The Mont Ventoux Returns

Rumours were floating around for some time now that the legendary Course de Côte de Mont Ventoux would return. It now appears more real than ever. This coming May the longest, hardest and most famous hillclimb in France will return. The last edition was back in 2007 when Lionel Regal scored his third victory. What version of the hillclimb they will use is not yet certain at this point in time.

The Mont Ventoux will open the Division 2 Championship on 12 and 13 May. This means that the Gemenos – Le Baume Hillclimb moves to 26 and 27 May. The updated schedule for the championship can be found below.

CANCELLEDCourse de Côte des Teurses d'HébécrevonHébécrevon
CANCELLEDCourse de Côte de Quillan - Col du PortelQuillan
CANCELLEDPujada ArinsalArinsal
CANCELLEDCourse de Côte de La BroqueSchirmeck
01-02/08/2020Course de Côte du Haut CantalSuper Lioran
12-13/09/2020Course de Côte de Mont VerdunLimonest
CANCELLEDCourse de Côte de LodèveLodève

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