Title:Subida Vega de Espinareda
Place:Vega de Espinareda
Tracklength:3500 metres (until 2017: 3800 metres)
Elevation change:210 metres (7%)
Altitude finishline:850 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 43′ 31.7994″ – -6° 39′ 7.5594″
Fastest Time:1:39,25
Average Speed:137,83 km/h

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Subida a Vega de Espinareda – List of Winners
28-29/08/2010Silvio FernandezMartini F2 BMW1:41,621Results
05-06/05/2012Silvio FernandezMartini F2 BMW1:46,00
04-05/05/2013Javier VillaBRC B-491:39,25Results
03-04/05/2014Arkaitz OrdokiSilver Car S21:41,58Results
02-03/05/2015Juan CastilloSpeed Car GTR1:43,70Results
03-04/09/2016Juan CastilloSpeed Car GTR1:39,42Results
06-07/05/2017José Ramon FonsecaRalt RT331:47,20Results
05/05/2018Juan CastilloSpeed Car GTR1:39,578Results
04/05/2019José Antonio Lopez-FombonaLamborghini Huracan ST1:40,880Results

140504_vegadeespinareda 150503_vegadeespinareda 160903_vegadespinareda

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