Results Subida a Casarabonela 2017

The Subida a Casarabonela was the final hillclimb of the year in Andalucia. Like all the other events in this region the race was contested over two seperate Fases. The difference was that this time both Fase A and Fase B were competed on Saturday. It was the end of a very long season and it showed in the entrylist. Just 30 drivers were present at Casarabonela.

Winner of the event was the new sportcar champion Francisco José Aguilar. José Sequera crashed in practise which left his car seriously damaged for the rest of the day. Still he finished second overall in the championship.

Winner of the touringcars in Fase A was Juan José Ruiz. The Citroën AX driver retired in Fase B but still finished second in the championship. Francisco Javier Guzman was second in Fase A and Ruiz’ misfortune promoted him to first place in Fase B. He also finished third overall in the championship. Humberto Janssens was already certain of the title before the event and was not present in Casarabonela.

08-09/12/2017 – Subida a Casarabonela
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Fase AFase B
1 AguilarFrancisco JoséSilver Car S2CM162:58,4032:53,609
2 CabezasCarlosSilver Car S1CM173:02,9092:58,332
3 RuizJuan JoséCitroën AX SportIV/132:58,646
4 GuzmanFrancisco JavierPeugeot 205 GTIV/143:01,6573:02,434
5 GarciaJuanCitroën AXIV/133:03,0003:33,563
6 RuizPedroRenault Clio SportII/73:04,573
7 JimenezJesusCitroën AXIV/133:14,6573:06,045
8 GalvanJuan AntonioPeugeot 205 GTIV/143:09,7553:08,220
9 PachecoDavidRenault MeganeV/143:10,1853:11,019
10 CabelloJoséRenault Clio SportII/73:19,9213:12,105
11 GonzalvesPauloSeat Leon SupercopaIII/123:20,0253:12,398
12 PradoJosé LuisRenault Clio SportII/73:17,9843:13,458
13 HuertasDiegoPeugeot 205 RallyeIV/133:13,5303:15,859
14 RomeroJaimeSeat IbizaII/83:13,7943:13,785
15 GalvanFranciscoSeat IbizaV/143:16,0503:14,647
16 GomezJuanSeat Ibiza GTIV/143:17,5593:15,596
17 CabalgaMoisesPeugeot 205 RallyeIV/133:16,021
18 OrtizAntonioPeugeot 205 GTIV/143:16,5903:17,729
19 LucenaGermanPeugeot 205 GTIV/143:20,5253:21,932
20 LopezAlejandroRenault ClioV/143:24,4633:20,739
21 GarciaFranciscoCitroën Saxo VTSI/23:28,5233:21,171
22 ZambranaAntonioCitroën AX GTIV/133:24,0773:22,301
23 CapetJuanCitroën AX GTIV/133:31,1253:24,732
24 CanoIsmaelFord Sierra XR4V/143:34,4333:25,063
25 OrtizDiegoCitroën ZXV/143:28,3853:29,028
26 SequeraJoséDemon CarCM174:33,9394:02,631

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