Results Nagrada Stubickih Toplica 2017

It rained at the Nagrada Stubičke Toplice this weekend, although someone forgot to tell Domagoj Perekovic. He won the Croatian season opener with a 17 second lead on Robert Bradaric and Istvan Kavecz. Fourth placed Bojan Juranic was a whopping 40 seconds behind! A brilliant start of the season for Perekovic who must be the favourite for the championship this year.

The race also counted towards the Slovenian Hillclimb Championship. The rain came as a welcome gift to Ales Prek. The former European Champion managed to steer his underpowered Honda Civic Type-R to victory. Milan Bubnic had a faster single time, but came up short on aggregate time. Peter Marc was third.

The event also counted towards the Category 2 championship for sportscars and singleseaters. But neither Laszlo Szasz or his Slovenian rival Vladimir Stankovic could make an impression in the rain.
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Preview and Entrylist Nagrada Stubickih Toplica 2017

The Croatian Hillclimb Championship starts this weekend with the Nagrada Stubickih Toplica. The organisers have high ambitions as the event this weekend is a candidate for both the International Hillclimb Cup as well as the European Historic Hillclimb Championship. On the longer term they are even aiming for the European Championship. In order to achieve these goals the 5,5 kilometre long road near Zagreb received a big update over the winter. Almost 1 kilometre of new double guard rails were installed to bring the track up to modern safety standards.

A great entry of 90 drivers will participate this weekend. Among them also a number of Slovenians as the race also counts towards their national championship. Their top drivers Vladimir Stankovic and Milan Bubnic might be candidates for the overall and touringcar victory. They will have to beat the ‘Croatogarians’ Laszlo Szasz and Istvan Kavecz for that.

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Results Rechbergrennen 2017

No time for reports this week, so just the results.

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Preview, Timing and Entrylist Rechbergrennen 2017

Just one week and one day before the European Hillclimb Championship starts at the Rechbergrennen. Just under 250 drivers have entered of which 169 in the modern race and the other 80 in the historics. Apart of the EHC there are also points for the national championships of Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia.

In Category 2 the best 8 drivers of 2016 return this year. Simone Faggioli is the favourite in E2-SC. In E2-SS the three Osella FA30s of Christian Merli, Paride Macario and Milos Benes will be the drivers to watch. In CN Andrea Bormolini has switched to a 3-litre Osella PA20/S to have a little horsepower advantage over the opposition. Fellow Italians Stefano Crespi and Marco Capucci will be his closest rivals. E2-SH appears to be another year of Czech domination. Marek Rybnicek, Dan Michl, Vladimir Vitver and Jiri Los will go for victory with Polish driver “Dubai” as outsider.

In Category 1 champion Nikola Miljkovic has moved to the circuit racing. Shkelzen Lajci and Jaromir Maly will battle it out for Group N victory this year. In previous years the championship was always decided between Group A and Group N. Because the Lancers are not homologated in Group A anymore it will be a struggle to get full points at every race this season. Nevertheless Lukas Vojacek will contest (most?) races in a Subaru Impreza WRX. In Austria he will have a formidable rival in Mini Cooper WRC pilot Jan Liptak. Group GT has 4 entries from4 nations in 4 different cars. FIA Hillclimb Masters winner Lucio Peruggini could be the favourite here. Finally Laszlo Hernadi is the only driver in Group S2000.

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Calendar Slovenia Hillclimb Championship 2017

29-30/04/2017Grosser Preis von Österreich, RechbergrennenTulwitz
06-07/05/2017Nagrada Stubickih ToplicaStubičke Toplice
27-28/05/2017Verzegnis-Sella ChianzutanVerzegnis
17-18/06/2017GHD GorjanciGorjanci
12-13/08/2017GHD LucineLucine
02-03/09/2017Petrol Ilirska BistricaIlirska Bistrica
16-17/09/2017Buzetski DaniBuzet
14-15/10/2017Cividale CastelmonteCividale

Results GHD Lučine 2016

160814_lucineThis weekend the International Hillclimb Cup (IHCC) visited Slovenia for the GHD Lučine. The weather was perfect for hillclimb racing and the trackrecord was broken multiple times.

The first to go under the trackrecord was Vaclav Janik. But before the first race was over Federico Liber had already retrieved his record with a faster time. In the second run Janik took back the lead and in the third run he improved his time still a little bit more. Liber on the other hand could not hold onto his speed from the first run so the Italian had to yield victory to Janik. With this victory Janik is now secure of the International Hillclimb Cup Category II. His closest rival and teammate Petr Trnka finished third in Lucine which saw him secure second place in points.

