
08/05/2016Marcel SapinDallara F3050:51,497Results
14/05/2017Marcel SapinDallara F3050:51,475Results
13/05/2018Maxime CotleurNorma M20F1:01,466Results
12/05/2019Marc PernotNorma M20 FC0:51,478Results

100711_coligny 160508_coligny

Course de Côte de Coligny – Accomodation

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