Title:Nagrada Grada Stubickih Toplica
Place:Stubičke Toplice
Tracklength:5510 metres
Elevation change:286 metres (5,2%)
Altitude finishline:575 metres
GPS coordinates:45° 56′ 24.7194″ – 15° 57′ 12.9594″
Fastest Time:5:48,209 (2 runs)
Average Speed:113,93 km/h
Short FactsThis race has changed locations over the years.

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Nagrada Stubicke Toplice – List of Winners
1993Niko PulicBMW M3
1994Rodolfo AguzzoniOsella PA9 BMW
1995Rodolfo AguzzoniOsella PA9 BMW
1996Niko PulicLancia Delta Integrale
1997Josef KrecmerLucchini P3-96
1998Slavko DeklevaBMW 320i
1999Vladimir StankovicDallara F392
2000Drazen BelohradskiPRC
2001Boris DurlenFord Escort Cosworth
2002Boris DurlenFord Escort Cosworth
2003Niko PulicDallara F392
2005Silvio BajdeBMW 320i
2006Ronald SuranDallara F303
2007Boris DurlenFord Escort Cosworth
13-14/09/2008Branko KrstulovicOpel Vectra6:41,040Results
12-13/09/2009Sinisa KraincFord Escort Cosworth6:43,900Results
11-12/09/2010Niko PulicDallara F3935:46,776Results
03-04/09/2011Dino ButoracFormula Renault5:35,070Results
01-02/09/2012Sinisa KraincFord Escort Cosworth5:50,745Results
31/08-01/09/2013Istvan KaveczBMW E90 V86:04,990Results
06-07/09/2014Sinisa KraincFord Escort Cosworth5:52,652Results
25-26/04/2015Sinisa KraincFord Escort Cosworth5:51,653Results
23-24/04/2016Istvan KaveczBMW E906:05,774Results
06-07/05/2017Domagoj PerekovicMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX6:21,250Results
05-06/05/2018Milan BubnicLancia Delta5:48,209Results
11-12/05/2019Dejan DimitrijevicSeat Leon6:35,483Results

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Nagrada Stubicke Toplice – Accomodation

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