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Results Nagrada Stubičke Toplice (Sljeme) 2018

A lot of last minute withdrawals depleted the startinglist of the Nagrada Stubičke Toplice near Sljeme. Among the absentees were top drivers such as Domagoj Perekovic, Dejan Dimitrijevic and Vladimir Stankovic. This left Milan Bubnic with little competition. The Slovene drove to a simple victory and maximum points in his own national championship. Second place and best of the local drivers was Damir Nakic. The Radical SR3 pilot had little trouble with Petar Dajak to take maximum points.

In the Croatian Touringcar Championship a three way fight for victory erupted. Mario Jurisic debuted his new Audi A4 STW and set the fastest time of the day in the second race. However he had lost too much time in the first race to Bojan Juranic in the battle for victory. Denis Nisevic was always within a second of the two leaders but had to settle for third. The three leaders also finished 4-5-6 in the overall results.

The Slovene touringcar championship would have just as exciting if it was not for Milan Bubnic. Matevz Cuden, Tilen Pogacar and Ales Prek fought for every tenth of a second to take the runner-up spot. Eventually it was Cuden who was the best of the rest.

05-06/05/2018 – Nagrada Stubicke Toplice (Sljeme)
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 BubnicMilanLancia Delta IntegraleE1 235:48,209
2 NakicDamirRadical SR3CN195:55,595
3 DajakPetarGloria C8FD196:00,879
4 JuranicBojanRenault Clio SportE1 166:09,471
5 JurisicMarioAudi A4 STWE1 166:10,539
6 NisevicDenisRenault MeganeE1 176:11,207
7 CudenMatevzRenault ClioE1 166:17,621
8 PogacarTilenVolkswagen Golf IE1 166:18,021
9 PrekAlesHonda Civic Type-RA86:20,599
10 KopajticDejanYugoE1 156:23,274
11 MarcPeterMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXN46:23,556
12 AndrejevicNinoFiat PuntoE1 166:25,355
13 PavicicZeljkoOpel Astra OPCE1 176:25,680
14 MasicDamirMitsubishi Lancer EVO XE1 236:26,145
15 SoklicAnzePeugeot 306E1 166:27,201
16 TomcsanyTamasLadaE1 156:28,496
17 BanjeglavDuskoPeugeot 106 GTIA76:36,408
18 UdovcAlojzRenault Clio R3A86:36,855
19 SamecDarioPeugeot 206 RCN36:41,901
20 DelimarVedranVolkswagen Polo CupE1 236:43,106
21 GorupSvenSkoda FabiaA66:43,618
22 BarovicMarijoZastava 750E1 116:43,759
23 BrkljacicMatijaHonda Civic Type-RN36:46,694
24 KaveczDomenikBMW E30E1 176:49,547
25 AldukAnteHonda Civic Type-RA86:49,839
26 CviticMaurizioHonda Civic Type-RN36:51,001
27 RuzzierPatrikFiat CinquecentoE1 146:56,946
28 KljunDorijanVolkswagen Golf GTIC26:58,526
29 FranicMaroHonda Civic VTIN27:04,943
30 TomljanovicTinCitroën SaxoN27:06,141
31 HernautAntonioOpel CorsaD47:06,286
32 KotlusekIgorFiat Coupe SLB37:09,258
33 MartincichLorenzoPeugeot 205 RallyeD47:16,166
34 StrozicBojanAutobianchi A112 AbarthC17:20,048
35 LikovicFrancMG ZR 105E1 147:23,818
36 JukicFraneSuzuki SwiftD47:27,047
37 SenticIvanHonda Civic VTIN27:27,950
38 CossettoIgorFormula RenaultE2 197:29,068
39 CerniLeoFiat 128 SCB37:30,778
40 SalecFlorianSkoda FavoritE1 147:33,896
41 RottonaraFlorianFiat Giannini 650 NPB17:35,013
42 LenaEnricoLancia Fulvia HFB47:36,329
43 MilkovicMatoYugoE1 157:42,782
44 MullerJanosOpel CorsaE1 157:44,849
45 CubelicHrvojeFiat Uno TurboD67:54,703
46 MaderAlenVolkswagen Polo GTIA77:58,322
47 DolskiKlaudijaSuzuki Swift GTIE1 148:04,996
48 AlicMihaelYugoD48:11,845
49 BaricevacDinoFiat 128 SCB38:45,142
50 HursaDanijelSkoda FavoritE1 148:48,402
51 HuzanicJosipSkoda FeliciaE1 149:06,982
52 DulabicGrgaYugoD49:11,316
53 OleticSlavkoFiat X1/9REG9:29,200
54 JuricRenzoFiat 1100RA29:29,655

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