Title:Course de Côte de Mont Verdun
Tracklength:2550 metres
Elevation change:160 metres (5,98%)
Altitude finishline:590 metres
GPS coordinates:45° 50′ 16.4394″ – 4° 46′ 34.32″
Fastest Time:1:20,732
Average Speed:113,71 km/h

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Course de Côte de Limonest – Mont Verdun – List of Winners
14-15/09/2002Lionel RegalReynard 96D1:27,774Results
20-21/09/2003Gérard PetitReynard 94D1:29,508Results
18-19/09/2004Bernard ChamberodReynard 92D1:26,862Results
17-18/09/2005Lionel RegalReynard 95D1:25,816Results
16-17/09/2006Lionel RegalReynard 95D1:28,586Results
15-16/09/2007Lionel RegalReynard 1KL Nippon1:23,422Results
13-14/09/2008Sébastien PetitReynard 95D1:24,381Results
12-13/09/2009Sébastien PetitReynard 95D1:23,699Results
18-19/09/2010Sébastien PetitReynard 95D1:24,392Results
10-11/09/2011Nicolas SchatzLola T94/501:24,058Results
15-16/09/2012Nicolas SchatzReynard 99 Nippon1:20,732Results
21-22/09/2013Nicolas SchatzNorma M20 FC1:21,296Results
27-28/09/2014Kevin DurotNorma M20F1:27,555Results
26-27/09/2015David GuillaumardDallara F3081:27,738Results
24-25/09/2016Marcel SapinDallara F3051:27,524Results
16-17/09/2017Geoffrey SchatzNorma M20 FC1:23,037Results
15-16/09/2018Sébastien PetitNorma M20 FC1:23,908Results
14-15/09/2019Geoffrey SchatzNorma M20 FC2:44,131Results

130922_limonest 140928_limonest 150927_limonest 160925_limonest

The Mont Verdun is the highest point (626m) in the Monts d’Or. This tiny mountain range north of Lyon consists of Limestone rocks, mostly Granite and Gneiss. In the east the mountains are sharply cut by the Saône River, while in the west where the Hillclimb takes place the elevation is more gradual. The name Monts d’Or does not derive from the French word for ‘Gold’ but rather the Celtic word for ‘Water’. The mountains were long since known for their numerous springs. The Romans built an aquaduct from the mountains to supply Lyon. Although long since demolished, the traces of this construction can still be found in the landscape. After the war of 1870, the Monts d’Or were incorperated in a defensive line around Lyon. Some of the fortresses built at that time can still be visited.
The town in which the Hillclimb is based is Limonest. It is part of the Lyon Urban Community, the third largest city of France. Located on the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers Lyon has always been an important city. Originally capital of the Gaul, it retained a central place in the Roman Empire. Later in the Medieval period Lyon became rich in the silk and textile industry. The city is unique in that it kept most of the Medieval and Renaissance buildings. Such a large density of well preserved monuments is unique in France and Europe. It is therefore no surprise that most of the inner city is protected in a World Heritage Site.

Course de Côte de Limonest – Mont Verdun – Accomodation

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