Title:Subida a Riego de Ambrós
Tracklength:4100 metres
Elevation change:250 metres
Altitude finishline:835 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 32′ 16.44″ – -6° 31′ 5.8794″
Fastest Time:2:18,547
Average Speed:106,53 km/h

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Subida a Riego de Ambrós – List of Winners
05-06/07/2003José Antonio Lopez-FombonaAudi A4 ST4:46,680Results
03-04/07/2004Oscar PalacioSpeed Car GT2:19,470Results
09-10/07/2005Gorka ApalantzaBRC2:18,547Results
14/10/2006José Ramon FernandezMartini MK394:45,644Results
24/04/2010José Fermin BustaBRC CM05 EVO2:20,103Results
23/07/2011Manuel CaboPorsche 9112:26,373Results
08/06/2013Juan Antonio CastilloSilver Car S22:25,045Results
07/06/2014Manuel SenraPeugeot 306 Maxi2:32,804Results
06/06/2015Juan Antonio CastilloSpeed Car GTR2:26,423Results
30/07/2016Manuel SenraPeugeot 306 Maxi2:28,456Results
29/07/2017Gabriel GutierrezDicode FR2:24,691Results
18/08/2018Jacobo SeninOuteda Racing2:25,023Results

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