In Category III Ronnie Bratschi was the only driver to seriously compete in the IHCC. The Swiss was present in Lucine but retired in the first race run. Nevertheless he still secured the Category III title.

Only in Category I is the points race still open. Although Laszlo Hernadi has competed in almost all the events, it is not enough to clinch the title. As he competes in S2000 the Hungarian only scores half points at each event. He added another nine points to his total in Lucine but still lost his championship lead. For Gabriella Pedroni it was only her third event of the season. But Group A victory gave the full 25 points which gives her a 7,5 point lead over Hernadi.

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Results GHD Gorjanci 2016

Stefano Di Fulvio scored a sensational victory at the GHD Gorjanci this weekend. Start position was crucial as the rain kept increasing during the day. Because the historic drivers started before the modern cars they had the best conditions. In the dry Di Fulvio was around 8 seconds slower than the best modern driver but they lost way more than that in the rain. As a result the Osella PA9/90 pilot could claim overall victory, besides of course the win in the European Historic Hillclimb Championship.

Patrik Zajelsnik was fastest modern driver in the dry. The Norma M20F pilot almost broke the trackrecord even though a new chicane made the track slower than in previous years. However when the rain started falling he dropped back to eighth. International Hillclimb Cup points leader Vaclav Janik now moved forward and took home the modern victory. Beating Di Fulvio however was not possible so Janik had to be satisfied with second overall. Last year’s winner Federico Liber secured the final podium spot. Fourth was for best touringcar driver Karl Schagerl who also increases his lead in the Austrian Hillclimb Championship. Ronnie Bratschi was second best touringcardriver so the Swiss remains in the lead of Category E1 in the International Hillclimb Cup.

In the Slovenia Hillclimb Championship favourite Milan Bubnic started a lot later than his rivals Peter Marc and Ales Prek. As a results Bubnic was only third behind the two others.

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Entrylist GHD Gorjanci 2016

The International Hillclimb Cup moves to Slovenia this weekend for the GHD Gorjanci. Besides the national championship the race also counts towards the European Historic Hillclimb Championship and the Austrian Hillclimb Championship. Just over 100 drivers are entered. Federico Liber won here in 2013 and 2015 and he is again the favourite this time around.

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Calendar Slovenia Hillclimb Championship 2016

The calendar for the Slovenia Hillclimb Championship was finally released today. Of course as all the events are on the international calendar, the dates of the races were already known. The same six races as last year return, but there is also a seventh race planned. This event will be the Cabar Hillclimb in Croatia scheduled for mid-July.

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Results Cronoscalata Cividale – Castelmonte 2015

151011_cividaleThis weekend in northern Italy the Cronoscalata Cividale – Castelmonte took place. It was a round of the Italian Hillclimb Cup North and it also closed the Austrian and Slovenian Hillclimb Championship. The weather was beautiful which resulted in extremely quick times in all classes.

Right from the start Federico Liber dominated the event. The Gloria C8P EVO driver was fastest in practise and proved to be a class of his own in the race. He managed to obtain a 14 second lead and broke the trackrecord in the process. His teammate Alessandro Tinaburri, also driving a Formula Gloria, joined Liber on the podium in third. Splitting the two teammates in the classifications was Enrico Zandonà competing once again in his unique Reynard 883-026. Driving for the first time in an Osella FA30 was Stefano Gazziero. With a fine performance did he finish fourth overall.

Andreas Gabat (Ford Escort Cosworth) and Karl Schagerl (Volkswagen Golf Rallye TFSI-R) have battled all season long. In every race except two did they finish either first or second. Gabat retired in St. Anton, while Schagerl finished third at Baba. As there was only one drop score this meant that Gabat had to finish third or higher to claim the Austrian Hillclimb Championship in Category 3. After practise and the first race his championship seemed there for the taking but Gabat almost lost it all when he crashed in the second race. Luckily he could continue and after limping the car over the finishline he must have been surprised to find out he actually made it in third place! A small consolation for Schagerl was that he at least took the touringcar victory in Cividale. He did have to beat Manuel Dondi for that as the Fiat X1/9 gave another incredible performance and finished less than a second behind the Austrian.

Apart from Andreas Gabat in Category 3, Hermann Waldy is the new Austrian Champion in Category 4-5 and Chris-André Mayer is the new champion in Category 1-2.

The Slovenian Hillclimb Championship was also decided at Cividale. Milan Bubnic had won the last three races but the Lancia Delta Integrale pilot scored no points in the first two events. Still, if he won the race he would be the champion. His rival Peter Marc knew what had to be done but also knew that his Group N Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX is no match for the Delta under normal circumstances. Marc gave it everything but finally was beaten fair and square by Bubnic for the title.

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