Calendar Castilla y Leon Hillclimb Championship 2018

The final calendars from the Spanish Regional Hillclimb Championships were released recently. Castilla y Leon will have 8 hillclimbs this season.

CANCELLEDSubida Vega de EspinaredaVega de EspinaredaCastilla Leon
CANCELLEDSubida Al Puerto de El BoquerónEl HerradónCastilla Leon
CANCELLEDSubida a Riego de AmbrósMolinasecaCastilla Leon
CANCELLEDSubida Sotillo de la Adrada - CasillasSotillo de la AdradaCastilla Leon
01-02/08/2020Subida a La PizarraLa BañaCastilla Leon
19-20/09/2020Subida CharraLa HoyaCastilla Leon
10-11/10/2020Subida al Parque del CastilloSoriaCastilla Leon

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